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Enhancing Sensor Performance with Statistical Data Analytics

James Wright
This thesis examines the use of Automatic Identification System (AIS) information to generate a picture of maritime activity. It derives suitable methods to produce tracks of vessel movements, both in littoral and open-ocean scenarios, removing ambiguities and highlighting doppelg�anger. The thesis then goes on to describe techniques to improve our understanding of maritime activities through the extraction of individual vessel behaviours and the generation of models describing normal behaviours to highlight abnormalities.

Drosophila bipectinata

Nicola White & Tom AR Price

BULLYING IN SCHOOLS: A Measurement Validation Study in Brazilian Children and Longitudinal Prediction of Childhood Bullying Behaviour in the UK

Carolina Griz
Bullying is defined as intentional, power imbalanced and repetitive use of aggressive behaviours. Research shows bullying is a global issue, where roughly two in every ten pupils are directly involved in bullying. Furthermore, bullying involvement poses a high risk for developing emotional and psychological problems as well as educational problems. Though bullying studies date back to the 1970s, higher prevalence rates have progressively been reported despite international intervention polices being introduced. Although many previous studies...

Supplementary material - Dissertation: Particles dynamics at the nanoscale

Francesco Giorgi

Developing an eco-friendly strategy via the use of QR codes and a smartphone application.

Lampros Kaitatzis

Centralised and Distributed Shape Formation with a Linear-Strength Model

Abdullah Almethen

Exploring the Impact of Mentoring Relationships on the Development of Self-Initiated Expatriate Employees Working in China

Isaac Johnson-Tyas
Purpose - The purpose of this thesis is to develop a greater understanding of how mentoring relationships exist between self-initiated expatriate (SIE) employees (employees who decided themselves to work and live abroad without a pre-determined timeline for returning to their home country) and how these relationships facilitate development. Mentoring relationships have been shown to have many positive benefits for employees, but the characteristics of mentoring relationships and the development benefits of these relationships between SIEs...

The Education System and Labour Market Integration of Immigrants

Li-Dan Shang

Single-Molecule Conductance data for a verdazyl radical and its tetrazine analogue under electrochemical control

Andrea Vezzoli, Richard Nichols, Simon Higgins, Saman Naghibi & Xiaohang Qiao

Machine Learning Prediction of Metal-Organic Framework Guest Accessibility from Linker and Metal Chemistry

Rémi Pétuya, Samantha Durdy, Dmytro Antypov, Michael Gaultois, Neil Berry, George Darling, Alexandros Katsoulidis, Matthew Dyer & Matthew Rosseinsky

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