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Essays on labour frictions in interwar Britain

Ivan Luzardo-Luna
This thesis examines the determinants of the high levels of structural unemployment in interwar Britain by following a `search and matching' approach. After an extensive literature review in Chapter 1, Chapter 2 estimates the matching function of the British labour market for the period 1921-1934. The changes in matching efficiency can explain the high and persistent unemployment observed from the second half of the 1920s onwards, and this was accelerated by the onset of the...

Papers on institutional quality and economic development in African regions

Yohan Iddawela
This thesis examines the relationship between institutional quality and regional economic development in African countries. It analyses three elements of institutional quality: the impact of institutional quality on economic development, the drivers of poor institutional quality, and interventions that can be adopted to improve institutional quality. The first paper of this PhD, published in the Journal of Development Studies and co-authored with Neil Lee and Andrés Rodríguez-Pose, examines the relationship between sub-national government quality and...

Parisian times, Bessel processes and Poisson-Dirichlet random variables

Junyi Zhang
In this thesis, we study the first hitting time and Parisian time of Brownian motion and squared Bessel process, as well as the exact simulation algorithm of the two-parameter Poisson-Dirichlet distribution. Let the underlying process be a reflected Brownian motion with drift moving on a finite collection of rays. Using a recursive method, we derive the Laplace transform of the first hitting time of the underlying process. This generalises the well-known result about the first...

The Eurozone crisis and the ‘intermediate’ economies: the political economies of Greece and Portugal

Konstantinos Myrodias
It is well documented that the EU and IMF bailout programmes led the crisis-hit Eurozone countries to a weak economic recovery. However, the existing theories have so far failed to provide comprehensive explanations of the post-crisis economic performance in the periphery of the Eurozone. This thesis’ starting point is to identify what policies were introduced in Greece and Portugal and how effective they were at addressing the causes of the crisis. To answer this question,...

Contributions to a new innovation model: evidence from China

Biao Huang
Building on a body of new works (Fu, 2015; Greeven, Yip and Wei, 2019), this thesis focuses on three topics as critical parts of a new innovation model. The global digital economy grew to US$31.8 trillion in 2019 (CAICT, 2020) providing the basis for a new innovation model whose core includes ‘Online Interactive Innovation’ [OII]. The first study examines how OII constitutes ‘virtual teamwork’ where employees interact with millions of customers online. OII helps firms...

Voice through silence algorithmic visibility, ordinary civic voices and bottom-up authoritarianism in the Brazilian crisis

João Carlos Vieira Magalhães
From 2013 to 2018, Brazil was encapsulated in a multisited crisis that unsettled its political order. Unlike other turmoil in the country’s history, this one was strongly influenced by ordinary Brazilians who found a space to express themselves politically on digital platforms. This thesis aims to understand how the datafied government of users’ visibility by Facebook (Brazil’s most popular platform) can be understood to have structured these everyday experiences and, in so doing, to have...

Voices of outrage: online partisan media, user-generated news commentary, and the contested boundaries of American conservatism during the 2016 US presidential election

Anthony Patrick Kelly
This thesis presents a qualitative account of what affective polarisation looks like at the level of online user-generated discourse. It examines how users of the American right-wing news and opinion website TheBlaze.com articulated partisan oppositions in the site’s below-the-line comment field during and after the 2016 US presidential election. To date, affective polarisation has been studied from a predominantly quantitative perspective that has focused largely on partisanship as a powerful form of social identity. This...

On some problems in combinatorial geometry

Nóra Frankl

The industrial organisation of financial intermediation

Patrick Coen
This thesis consists of three chapters on the industrial organization of financial intermediation. The first chapter, which is co-authored with Jamie Coen, considers the interbank market and how it should be regulated. The interbank network, in which banks compete with each other to supply and demand financial products, creates surplus but may also result in risk propagation. We examine this trade-off by setting out a model in which banks form interbank network links endogenously, taking...

Matchmakers or tastemakers? Platformization of cultural intermediation & social media’s engines for ‘making up taste’

Zeynep Kaparoglu
There are long-standing practices and processes that have traditionally mediated between the processes of production and consumption of cultural content. The prominent instances of these are: curating content by identifying and selecting cultural content in order to promote to a particular set of audiences; measuring audience behaviours to construct knowledge about their tastes; and guiding audiences through recommendations from cultural experts. These cultural intermediation processes are currently being transformed, and social media platforms play important...

Essays in spatial and labour economics

Matthew John Sharp
This thesis is comprised of three independent chapters on topics in spatial, labour and development economics. I focus on South Africa for which there is a rich and under-exploited set of micro-data and where the peculiar history of the country - including restricted migration and separate development along race lines - makes for a particularly interesting setting. The first chapter provides some of the first evidence on the labour market impacts of female internal migration....

Impermanent development and the pursuit of permanence: mobilising marginalisation and uncertainty towards a rightful share of Kenya’s oil

Doris A. Okenwa
What happens when the historically marginalised part of a country becomes overnight a reservoir of potential national wealth? In 2012, commercially viable crude oil deposits were confirmed in Turkana County, Kenya, home to some of East Africa’s few mobile pastoralists. This thesis examines the dynamics of resource extraction that unfolded since then, including promises of development and social inclusion for this hitherto relegated region. Oil is unusual in that it is a highly lucrative commodity...

