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Porous Titanium Structures Manufactured by Selective Laser Melting for Heat Pipe Applications

Zhining Wu

Wave propagation in stented blood vessels

Sara Frecentese

Large-scale functional annotation of individual RNA methylation sites by mining complex biological networks

Xiangyu Wu
Increasing evidences suggest that post-transcriptional RNA modifications regulate essential biomolecular functions and are related to the pathogenesis of various diseases. To date, the study of epitranscriptome layer gene regulation is mostly focused on the function of mediator proteins of RNA methylation limited by laborious experimental procedures, i.e., the readers, writers and erasers. However, there is limited investigation of the functional relevance of individual m6A RNA methylation sites. To address this, we annotated human m6A sites...

Creating an Effective Routine Surveillance System for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Among Previously Treated Patients in Tanzania

Basra Doulla
Creating an Effective Routine Surveillance System for Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis Among Previously Treated Patients in Tanzania. Introduction: Tuberculosis routine surveillance is an essential tool for scrutinising the effectiveness of TB Programmes and especially for monitoring drug resistance. This study sought to understand the effectiveness of the existing Routine Surveillance System for drug-resistant Tuberculosis amongst previously treated TB patients in Tanzania, identify weaknesses and interventions leading to improvements, and then pilot these interventions. Methods: Both quantitative and...

Trading Rule and Market Quality: Simulations based on Agent-based Artificial Stock Markets

Xinhui Yang

Bellum Victurum - A War About to Live Again: A Study of Necromancy and Poetry in Lucan's Bellum Civile

Elaine Sanderson
Lucan’s Bellum Civile professes to sing of past internecine strife as the great unmaking of the Roman world (Luc. 1.1-7) while reminding its readers of Rome’s survival through frequent references to Lucan’s contemporary surroundings, and hints towards the demise of earlier literary traditions while revealing these traditions as the building blocks of its own narrative. As much as the Bellum Civile delights in exploring the death of the living, it also delights in exploring the...

Exploring multi-annual changes in the biophysical environment of the Black Sea.

Valérie Le Guennec

A Thematic Analysis of the Charity Tribunal and Suggestions for its Reform

Brett Crumley
The Charity Tribunal for England and Wales opened in 2008, and has become an important feature in the regulatory landscape for charities. A systematic understanding of the forum is crucial because its work is pivotal to the legal machinery of charities. This thesis considers the extent to which the Tribunal is an improvement on the High Court, to which it can influence charity regulation, and to which it can help charity law develop. The project...

Trans-editing of Saudi-related News by the British Press: Positioning and Agency

Eithar Alsallum
Translation is usually perceived as an ‘invisible’ part of journalists’ daily routine at the foreign desks of newspapers. Despite the key socio-political role played by translation in international news production, the contributors behind this complex process have received scant attention from scholars in Translation Studies. The present research explores the role played by institutional and individual agents in positioning Saudi news in the British press through multiple processes of ‘trans-editing’, a term coined in 1989...

Towards Improved Models for the Study of the Multi-mechanistic Toxicity of Drug-induced Liver Injury

Sophie Penman

Mobile Localisation of 5G and Beyond 5G Cellular Networks

Boda Liu

Effective Resource Management toward Controlling Malaria

Bijan Mansoury
Effective Resource Management toward Controlling Malaria Abstract In the year 2016, the World Health Organization (WHO) reported an estimated 216 million cases of malaria around the world, mostly concentrated in Sub-Saharan Africa. In the same year, the WHO reported that the global community spent around 2.7 billion US dollars to tackle and control this disease. In contrast, the WHO reported a budget of 100 million US dollars in the year 2000 and reported 262 million...

Characterising the function of the mitochondrial deubiquitylase USP30 in mitophagy

Jane Jardine

Lameness in Beef Cattle: Establishing a knowledge base

Jay Tunstall

Dog bites: Perception and Prevention

Sara Owczarczak Garstecka
Traditional approaches to studying dog bites have predominantly used epidemiological methodology to understand risk factors and prevention centred on education about dogs’ body language. Instead, in this project dog bites are explored from the perspective of those directly affected, as a victim or a dog owner. The objectives of this study included understanding how dog bites are perceived and experienced and how the context of individual lived experiences influences these perceptions and practices around dogs....

Developing a multi-organism pipeline for drug-discovery in epilepsy

Alistair Jones

Psychopathy and Sexual Offending

David Boothroyd

The Influence of Student Identities on Progression to, through and beyond Higher Education

Claire Hamilton
Increasing opportunities for higher education in the Middle East has meant that many women who would not traditionally have attended post-secondary education are now encouraged to access higher education. This change has come with many potential problems as the traditional role of women in a conservative society is redefined. It is a change which is embraced by some and challenged by others and it presents potential problems for higher education institutions. This thesis is a...

Invariants of Lagrangian Maps between 3-manifolds

Gregory James Roberts

Prognostic factors for epilepsy

Laura Bonnett
Introduction and Aims: Epilepsy is a neurological disorder and is a heterogeneous condition both in terms of cause and prognosis. Prognostic factors identify patients at varying degrees of risk for specific outcomes which facilitates treatment choice and aids patient counselling. Few prognostic models based on prospective cohorts or randomised controlled trial data have been published in epilepsy. Patients with epilepsy can be loosely categorised as having had a first seizure, being newly diagnosed with epilepsy,...

Implementing Change in a Public Organisation: An Action Research Inquiry of Information Technology Implementation and Adoption

Iniobong Usoro
FERMA a government organisation introduced the Geographic Information System (GIS) to support the monitoring of the entire network of federal roads in Nigeria. However, six years after implementation, the initiative was not ready for use as a management tool to aid decision-making. The purpose of this study was to explore the lack of adoption of the GIS in FERMA. An adapted technology acceptance model provided the initial understanding of the GIS phenomenon. It offered a...

The Physical and Chemical Origins of Amyloid at Interfaces

Nathan Cumberbatch
Amyloidosis is of serious concern within the modern world with an ageing global population, there is a significant drive to understand how amyloid forms in order to research and develop new therapeutics to combat this threat. This thesis proposes using a cross-disciplinary collaborative approach to determine multiple aspects within the amyloid-like fibrillation pathway for human insulin (HI) at acidic and neutral pH conditions. Chapter 2 uses Reflection Anisotropy Spectroscopy to obtain fibrillar orientation information with...

Exploring the interface between Clinical Psychology and the benefits system

Erika Cantrell

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