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Confiscation by the ruler:

Yasin Arslantaş
This thesis examines the practice of confiscation in the Ottoman Empire during the long-eighteenth century. It investigates what enabled, guided and motivated the sovereign to confiscate the property of elites, and how and to what extent this occurred. The contribution of this thesis is twofold. First, it provides the first systematic analysis of the practice of confiscation in the Ottoman Empire, highlighting the basis of selectivity in its application. Second, it contributes to a broader...

The Dilemma of Balancing the Administration of Justice and the Preservation of Confidentiality in the Mediation Process

Mrinal Vijay
The courts and the American Arbitration Association (AAA) refer to mediation as a procedure in which communications between the disputants is facilitated by a neutral third party (mediator) to reach a mutually acceptable settlement to the dispute in question.1 Mediation is gaining momentum as an alternative method to litigation in resolving commercial disputes.2 Stamato submits that it has become the most accelerated form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR),3 since litigants are currently concerned with settling...

Expanding war, expanding capital:

Umut Kuruüzüm
This thesis explores a heterogeneous migrant labour force, particularly Kurdish workers from the south-east of Turkey, working in a private steel mill outside Erbil, the capital of the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. The wider context is one of war, population displacement, political disintegration, and economic fluctuation. The dissertation builds on ethnographic fieldwork conducted over a period of 16 months between November 2014 and February 2016 in the south-west of Erbil, ten miles away from the...

Essays in household finance

Agnese Carella
In the first chapter, I exploit the rebranding of a mortgage lender, under a more salient name and in some Italian provinces, to empirically analyze households’ choice behaviour in response to brand popularity. Loan-level data on both the universe of newly originated mortgages and the offer rates suggest that (1) brand awareness reduces the equilibrium price of residential mortgage contracts and (2) the reduction mainly reflects consumers’ selection into cheaper products. Comparing contracted rates with...

Essays on the political economy of economic adjustment: austerity, labour market reforms, and inequality

Fabian Mushövel
The sovereign debt crises in European Union member states after the year 2010 saw a number of comprehensive bailout packages of unprecedented size. The various fiscal and structural reforms on which the bailouts were conditional substantially shaped welfare states and labour markets in the affected countries. Discussions about the reform programmes in the political economy literature mostly revolve around their effects on economic growth and fiscal sustainability. Much less has been written about the distributive...

Essays on inequality of opportunity: measurement, drivers and consequences

Rafael Ignacio Carranza Navarrete
I study Inequality of Opportunity (IOp), its measurement, effects, and relationship to intergenerational persistence using empirical analysis based on data for highincome countries. Inequality of opportunity (IOp) is the part of inequality of outcomes attributable to differences in inherited circumstances. I provide evidence that IOp is higher than previously estimated, that it reduces economic growth, and that it accounts for an important part of intergenerational persistence. Chapter 2 provides lower and upper bound estimates of...

(Post)colonial Egypt & its simulacra of liberation a capture of revolutionary desire

Anissa Haddadi
What is the revolutionary event and what tongue does its desire speak? Can we really understand and analyse revolutionary events through a logic of representation that works through processes of Identification and Signification? This thesis challenges assumptions that the revolutionary event/experience can be thought through the logic of Representation/Signification/Identification. It does so by highlighting the continuities between the colonial and post-colonial moments in Egypt. In this, it critiques both modern thought and modern political thought...

Essays on macroeconomic implications of the Labour Market.

Charles Dennery
This thesis examines some features of the labour market, and their macroeconomic consequences. The first paper relates the observed flatter Phillips Curve to the rise in labour turnover and temporary employment. In a New Keynesian model of sticky wages, workers or unions discount future wage income with a low discount factor if there is a strong flow of job turnover. In the New Keynesian wage Phillips Curve, this implies that future inflation is discounted more...

Essays on skills, management and productivity.

Anna Sivropoulos-Valero
This thesis investigates the role of skills and universities in explaining differences in economic performance between firms and regions. The first chapter examines the relationship between university entry and GDP growth between 1950 and 2010 based on new data that combines university entry in 1,500 regions across 78 countries. It finds that a 10% increase in a region’s universities is associated with 0.4% higher GDP per capita in that region, with evidence of spillovers to...

Multilevel structural equation models for the interrelationships between multiple dimensions of childhood socioeconomic circumstances, partnership stability and midlife health.

Yajing Zhu
Recent studies have contributed to understanding of the mechanisms behind the association between childhood circumstances and later life. It has been hypothesized that experiences in childhood operate through influencing trajectories of life events and functional changes in health-related behaviours that can mediate the effects of childhood socioeconomic circumstances (SECs) on later health. Using data from the 1958 British birth cohort, we propose a multilevel structural equation modelling (SEM) approach to investigate the mediating effects of...

A critical review of evidence from ex-combatant re-integration programs

Sally Sharif
Determining the criteria that have contributed to the success or failure of a Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration (DDR) program has led to the publication of countless documents on lessons learned, new pathways, and revised theories. The large number of DDR reports is justified, considering the high value that a successful program would yield: DDR is the largest intervention in nearly all of the United Nations’ ongoing large-scale peacekeeping missions tasked with restoring social capital and...

Paradoxes of subaltern politics:

Louisa Acciari
This thesis investigates the possibilities and forms of subaltern politics through an empirical study of Brazilian domestic workers’ mobilisations. Domestic work, often described as a legacy of slavery in Brazil, is characterised by the intersection of gender, race and class matrices of oppression, which makes domestic workers a subaltern group. As a result of their subaltern status and characterisation as ‘non-standard’ workers they are expected to be harder, or even impossible, to organise and represent....