Experience sampling of the psychosocial work environment: from hedonometrics to hedonopragmatics

Jacob F. Metze
Current research that uses the experience sampling method (ESM) in an organisational context has focused on individuals in order to advance the theories and metrics regarding employees’ work experiences. What is notable is the lack of focus on the pragmatic potential of the method to mobilise change in organisations. Participatory interventions based on survey feedback are shown to be effective, but rely on questionnaire data with well-known limitations for capturing the dynamic nature of employee...

Non-EU interest groups in Brussels: explaining the lobbying success of foreign interest groups in EU energy policy

Ivana Popovic
Although the number of non-EU interest groups seeking to exert political influence in Brussels has been rising, research examining factors behind their success is scarce. This thesis contributes towards filling this gap by examining the success of foreign groups in the energy policy domain. Specifically, it examines how the European Commission’s initial preferences on both - the policies under consideration as well as the involved non-EU interest groups - affect the groups’ prospects of lobbying...

Context and heterogeneity: a novel approach to explaining maternal health inequalities in Zambia

Laura Sochas
Quantitative data from low- and middle-income countries show that inequalities in skilled birth attendance and health facility birth remain higher than inequalities in access to all other primary care interventions. Improving maternal health equity is increasingly prioritised in key policy, advocacy and accountability frameworks, such as the Global Strategy for Women’s, Children’s and Adolescents’ Health, the Sustainable Development Goals, and Countdown to 2030. However, we lack theoretically grounded evidence on why inequalities in healthcare access...

The digital newsroom: social media and journalistic practice in The Guardian

Vaios Papanagnou
This thesis explores the influence of social media on institutional journalism. In particular, it addresses the question of how journalists understand their practices, identities, and relationships as social media dominate their routines and activities in networked newsrooms. A large body of literature understands the introduction of social media in newsrooms as generating change and hybridity in the practice of journalism, while on the counter side, other research emphasises the elements of continuity that persist as...

Under the syndicate raj: criminalization and protection in a Muslim community in New Town, Kolkata

Chiara Arnavas
Syndicates play a central role in the construction industry of peri-urban Kolkata: small cartels for the provision of sand, stones, and bricks, they are often presented as mafia-like organisations by the national media. Stereotyped representations of gangsters and bosses, however, overlook the social mechanisms at the heart of the syndicates, namely, criminalization and protection. Based on 18 months of ethnographic fieldwork in the rapidly urbanising periphery of Kolkata, this thesis explains the importance of criminalization...

Treatment gaps in severe asthma across nine OECD countries and recommendations for addressing them: an international survey of clinicians

Olina Efthymiadou, Bregtje Kamphuis, Victoria Tzouma & Panos Kanavos

Segregated, standardised, repressed: socialisation and the entrenchment of structural domination

Antoine Louette
For radicals, structural domination – e.g., sexism, racism, or classism – refers to the disempowerment of social groups by social practices. In recent years, a growing number of critical theorists have drawn on sociological and anthropological work to argue that the entrenchment of structural domination is largely due to agents’ socialisation into these practices. This thesis is sympathetic to this approach, but argues nonetheless that it stumbles over its own account of the contradictory character...

Weaving lives from violence: possibility and change for Muslim women in rural West Bengal

Alexandra Stadlen
This thesis is about the changing lives of Muslim women living in a not so out of the way place. Though on the geographic margins of India, at the fringes of the state of West Bengal, the Hindu goddess-named village they call home has become increasingly connected. In recent years their verdant, jungle isolation has been stripped away by fresh tarmac, mobile phone signal and the formerly shadowy yet increasingly assertive presence of a global...

The role of virtual health care and the pharmaceutical sector in improving population health

Bregtje Kamphuis, Jennifer Gill, Michelle Vogelzang, Madeleine Haig & Panos Kanavos

Statistical hedging with neural networks

Weiguan Wang
This thesis investigates the problem of statistical hedging with artificial neural networks (ANNs). The statistical hedging is a data-driven approach that derives hedging strategy from data and hence does not rely on making assumptions of the underlying asset. Consider an investor who sells an option and wishes to hedge it with some amount of underlying asset. ANNs can be used to determine this number by minimising the discrete hedging error. In the first chapter, we...

They think I’m a scrounger: a social-psychological examination of the effects of stigmatisation in unemployment

Celestin Okoroji
Unemployment is an under-researched category in social psychology. Where unemployment has been studied, research often invokes individual-level antecedents and consequences of unemployment. Therefore, societal and social influences on the experience of unemployment require further exploration. This thesis aims to fill this gap in the literature on unemployment by taking a social-psychological approach to the study of unemployment. In particular, focusing on how unemployed people come to be stigmatised and the effects of this stigmatisation on...

Curating knowledge: international relations expertise and the end of the Cold War in East Germany

Sarah Bertrand
Post-1945 stability has confused us about the status of expert knowledge in studying world politics: we think that our studies about war, peace and international security are above events, and in command of them. But attention to past moments of crisis and transformation reveals a complex relation between the two. It shows that expert knowledge about world politics is transformed by events, commanded by them at least as much as it is in command of...

Optimal prediction problems and the last zero of spectrally negative Lévy processes

José Manuel Pedraza Ramírez
In recent years the study of Levy processes has received considerable attention in the literature. In particular, spectrally negative Levy processes have applications in insurance, finance, reliability and risk theory. For instance, in risk theory, the capital of an insurance company over time is studied. A key quantity of interest is the moment of ruin, which is classically defined as the first passage time below zero. Consider instead the situation where after the moment of...

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