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Reflections on contemporary medical professionalism; an exploration of medical practice as refracted in doctors’ narratives

Sharon Spooner
Background During a period of continuing changes in society and increasing availability of medical information, publication of patients’ views on experiences of health and illness have gained greater prominence. By contrast, studies of medical perspectives have tended to concentrate on reported discontent and implications for workforce planning while leaving broader insights and concerns under-investigated. Since the applied skills of highly trained and publicly funded clinicians are vital for safe and effective delivery of the nation’s...

The diffusion of Neolithic practices from Anatolia to Europe. A contextual study of residential and construction practices 8,500-5,500 BC cal.

Maxime Brami
Ever since Vere Gordon Childe’s seminal work on The Dawn of European Civilization (Childe 1925), it has been widely accepted that European agriculture originated in Southwest Asia. Exactly how farming spread to Europe from its origins in Southwest Asia remains, however, a matter of debate. Much of the argument has revolved around the manners of spreading of the Neolithic, whether through colonisation, acculturation or a combination of both. Far less attention has been given to...

Patterns of comorbidity and their impact on axial spondyloarthritis

Sizheng Zhao
Background and Aim: Axial spondyloarthritis (axSpA) patients have higher risk of co-existing medical conditions – comorbidities – than the general population, yet management guidelines are largely based on randomised controlled trials that often exclude those with comorbidities. The overarching aim of this thesis was to describe the patterns of comorbidity and their impact on treatment using three real-world axSpA populations. Methods: Three datasets were used: one from a specialist axSpA service (Aintree cohort) and one...

Bayesian Operational Modal Analysis with Multiple Setups and Multiple Modes

Zuo Zhu

Influencer marketing of foods: Exposure, power and impact on children

Anna Coates

William Lever: original thinker, accomplished imitator or skilful innovator?

Jeannette Strickland
William Lever was a late nineteenth century entrepreneurial soap manufacturer who seized opportunities and made the most of them, laying the foundations of a global business that is still in existence today. He was a complex man. To some, he is a hero figure, most notably to his less critical biographers, but he has also been described as a paternalistic despot. Much has been written about Lever, but little has concentrated on his advertising and...

Regulating front-of-pack nutrition labelling to promote healthier diets in the European Union

Nikhil Gokani

Unraveling the epitranscriptomes with bioinformatics approaches

Kunqi Chen

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