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Efficient Manufacture of Emulsion Intermediates in Cavity-design Mixers

Ryan Burger
Emulsions are ubiquitous across the process industries and are often utilised in applications where controlled delivery of a key ingredient (e.g. an oil or water soluble compound) is an important consideration. Their functional properties e.g. the rate of absorption or coverage of a surface is generally determined by the size and size distribution of dispersed domains or microstructure. Control over the formulation, process route and type of equipment all influence the resulting microstructure. The focus...

Other people’s children: representations of paid-childcare in Britain, 1867-1908

James Hinks
This thesis critically examines how informal child-care, performed for money, was subject to sustained scrutiny between 1867-1908. This period saw women who took children into their home in exchange for payment being subject to judicial sanction,press comment and legislative intervention. The passage of the 1908 Children Act marked the point at which all women who took in children for money were subjected to legislation for the first time. Existing scholarship on this topic has largely...

Molecular ecological characterization of a honey bee ectoparasitic mite, Tropilaelaps mercedesae.

Xiaofeng Dong
Tropilaelaps mercedesae (small mite) is one of two major honey bee ectoparasitic mite species responsible for the colony losses of Apis mellifera in Asia. Although T. mercedesae mites are still restricted in Asia (except Japan), they may diffuse all over the world due to the ever-increasing global trade of live honey bees (ex. Varroa destructor). Understanding the ecological characteristics of T. mercedesae at molecular level could potentially result in improving the management and control programs....

Wave propagation in stented blood vessels

Sara Frecentese

The Wellbeing Inequality Assessment Toolkit 2021

Andrew Pennington, Jane South, Anne-Marie Bagnall, Meena Bharadwa & rhiannon Corcoran

The anomalous magnetic moment of the muon and the QED coupling at the Z boson mass

Ruofan Liao
In this thesis, we present our updated determinations for the leading order and higher order hadronic vacuum polarisation contributions to the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon (a_{\mu}^{had,LOVP}, a_{\mu}^{had,HOVP}), and for the hadronic contributions to the running of the QED coupling at the Z-boson mass (\Delta\alpha_{had}^{(5)}(M_Z^2)). At present the Standard Model (SM) predictions of the anomalous magnetic moment of the muon a_{\mu}^{SM} is lower than the experimental measurement a_{\mu}^{exp}$ by about 3 standard deviations. The...

Creating an Effective Routine Surveillance System for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Among Previously Treated Patients in Tanzania

Basra Doulla
Creating an Effective Routine Surveillance System for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Among Previously Treated Patients in Tanzania. Introduction: Tuberculosis routine surveillance is an essential tool for scrutinising the effectiveness of TB Programmes and especially for monitoring drug resistance. This study sought to understand the effectiveness of the existing Routine Surveillance System for drug-resistant Tuberculosis amongst previously treated TB patients in Tanzania, identify weaknesses and interventions leading to improvements, and then pilot these interventions. Methods: Both quantitative and...

Prognostic factors for epilepsy

Laura Bonnett
Introduction and Aims: Epilepsy is a neurological disorder and is a heterogeneous condition both in terms of cause and prognosis. Prognostic factors identify patients at varying degrees of risk for specific outcomes which facilitates treatment choice and aids patient counselling. Few prognostic models based on prospective cohorts or randomised controlled trial data have been published in epilepsy. Patients with epilepsy can be loosely categorised as having had a first seizure, being newly diagnosed with epilepsy,...

Semi-blind CFO estimation and ICA based equalization for wireless communication systems

Yufei Jiang
In this thesis, a number of semi-blind structures are proposed for Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) based wireless communication systems, with Carrier Frequency Offset (CFO) estimation and Independent Component Analysis (ICA) based equalization. In the first contribution, a semi-blind non-redundant single-user Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) OFDM system is proposed, with a precoding aided CFO estimation approach and an ICA based equalization structure. A number of reference data sequences are carefully designed and selected from a pool...

Numerical modelling of landfast sea ice

Nuala Carson
Landfast sea ice is a recurring seasonal feature along many coastlines in the polar regions. It is characterised by a lack of horizontal motion, for at least 20 days, and its attachment to the coast or seabed. It can form as a result of restrictive geometry, such as channels or embayments, or through the grounding of thick ice ridges which add lateral stability to the ice cover. Due to its stationary and persistent nature, landfast...

In vitro caries: dental plaque formation and acidogenicity

Gareth Owens
Dental caries is a significant disease world-wide and although a massive reduction in prevalence has occurred over the past 50 years, incidents of this disease persist (particularly on the occlusal or aproximal surfaces and concerning younger demographics). The main reason for the observed reduction is exposure to fluoride either though water fluoridation and delivery by dentifrice. Environmental exposure reduces incidence by incorporation into the mineral phase of the hard tissue and, as a result, increases...

