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How do urban forms enable political projects?

Nathan Charlton
How do ideologies and cities shape each other? This work offers a theoretical strategy for explaining how urban forms and political projects have afforded each other's development historically, while avoiding a deterministic account of how political aims are realised in particular urban forms. To do this it focuses on the emergence of nationalism in the context of the modernisation of European cities in the nineteenth century and early twentieth century. As background, the development of...

The Malthusian and the anti-Malthusian:

Maxine Montaigne
The nineteenth century saw the birth of economics as a distinct academic discipline in Britain, and with it a new relationship between economic thinkers, policy makers and the wider public, who played an increasingly active role in the sphere of economic discourse. One of the most contentious economic and social debates of this time was the question of population; population growth was seen as both essential to the new industrial economy, but also feared for...

Trade frictions, trade policies, and the interwar business cycle.

Thilo Nils Hendrik Albers
This dissertation is composed of six chapters. Based on a comparison with other recessions throughout history, the first chapter motivates studying the Great Depression from a trade perspective. The second chapter sets the stage for such an endeavour. It introduces a new macroeconomic dataset for the interwar period and investigates the prelude and global impact of the Great Depression. Highlighting the variation of its severity along two dimensions, depth and duration, within and across countries,...

An economic evaluation of telehealth and telecare in England.

Catherine Henderson
In the English health and social care system, budgets are now constrained more than ever, while an increasing proportion of the population is expected to require care. There is an urgent need to find new ways to enable people with long-term illness and disability to live well, within the national budget. Policymakers have embraced new assistive technologies such as telecare and telehealth as a means to achieve this goal. Evidence that telehealth is cost-effective is...

From components to compositions:

Antti Kalervo Lyyra
Robots and autonomous systems play an increasingly important role in modern societies. This role is expected to increase as the computational methods and capabilities advance. Robots and autonomous systems produce goal-directed and context-dependent behaviour with an aim to loosen the coupling between the machines and their operators. These systems are a domain of complex digital innovation that intertwines the physical and digital worlds with computer-controlled behaviour as robots and autonomous systems render their behaviour from...

Essays on urban and environmental economics in developing countries.

Ying Chen
My thesis is comprised of essays that study urban and environmental economic topics in developing countries. Three of the four essays study causal drivers behind the phenomenal urbanization and local economic growth in China. Its rapid growth in the recent decades provides an illustrative case for understanding how the spatial distribution of economic activities is affected by policies regulating factors of production. The fourth essay extends to another developing country, Tanzania, where the challenges posed...

Military assistance as a tool of 20th Century American grand strategy:

Jonathan Freeman
Military Assistance, the development and training of capacity and capability of foreign security forces, has largely been ignored by the research community, including the security studies research community. Military Assistance, as a tool, creates the possibility of both positive and negative outcomes for both recipient and providing nations, and as such it should be examined within the broader framework of international relations, with regards to the projection and perception of power. This research is timely...

camilla's test dataset

Camilla Doris Sophie Von Loeper
this is a test

The transfer and mobilisation of sustainability concepts to Abu Dhabi:

Prianjali Mascarenhas
This thesis aims to understand the politics, implications and interpretations associated with the transfer and mobilisation of sustainability concepts from elsewhere into Abu Dhabi. The emirate’s pursuit of sustainability encompasses opportunities and also complexities which require trade-offs and creative solutions amidst the demands of globalisation and the existing authoritarian status quo. Exploring the rationale for the transfer of sustainability concepts from elsewhere into Abu Dhabi and its subsequent mobilisation in the local context expands our...

Eigenvalue-regularized covariance matrix sstimators for high-dimensional data.

Huang Feng
Covariance regularization is important when the dimension p of a covariance matrix is close to or even larger than the sample size n. This thesis concerns estimating large covariance matrix in both low and high frequency setting. First, we introduce an integration covariance matrix estimator which is a linear combination of a rotation-equivariant and a regularized covariance matrix estimator that assumed a specific structure for true covariance Σ0, under the practical scenario where one is...

Europe's bottleneck:

Pedro Correa Martin-Arroyo
This thesis offers a transnational history of the Jewish refugee crisis in South-Western Europe, and assesses the role of the Iberian Peninsula in the Holocaust. It does so by looking at Vichy France, Franco’s Spain, and Salazar’s Portugal. It explores the possibilities of rescue, and the offer of relief. It accounts for the persecution of Jews in Spain and Portugal. And it examines the role of the Western Allies in offering relief and promoting the...

The future of national news agencies in Europe: Final report

Terhi Rantanen, Atte Jääskeläinen, Ram Bhat, Richard Stupart & Anthony Kelly

The future of national news agencies in Europe: Executive summary

Terhi Rantanen, Atte Jääskeläinen, Ram Bhat, Richard Stupart & Anthony Kelly
This report examines the state of the news industry in Europe through a study of European national news agencies. It investigates their current operations as well as their plans for the future. By doing so, it provides empirical materials and analysis for all stakeholders in news, from its producers to its users, on the decisive question of whether national news agencies in Europe have a future and if so what kind.

Essays on prices, volumes, and policies in generic drug markets in high- and middle-income countries.

