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The impact of continuous glucose monitoring on the management of people with cystic fibrosis-related diabetes

Aileen Toner
Background Cystic fibrosis-related diabetes (CFRD) is the most common comorbidity found in people with cystic fibrosis (pwCF). CFRD is associated with increased adverse outcomes and burden of treatment in pwCF as well as reduced quality of life. People with CFRD (pwCFRD) must measure their blood glucose levels several times per day to monitor their diabetes and so that treatment can be tailored to individuals. Continuous glucose monitoring systems (CGMS) are a relatively new technology that...

The Nature of Strong Belief

Azzam Alsuhibani
Abstract Background Many kinds of beliefs can be held both strongly and emotionally, which means that they can prove difficult to change. Such beliefs can be either pathological (e.g. delusions) or non-pathological (e.g. religious, political and supernatural beliefs as well as belief in conspiracy theories). The difficulty associated with distinguishing between delusions and other types of strong beliefs has given rise to the term ‘master explanatory systems’ (MES), which include paranoid beliefs, belief in conspiracies,...

A Conceptual Framework for Monitoring the Emotional State of Students in VLEs

Lubna Alharbi

Coping and material culture during Second World War internment: An historical archaeology investigation of agency and anglophone prisoners of war in Europe

Stacey Astill
This thesis explores the experience and culture of prisoner of war camps containing Allied PoWs in Europe during the Second World War. It seeks to discover more about the identity of PoWs and the universal elements of the experience of the Kriegie group (Chapter 2.4). It will identify cross-camp and cross-nationality similarities which counterbalance the uniqueness of individual biography and camp narratives. There is a rich seam of academic literature surrounding the lives and experiences...

Regulating front-of-pack nutrition labelling to promote healthier diets in the European Union

Nikhil Gokani

Torix Rickettsia: aspects of diversity, host range and symbiont-host interaction.

Panupong Thongprem
Rickettsia bacteria have traditionally been considered as the aetiologic agent of deadly arthropod-borne diseases in humans and livestock. However, more recent studies have discovered Rickettsia as non-vertebrate pathogens that are actually important to invertebrate evolution as symbionts. Recently, Rickettsia in the ‘torix’ clade were described from glossiphoniid leeches. This clade has since been observed to infect a wide range of invertebrate species and is thought to be most common in host species associated with freshwater...

Bayesian Operational Modal Analysis with Multiple Setups and Multiple Modes

Zuo Zhu

Exclusive Observables to NLO and Low x PDF Phenomenology at the LHC

Christopher Flett
At present, the Parton Distribution Functions~(PDFs) for the quarks and gluons of QCD extracted in global fitting analyses suffer from large uncertainties, particularly at low $x$ and low scales. This is mainly a reflection of the lack of experimental data constraints in this kinematical regime. In this thesis, due to its enhanced sensitivity to the gluon PDF, we will study the exclusive production of heavy vector mesons $V$, measured recently in ultra peripheral $pp$ collisions...


Hajar Alhijailan

A Reverse Vaccinology Approach to Identifying Vaccine Candidate Antigens for Bovine Trichomoniasis

Eleanor Senior


Yichen Ma

Spatial and temporal distribution of Toxoplasma gondii infections in small animals in Great Britain

Isabel Geiger


Budi Harsanto
Sustainability-oriented innovation (SOI) has recently been generating considerable attention among researchers and practitioners. However, despite the growing attention, to date, research on SOI from the capability perspective is still under-explored. To follow up on this opportunity, this study aims to investigate the capabilities required to develop SOI at the firm-level in the Indonesian manufacturing industry. The key research questions proposed are related to, how do firms approach SOI, what barriers they face, and what specific...

Personalising Sepsis Therapy through Improved Mechanistic Understanding of Phagocytic Killing

Laura Thompson

Collaborative Learning and Buen Vivir in Ecuador: A case study

Cristina Alexandra Delgado Rivera

A Radical Feminist Analysis of Women’s Experiences of Body-Searching in Prisons in England.

Amy Hughes-Stanley
Despite changes to strip searching policy as spearheaded by the Corston Report (2007), there is limited academic research regarding women’s experiences of body-searching within prisons in England. In order to address this gap in knowledge, this research was concerned with a radical feminist analysis of women’s experiences of body-searching within prisons in England. To this end, the research was focussed upon an analysis of four key searching practices: strip-searching, intimate-searching, rub-down-searching, and searches using technology....

Differential power processing technology for solving partial shading issues in PV system

Guanying Chu

The Education System and Labour Market Integration of Immigrants

Li-Dan Shang

From measurement and uncertainty fields to features: a statistical approach for model validation.

Antonios Alexiadis

Functional Organic Materials for Photocatalytic Energy Conversion

Lunjie Liu

PD-L1 expression and prediction of response to immune modulators in non-small cell lung cancer; reasons for its fragility and strategies to reduce it

Alexander Haragan
Abstract Introduction Anti-PD-1/PD-L1 immunomodulatory (IM) therapy has revolutionised the treatment of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). The only ‘biomarker’ currently-validated for predicting response of these tumours to IM therapy is the extent of PD-L1 expression as detected by immunohistochemistry (IHC). Despite the overall success of this therapy in patients with NSCLC, PD-L1 expression is an imperfect predictor, some patients with tumours displaying low expression responding strongly, and some with high expression not at all. The...

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