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Microbunching and Coherent Synchrotron Radiation in Linear Free Electron Lasers

Alexander Brynes
The optimal performance of short-wavelength free-electron lasers (FELs), driven by high-energy bunches of electrons, is limited by collective interactions that occur due to the self-fields of particles within the bunch. An understanding of these collective effects is therefore crucial for current and future machines. In particular, it is important when designing and operating such a machine that these effects are understood, and mitigated as much as possible. In order to achieve such an understanding, a...

Bridging the Theory to Practice Gap: Improving Critical Thinking Skills in BScN Nursing Students

Pamela Paynter-Armour


Mohd Fuad Bin Rahmat Sam
The short shelf life along with the constant threat or an actual shortage of red blood cells (RBCs) places an ever-present constant stress on the healthcare providers to maintain and then increase blood donations to meet blood product demands. Blood transfusion services are already at a critical point trying to meet this constant and increasing demand. Made worse by the low numbers of people actually donating blood (7% U.K., 13% Taiwan). To add to this...

The Physical and Chemical Origins of Amyloid at Interfaces

Nathan Cumberbatch
Amyloidosis is of serious concern within the modern world with an ageing global population, there is a significant drive to understand how amyloid forms in order to research and develop new therapeutics to combat this threat. This thesis proposes using a cross-disciplinary collaborative approach to determine multiple aspects within the amyloid-like fibrillation pathway for human insulin (HI) at acidic and neutral pH conditions. Chapter 2 uses Reflection Anisotropy Spectroscopy to obtain fibrillar orientation information with...

The Influence of Student Identities on Progression to, through and beyond Higher Education

Claire Hamilton
Increasing opportunities for higher education in the Middle East has meant that many women who would not traditionally have attended post-secondary education are now encouraged to access higher education. This change has come with many potential problems as the traditional role of women in a conservative society is redefined. It is a change which is embraced by some and challenged by others and it presents potential problems for higher education institutions. This thesis is a...

Financial Behavior of Members of a US-Based Ghanaian Church Community - Seeking Strategies for Improvement

Joyce Afriyie
ABSTRACT This research thesis seeks to better understand the financial behavior of members of an Immigrant Ghanaian church community in the United States, by inquiring into the reasons behind their behavior. The enhanced understanding gained is then leveraged to find, develop and enact appropriate financial strategies to effectively manage members’ financial behavior toward improved financial behavior and wellbeing of members and the church organization as a whole. Unlike extant immigrant financial behavior literature, none of...

Investigation into [4+6] porous organic cages and their use in porous liquids

Rachel Kearsey
The field of porous liquids is relatively new compared to other porous materials but is rapidly developing and gaining interest. There is a diverse range of strategies in the literature to achieve porosity in the liquid state, including using porous organic cages as either soluble pores or neat liquid hosts. However, there are not enough examples to draw a comparison, so little is known about the design and limitations associated with these systems. In this...

Shifting ruminant monocyte subsets in the neonate to adult transition

Laura Gledhill

Exploring the interface between Clinical Psychology and the benefits system

Erika Cantrell

Methods for identifying and displaying gaps in health research

Linda Nyanchoka
The overall topic area of methods to identify and display gaps in health research is still not well established, also there is no standard definition for the term “research gaps” nor standardized methods to identify research gaps. Furthermore, with a lack of a clear definition, consensus is lacking on what constitutes the best methodological approaches to identify research gaps, determine research priorities and display research gaps or priority. The specific objectives of this PhD project...

A possibilistic framework for interpreting ensemble predictions in weather forecasting and aggregate imperfect sources of information

Noemie Le Carrer
Until now, works in the field of tide routing (i.e., optimization of cargo loading and ship scheduling decisions in tidal ports and shallow seas) have omitted the uncertainty of sea level predictions. However, the widely used harmonic tide forecasts are not perfectly reliable. Consequences for the maritime industry are significant: current solutions to tide routing may be made robust through the introduction of arbitrary slack, but they are not optimal. Given the financial implications at...

Psychopathy and Sexual Offending

David Boothroyd

Stimuli-Responsive Multi-layered Nanocarriers for Oral Drug Delivery to Treat Colon Cancer

Nancy Mohamed Elbaz Elmotayem
Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide. Chemotherapy is among the conventional treatment of colorectal cancer and most of the anticancer agents are parenterally administrated. An oral route of administration is typically the most preferred among patients. While several potential drugs have a potent anticancer activity, they suffer from poor oral bioavailability due to their inadequate physicochemical such as poor aqueous solubility, stability, and poor permeability. In order for medicines to reach...

Investigating soil-root interaction and changes in soil physical properties under different soil managements using X-ray computed tomography

Di Wang
Tomography technologies including X-ray computed tomography (CT) and neutron tomography have been increasingly used by both research and industrial communities in many fields to non-invasively visualize opaque materials in three dimensions. Their applications in soil science over the last decades have substantially improved our understanding of many fundamental processes which would otherwise remain unknown. With the development in both technologies, we are now able to visualize and quantify 3D pore gnomery in porous materials at...

Revisiting Mindset Theory: Insights from EFL Students in Japanese Higher Education

Michael Berg
Despite the marked impact they have been shown to have in the classroom, growth/fixed mindsets are an under-researched area of English as a Foreign Language (EFL) studies (Lou & Noels, 2016; Mercer & Ryan, 2009). How these mindsets interface with students’ EFL proficien-cy, as well as linguistic and social environments (demographic information such as where students grew up; to what extent English was used and study was encouraged; how much exposure students had to native...

Development of MAST-U Langmuir Probe Interpretation Through Particle-in-cell Simulation and Experiment

Jack Leland
Interpreting flush-mounted Langmuir probes at small angles of magnetic field incidence –routinely found in tokamak plasma facing components (PFCs) by design – is notoriously problematic due to the difficulty of accounting properly for sheath expansion. The Mega Amp Spherical Tokamak Upgrade (MAST-U) has 850 probes installed with a novel probe tip designed to mitigate the effects of sheath expansion. This angled-tip design has been investigated through experimental and computational means, to both verify that the...

Characterising the function of the mitochondrial deubiquitylase USP30 in mitophagy

Jane Jardine

Landscape genetics of Anopheles gambiae in southern Ghana

John Essandoh
Insecticide application via indoor residual spraying (IRS) and long-lasting insecticide-treated bednets (LLIN) has been a key component in combating malaria in sub-Saharan Africa, with pyrethroids being the traditionally recommended insecticides. However, the resistance of Anopheles gambiae s.s. and An. coluzzii to pyrethroids is high and widespread, especially in West Africa, underpinned in part by high frequencies of the L1014F target-site mutation in the voltage-gated sodium channel (Vgsc). Carbamate (CB) and organophosphate (OP) resistance is generally...

Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Correlated Electron Systems

Philip Murgatroyd

The identification of a novel Ras nanocluster regulator

Stephanie Mo

Mobile Localisation of 5G and Beyond 5G Cellular Networks

Boda Liu

Structural and functional brain plasticity for acquisition of drumming expertise.

Manal Alosaimi

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