Public Participation and EIA Effectiveness: Empirical Case Studies in Hong Kong

Shiu Fung Hung
While public participation is now considered a crucial component in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) practice, many contexts on the role and function of public participation in EIA practices have yet to be explored. There is a need for advancing the theories on the EIA in the light of nowadays challenges. This PhD thesis adopted an inductive approach to seek answers to the research questions of "Does public participation make EIA more effective?" and “How does...

Large-scale functional annotation of individual RNA methylation sites by mining complex biological networks

Xiangyu Wu
Increasing evidences suggest that post-transcriptional RNA modifications regulate essential biomolecular functions and are related to the pathogenesis of various diseases. To date, the study of epitranscriptome layer gene regulation is mostly focused on the function of mediator proteins of RNA methylation limited by laborious experimental procedures, i.e., the readers, writers and erasers. However, there is limited investigation of the functional relevance of individual m6A RNA methylation sites. To address this, we annotated human m6A sites...

Bellum Victurum - A War About to Live Again: A Study of Necromancy and Poetry in Lucan's Bellum Civile

Elaine Sanderson
Lucan’s Bellum Civile professes to sing of past internecine strife as the great unmaking of the Roman world (Luc. 1.1-7) while reminding its readers of Rome’s survival through frequent references to Lucan’s contemporary surroundings, and hints towards the demise of earlier literary traditions while revealing these traditions as the building blocks of its own narrative. As much as the Bellum Civile delights in exploring the death of the living, it also delights in exploring the...

Individual and household Life course explanation to entrepreneurial exit

Muntasir Alam
Entrepreneurial exit, a critical stage in the entrepreneurial process, happens when the venture creators disengage from ownership control and decision-making authority of the firm they helped to create. Until now, academic research delineating the role of individual and household level resources in explaining exit (or otherwise) are relatively sparse. Of the limited research that provided a resource-based explanation to exit, hardly any research has investigated the influence of a multitude of different resources on the...

Attachment and Survival of Microbes on Engineered Antibacterial Surfaces: A Biological Approach

Ross Mulhall

Investigation into mycobacterial persistence and early markers of outcome in the treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis

Derek Sloan
Background: Development of ultra-short chemotherapy for tuberculosis (TB) is thwarted by drug-tolerant bacillary persistence and a lack of surrogate endpoints to predict outcome from early clinical studies. Characterising bacillary elimination amongst TB patients may provide important new information. Bacilli harbouring intra-cytoplasmic lipid bodies (LBs) may represent a drug-tolerant phenotype, responsible for delayed bacterial clearance. Methods: Malawian adults with pulmonary TB were treated with standard 6 month therapy. Two quantitative sputum culture methods were used to...

Invariants of Lagrangian Maps between 3-manifolds

Gregory James Roberts

Representation, Self-Representation, and Journalism: 1880-1905.

Rachel Harriet Cleaver

After COVID-19: Supporting Learning Recovery Through a Blended Approach to Education and Culture

Practice and Place Heseltine Institute for Public Policy


Dulshan Desilva
This doctoral thesis investigates an issue faced by the IT consultants and associates of Princeton Pragmatics, a small IT consulting services start-up in New Jersey, USA. Since the summer of 2017, the companies in the USA relying on IT solutions, particularly in sectors such as financial services, experienced a rapidly emerging trend adopting Artificial Intelligence (AI) and modern forms of automation. As a result, the IT professionals’ typical work is gradually becoming automated, threatening the...

microRNA:target interactions in tendinopathy

David Bardell

The Influence of Student Identities on Progression to, through and beyond Higher Education

Claire Hamilton
Increasing opportunities for higher education in the Middle East has meant that many women who would not traditionally have attended post-secondary education are now encouraged to access higher education. This change has come with many potential problems as the traditional role of women in a conservative society is redefined. It is a change which is embraced by some and challenged by others and it presents potential problems for higher education institutions. This thesis is a...

Financial Behavior of Members of a US-Based Ghanaian Church Community - Seeking Strategies for Improvement

Joyce Afriyie
ABSTRACT This research thesis seeks to better understand the financial behavior of members of an Immigrant Ghanaian church community in the United States, by inquiring into the reasons behind their behavior. The enhanced understanding gained is then leveraged to find, develop and enact appropriate financial strategies to effectively manage members’ financial behavior toward improved financial behavior and wellbeing of members and the church organization as a whole. Unlike extant immigrant financial behavior literature, none of...


Adam Abdullahi
The work in this thesis characterised the virological outcomes of HIV-1 patients on second-line ART switching to boosted-darunavir maintenance monotherapy in sub-Saharan Africa and explored their determinants, with the aim of providing evidence to inform practice and policy. Firstly, I took advantage of samples and data collected within a trial of maintenance monotherapy that was conducted in Yaoundé, Cameroon, between August 2014 and July 2015. The trial population was composed of HIV-1 positive adults who...

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