Financial advice for funding later life care:

Emily Heavey, Kate Baxter & Yvonne Birks
Context: Ageing populations across the world make the provision of long-term care a global challenge. A growing number of people in England are faced with paying for later life social care costs, but do little to plan for these costs in advance. Recent legislation in the form of the Care Act 2014 gave local authorities new responsibilities to provide information on how people can access independent financial advice on matters relating to care needs. Objectives:...

Principiis rebellionis in India orientalis:

Meor Alif Meor Azalan
This work dissects Britain's counter-insurgency campaign during the Malayan Emergency and her wider experience at decolonisation in Southeast Asia. The Darurat - as it is known in the local Malay language - is considered as the typical case of a successful modern-day counter-insurgency campaign. The conventional theoretical wisdom posits; that in order to win a counterinsurgency campaign, the force responsible for such a campaign must, similar to Malaya, embark upon a policy of ‘winning hearts...

Beyond the Muslim prisoner:

Lamia Irfan
Muslim religious identity amongst offenders has acquired significance as Islam is the fastest growing religion in prisons in the UK. This increase in the number of Muslim offenders in prison is accompanied by fears and concern about the potential for Islamist terrorist recruitment and radicalisation in the prison setting. Despite these concerns, there are significant gaps in our understanding of how religion influences the identity of offenders throughout their life. My research uses life story...

Sustaining international law:

Aaron Wu
This thesis investigates how the natural environment is conceptualised in international law. Environmental campaigners typically place great faith in the discipline’s ability to restrain the onset of growing ‘global’ problems: such as species extinctions, clearing of forests, pollution, and climate change. Law has traditionally been a key domain for efforts to regulate, and curb, these problems. While a vast body of existing literature assesses the effectiveness and adequacy of these initiatives, this dissertation takes a...

Of military and militancy:

Sarah Ashraf
This thesis examines the emergence of praetorianism in Pakistan and its relationship with militant Islamism from the establishment of Pakistan since independence in 1947. It analyses the evolution of civil-military relations in Pakistan, paying particular attention to the processes of state construction, inherent weaknesses of the country’s political and economic institutions, impact of significant regional events such as the Soviet-Afghan war, and chronic hostility with India. It focuses specifically on how these aspects of Pakistan’s...

Essays in the economics of transportation, housing and discrimination.

Cheng Keat Tang
This thesis consists of three papers that are related to transportation economics, housing economics, and the economics of discrimination. The first paper examines how much people are willing to pay (WTP), on average, to avoid road traffic near their residence using the housing market. The notion is that traffic confers substantial negative externalities such as congestion delays, air and noise pollution, and traffic accidents. Estimating these hedonic functions are, however, extremely challenging with omitted variable...

The international humanitarian actor as 'civilian plus':

Rebecca Sutton
This socio-legal study reconceptualizes the principle of distinction in international humanitarian law (IHL). Moving away from the dominant vision of fixed civilian and combatant entities separated by a bright line, it introduces an alternative vision of how distinction works in different places and at different times, or what we might think of as ‘a new law of distinction’. This account is grounded in the practices of international actors across a number of global sites: from...

The future of national news agencies in Europe - Case study 2: The survival challenges for news agencies in a small market: News agencies in the Baltic countries

Epp Lauk & Maret Einmann
As a part of the overall project of “Future of the national news agencies in Europe” this case study provides complementary explanatory information for understanding the state of the art and future prospective of European national news agencies. The case study focuses on the Baltic news agencies: BNS (Estonian and Lithuanian branches), LETA (Latvia) and ELTA (Lithuania) as examples of news services in small markets. The purpose of this study is to investigate how news...

Clearing models for systemic risk assessment in interbank networks.

Michael Kusnetsov
In this thesis I consider the problem of clearing models used for systemic risk assessment in interbank networks. I investigate two extensions of the classical Eisenberg & Noe (2001) model. The first extension permits the analysis of networks with interbank liabilities of several maturities. I describe a clearing mechanism that relies on a fixed-point formulation of the vector of each bank’s liquid assets at each maturity date for a given set of defaulted banks. This...

Three papers on asset pricing

Petar Svilenov Sabtchevsky
This thesis consists of three papers on asset pricing. In the first paper, I analyse the effects of volatility management (a trading strategy in which risky asset exposure is inversely proportional to the level of volatility) in a general equilibrium heterogeneous agent model. Two distinct types of agents populate the model economy, an unconstrained investor endowed with logarithmic utility over instantaneous consumption and a volatility-managed portfolio. My model goes a long way towards the rationalization...

Three essays in applied microeconomics.

Konrad Burchard Burchardi
This thesis comprises three independent chapters, spanning the range of my interests. The first chapter provides estimates of the causal effects of social ties on aggregate, firm level and individual level economic outcomes. The second chapter is a first step at understanding the joint determination of language change and economic structural change which seems to have occurred over the past centuries and probably continues today. A joint theme in these papers is the attempt to...

Dynamic injustice:

Diana-Elena Popescu
Theories of justice are usually divided in aim and sphere of operation between redistributive justice (allocation of goods and resources) and recognition justice (ensuring respect and esteem between members of societies regardless of race, ethnicity, sexuality etc.). Divorcing the two is said to create conceptual clarity, but policy chaos in the treatment of complex injustices. Contrary to the received view, my thesis argues recognition and redistribution can only provide an adequate conceptual framework for questions...

Mean-variance optimal portfolios for Lévy processes and a singular stochastic control model for capacity expansion.

Jose E. Pasos
In the first part of the thesis, the problem of determining the optimal capacity expansion strategy for a firm operating within a random economic environment is studied. The underlying market uncertainty is modelled by means of a general one-dimensional positive diffusion with possible absorption at 0. The objective is to maximise a performance criterion that involves a general running payoff function and associates a cost with each capacity increase up to the first hitting time...

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