Olivier Wouters
Background and importance: Rising drug prices are putting pressure on health care budgets. Policymakers are assessing how they can save money through generic drugs. Objective: The aim of this Ph.D. was to explore issues relating to the prices and usage of generic medicines in high- and middle-income countries in five articles. This was done using quantitative and qualitative methods, including price and Herfindahl-Hirschman indexes, difference-in-differences regression analyses, semi-structured stakeholder interviews, and literature reviews. As a...

Essays on the relation between accounting and employment, risk and valuation.

Daphne Hart
The thesis is a collection of three separate papers on accounting consequences. Specifically, the papers examine the relation between accounting and employment, risk and valuation. The first chapter (solo-authored) documents that approximately 20% of large US public firms choose to disclose employment information quarterly, at a higher frequency than mandated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). I use these voluntary disclosures to examine whether managers modify their firms’ workforces to manage earnings. Using...

Information of social media platforms:

Akarapat Charoenpanich
Social media has become a global phenomenon. Currently, there are 2 billion active users on Facebook. However, much of the research on social media is about the consumption side of social media rather than the production or operational aspects of social media. Although research on the production side is still relatively small, it is growing, indicating that it is a fruitful area to study. This thesis attempts to contribute to this area of research to...

The political economy of high skills:

Niccolo Durazzi
A successful transition into the knowledge economy is said to depend upon higher level skills, creating unprecedented pressure on university systems – as they expand across countries – to provide knowledge-based labour markets with the skills needed. But what are the political economy dynamics underlying national patterns of high skill formation? This thesis argues that existing theoretical approaches are not well-suited to answer the question: ideational and structuralist frameworks downplay persistent national differences, while institutionalist...

Explaining success and failure of rules-based distributive policies.

Eduardo Mello
Some governments tackle poverty and inequality by creating well-functioning, rules-based distributive programmes. Others redistribute selectively, showering their loyal supporters with goods, services, and money while denying these things to other citizens, even when those other citizens are very poor. What explains this contrast? Why do some governments prefer politically neutral rules-based forms of redistribution while others prefer highly selective clientelistic redistributive arrangements? This dissertation answers the question by developing a new line of theory. I...

The political economy of government formation and local public goods.

Michel Dummar Azulai
This thesis examines three questions: first, do national government coalitions favour local governments connected to them to receive local public goods? Secondly, does favouritism in the allocation of public goods imply large welfare losses? Finally, how national governments form, and what are the consequences of this for national policy making? These questions are answered in the particular context of Brazil, where rich data on national politics and local public good allocation is available. The first...

On the running maximum of brownian motion and associated lookback options.

Tak Yui Ho
The running maximum of Brownian motion appears often in mathematical finance. In derivatives pricing, it is used in modelling derivatives with lookback or barrier hitting features. For path dependent derivatives, valuation and risk management rely on Monte Carlo simulation. However, discretization schemes are often biased in estimating the running maximum and barrier hitting time. For example, it is hard to know if the underlying asset has crossed the barrier between two discrete time points when...

Essays on communication, social interactions and information.

Diego Battiston
This thesis consists of three papers in the broad field of Applied Economics. I focus on three “soft factors”, namely, face-to-face communication, brief social interactions and information updates. I study on how they affect individual and organisational outcomes using different natural experiments. The first chapter provides causal evidence on how the ability to communicate face-to-face (in addition to electronic communication) can increase organisational performance. The study exploits a natural experiment within a large organisation where...

The future of national news agencies in Europe - Case study 1: The impact of globally changing media systems on the business and innovation policy of the European international news agencies AFP, dpa and EFE

Wolfgang Vyslozil & Jasmin Surm
Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to delineate the influences of the globally changing media systems on the business and innovation policy of European international news agencies paying special attention to their future exemplified on the three agencies AFP, dpa and EFE. Methodology: Case-study approach and comparative analysis including in-depth interviews with news agency representatives from AFP, dpa and EFE representing experts in the field of study. Practical implications: This case study provides useful...

The future of national news agencies in Europe - Case study 3: The changing relationship between news agencies and the state

Laura Juntunen & Hannu Nieminen
The case study analyses the relationship between the European news agencies and the state. On the basis of interviews, official documents and secondary sources, the article analyses the recent developments in the state relationship in a sample of four countries – Finland, France, Poland and Spain – representing different kinds of media systems. While the evolution of the state relationship has been unique in each country, they are all bound by the competition rules of...

Reconceptualising strategic culture as a focal point:

Sidharth Kaushal
This thesis proposes to remedy some of the theoretical lacunae surrounding the topic of strategic culture by reconceptualising it in a way that is compatible with existing expected utility models of executive choice. Current theorising regarding strategic culture has been paralysed by an ongoing debate between the first and third generations of strategic culture theorists and by the persistent inability of scholars to provide a predictive framework based on the concept - meaning that it...

Essays in learning and information design.

Carlo Antonio Cabrera
We re-visit three classical models in information economics. The first chapter studies the screening problem for a seller who owns a single good, and a buyer whose valuation for the good is their private information. We allow for the seller to acquire information at some cost about the buyer’s value, in addition to her choice over the probability of trade and the transfer. The seller thus chooses a Blackwell experiment for each announcement that the...

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