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LUX-ZEPLIN Dark Matter Searches: Development of Optical and Source Based Calibration Systems

Billy Boxer

The Role of Deubiquitinases in Invasive Migration and Epithelial Integrity in Drosophila

Hammed Badmos
Cell migration and epithelial maturation are central to normal development, whilst aberrant migration or loss of epithelial integrity are involved in a number of human diseases, including cancer and birth defects. We are studying these processes in the harmless fruit fly, Drosophila melanogaster, which has been intensively studied for century because of its many attractive features for genetic research. Importantly, Drosophila has proven to be a powerful system in which to identify novel molecules that...

An Action Research Proposal for Enhanced Integration of Filipino Employees into an Aging Japanese Workforce

Hajime Kunitachi
The pace of workforce decline in Japan is accelerating while its population is shrinking. Such a rapidly aging population has a direct impact on economic competitiveness, which requires the need to address the ensuing labor shortage. Although Japan’s imbalanced population could be rectified through policy to increase immigration, Japanese companies resist hiring foreign workers because immigration has long been taboo as many Japanese prize Japanese identity, ethnic homogeneity and the notion of an island country...

Exploring the Impact of Mentoring Relationships on the Development of Self-Initiated Expatriate Employees Working in China

Isaac Johnson-Tyas
Purpose - The purpose of this thesis is to develop a greater understanding of how mentoring relationships exist between self-initiated expatriate (SIE) employees (employees who decided themselves to work and live abroad without a pre-determined timeline for returning to their home country) and how these relationships facilitate development. Mentoring relationships have been shown to have many positive benefits for employees, but the characteristics of mentoring relationships and the development benefits of these relationships between SIEs...


Martha Suez-Sales
Higher education offers a gateway to students’ professional and personal development. As a teacher-practitioner, I must ensure that graduating students are adequately prepared to face unexpected challenges of today’s complex environment. It is my duty to meet the needs of these young professionals by developing a curriculum that is relevant to practitioners. To accomplish this task, the study is divided into two stages. In the first stage, an assessment of the differences in ethical sensitivity...

Simultaneous Optical Coherence Tomography and Scheimpflug Imaging Using the Same Incident Light

Xiaoran Li
Medical imaging technologies can improve the diagnosis and clinical management of many ophthalmic diseases. Cross-sectional ophthalmic imaging devices are essential clinical tools for diagnosing and monitoring medical conditions that affect the anterior segment of the eye. Optical imaging technologies such as optical coherence tomography (OCT) and Scheimpflug imaging (SI) are well developed and widely used in the field of ophthalmology due to its non-invasive and non-contact characteristics. For any single anterior chamber cross-sectional (tomographic) imaging...

Theoretical Study of Friction Induced Vibration in Frictional Systems

Ningyu Liu

William Lever: original thinker, accomplished imitator or skilful innovator?

Jeannette Strickland
William Lever was a late nineteenth century entrepreneurial soap manufacturer who seized opportunities and made the most of them, laying the foundations of a global business that is still in existence today. He was a complex man. To some, he is a hero figure, most notably to his less critical biographers, but he has also been described as a paternalistic despot. Much has been written about Lever, but little has concentrated on his advertising and...

The treachery of strategic decisions. An Actor-Network Theory perspective on the strategic decisions that produce new trains in the UK.

Michael King
The production of new passenger trains can be characterised as a strategic decision, followed by a manufacturing stage. Typically, competing proposals are developed and refined, often over several years, until one emerges as the winner. The winning proposition will be manufactured and delivered into service some years later to carry passengers for 30 years or more. However, there is a problem: evidence shows UK passenger trains getting heavier over time. Heavy trains increase fuel consumption...

BULLYING IN SCHOOLS: A Measurement Validation Study in Brazilian Children and Longitudinal Prediction of Childhood Bullying Behaviour in the UK

Carolina Griz
Bullying is defined as intentional, power imbalanced and repetitive use of aggressive behaviours. Research shows bullying is a global issue, where roughly two in every ten pupils are directly involved in bullying. Furthermore, bullying involvement poses a high risk for developing emotional and psychological problems as well as educational problems. Though bullying studies date back to the 1970s, higher prevalence rates have progressively been reported despite international intervention polices being introduced. Although many previous studies...

Motion Control of Voice Coil Motor Based High Frequency Reciprocating Rig In Tribotest Application

Ruotong Wang

On the Design, Synthesis, and Modification of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Toxic Industrial Chemical Capture

Daniel Antony Eamon Warrilow-Brennan

Brain plasticity and behavioural improvement in visuomotor learning: MRI study

Abdulrahman Eid Aloufi

Development of core outcome sets for clinical research and practice in amblyopia, strabismus, and ocular motility disorders

Samiya Al Jabri
The effect of randomised controlled trials (RCTs) is diminished by inconsistent outcome reporting, precluding the efficient synthesis of data into systematic reviews and meta-analyses. Amblyopia, strabismus, and ocular motility disorder patients constitute a significant proportion of those seen in ophthalmology generally and in paediatric ophthalmology specifically, making efficient synthesis of research data a greater necessity. Core Outcome Sets (COS), defined as agreed standardised sets of outcomes that should be measured and reported, as a minimum,...

Resistance and tolerance of Pseudomonas aeruginosa to contact lens disinfection solutions

Yasmin Hilliam

Intensity-dependency and plasticity of perceived audio-visual simultaneity: behavioural and neural correlates

Ryan Horsfall
The perception of simultaneity and temporal order of audio-visual stimuli is vital in understanding which sensory information emanates from the same physical events. Two tasks commonly used to assess the relative perceptual latencies of audio-visual stimuli are the simultaneity judgement and temporal order judgement tasks, both of which provide an estimate of the point of subjective simultaneity (PSS), which reflects the temporal stimulus offset (typically in milliseconds) where simultaneity is perceived. These two estimates, perhaps...

Differential power processing technology for solving partial shading issues in PV system

Guanying Chu

A Radical Feminist Analysis of Women’s Experiences of Body-Searching in Prisons in England.

Amy Hughes-Stanley
Despite changes to strip searching policy as spearheaded by the Corston Report (2007), there is limited academic research regarding women’s experiences of body-searching within prisons in England. In order to address this gap in knowledge, this research was concerned with a radical feminist analysis of women’s experiences of body-searching within prisons in England. To this end, the research was focussed upon an analysis of four key searching practices: strip-searching, intimate-searching, rub-down-searching, and searches using technology....

The Education System and Labour Market Integration of Immigrants

Li-Dan Shang

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