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Investigating soil-root interaction and changes in soil physical properties under different soil managements using X-ray computed tomography

Di Wang
Tomography technologies including X-ray computed tomography (CT) and neutron tomography have been increasingly used by both research and industrial communities in many fields to non-invasively visualize opaque materials in three dimensions. Their applications in soil science over the last decades have substantially improved our understanding of many fundamental processes which would otherwise remain unknown. With the development in both technologies, we are now able to visualize and quantify 3D pore gnomery in porous materials at...

Bridging the Theory to Practice Gap: Improving Critical Thinking Skills in BScN Nursing Students

Pamela Paynter-Armour

Implementing Change in a Public Organisation: An Action Research Inquiry of Information Technology Implementation and Adoption

Iniobong Usoro
FERMA a government organisation introduced the Geographic Information System (GIS) to support the monitoring of the entire network of federal roads in Nigeria. However, six years after implementation, the initiative was not ready for use as a management tool to aid decision-making. The purpose of this study was to explore the lack of adoption of the GIS in FERMA. An adapted technology acceptance model provided the initial understanding of the GIS phenomenon. It offered a...

Assessing the Implementation of TQM in the Kuwait Healthcare Private Sector: A Case Study

Ghinwa Joumaa

Mobile Localisation of 5G and Beyond 5G Cellular Networks

Boda Liu

A Thematic Analysis of the Charity Tribunal and Suggestions for its Reform

Brett Crumley
The Charity Tribunal for England and Wales opened in 2008, and has become an important feature in the regulatory landscape for charities. A systematic understanding of the forum is crucial because its work is pivotal to the legal machinery of charities. This thesis considers the extent to which the Tribunal is an improvement on the High Court, to which it can influence charity regulation, and to which it can help charity law develop. The project...

Psychopathy and Sexual Offending

David Boothroyd

Exploring the interface between Clinical Psychology and the benefits system

Erika Cantrell

Methods for identifying and displaying gaps in health research

Linda Nyanchoka
The overall topic area of methods to identify and display gaps in health research is still not well established, also there is no standard definition for the term “research gaps” nor standardized methods to identify research gaps. Furthermore, with a lack of a clear definition, consensus is lacking on what constitutes the best methodological approaches to identify research gaps, determine research priorities and display research gaps or priority. The specific objectives of this PhD project...

Physicochemical effects of turbulence and entrainment in atmospheric pressure plasma jets.

Youssef Morabit
Atmospheric pressure plasma jets (APPJ) are currently the focus of an intense international research effort due to their unique chemical and physical characteristics. A defining aspect of the plasma jet is the interplay between plasma physics, plasma chemistry, and fluid dynamics which ultimately dictate application efficacy. This project focuses on uncovering the link between the fluid dynamics of the emerging noble gas channel into quiescent ambient air and the chemical reactions induced by the reactive...

Study of Theory and Algorithms for Nonsmooth Variational Inequalities

Yun Lu

Experimental and Theoretical Studies of Correlated Electron Systems

Philip Murgatroyd

The Impact of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) in Higher Education Institutions: Support in improvement of academic processes

Zahid Khand
Abstract Recently the universities in Pakistan started replacing their old legacy systems with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems to improve their academic and administrative processes. Previously, ERP systems were used in business organizations to gain a competitive edge over competitors. The Higher Education Commission (HEC) has implemented ERP systems at eight different universities in Pakistan. The HEC has invested a significant amount of money to facilitate the integration, customization and implementation of these systems. Little...

A possibilistic framework for interpreting ensemble predictions in weather forecasting and aggregate imperfect sources of information

Noemie Le Carrer
Until now, works in the field of tide routing (i.e., optimization of cargo loading and ship scheduling decisions in tidal ports and shallow seas) have omitted the uncertainty of sea level predictions. However, the widely used harmonic tide forecasts are not perfectly reliable. Consequences for the maritime industry are significant: current solutions to tide routing may be made robust through the introduction of arbitrary slack, but they are not optimal. Given the financial implications at...

The Physical and Chemical Origins of Amyloid at Interfaces

Nathan Cumberbatch
Amyloidosis is of serious concern within the modern world with an ageing global population, there is a significant drive to understand how amyloid forms in order to research and develop new therapeutics to combat this threat. This thesis proposes using a cross-disciplinary collaborative approach to determine multiple aspects within the amyloid-like fibrillation pathway for human insulin (HI) at acidic and neutral pH conditions. Chapter 2 uses Reflection Anisotropy Spectroscopy to obtain fibrillar orientation information with...

Structural and functional brain plasticity for acquisition of drumming expertise.

Manal Alosaimi

Investigation into [4+6] porous organic cages and their use in porous liquids

Rachel Kearsey
The field of porous liquids is relatively new compared to other porous materials but is rapidly developing and gaining interest. There is a diverse range of strategies in the literature to achieve porosity in the liquid state, including using porous organic cages as either soluble pores or neat liquid hosts. However, there are not enough examples to draw a comparison, so little is known about the design and limitations associated with these systems. In this...

Stimuli-Responsive Multi-layered Nanocarriers for Oral Drug Delivery to Treat Colon Cancer

Nancy Mohamed Elbaz Elmotayem
Colorectal cancer is one of the most common cancers worldwide. Chemotherapy is among the conventional treatment of colorectal cancer and most of the anticancer agents are parenterally administrated. An oral route of administration is typically the most preferred among patients. While several potential drugs have a potent anticancer activity, they suffer from poor oral bioavailability due to their inadequate physicochemical such as poor aqueous solubility, stability, and poor permeability. In order for medicines to reach...

Effective Resource Management toward Controlling Malaria

Bijan Mansoury
Effective Resource Management toward Controlling Malaria Abstract In the year 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported an estimated 216 million cases of malaria around the world, mostly concentrated in Sub-Saharan Africa. In the same year, the WHO reported that the global community spent around 2.7 billion US dollars to tackle and control this disease. In contrast, the WHO reported a budget of 100 million US dollars in the year 2000 and reported 262 million...

A cross-cultural comparison of the role of maternal mental health in the prediction of infant cognitive development and empirical investigation of the role of early caregiving in India.

Matthew Bluett-Duncan
Background The association between postnatal depression and cognitive development has been extensively researched in high-income countries (HICs). The results of a systematic review conducted as part of this thesis indicated that more high-quality longitudinal studies are required to examine the association between postnatal depression and infant cognitive outcomes in LMICs. An empirical investigation was therefore conducted in India (Study 1) to evaluate this relationship and to examine the potential moderating role of early maternal sensitivity....

Porous Titanium Structures Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting for Heat Pipe Applications

Zhining Wu

Band Alignments and Interfaces in Antimony Selenide Solar Cells

Huw Shiel

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