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Local agreements in Syria Archive (LASA): LASA Homs

Rim Turkmani

Essays in applied microeconomics

Martina Zanella
This thesis consists of three chapters in which I study how to design effective policies to address inequality in performance and opportunities in education and the labor market. In the first chapter, I explore the effect of minority status in explaining disparities in performance. Stereotypes shape the distribution of traits across occupations and majors, influencing payoffs from economic choices. As a consequence, the individuals that we observe in the minority are often individuals who decided...

Development and application of statistical learning methods in insurance and finance

Despoina Makariou
This thesis deals with the development and application of statistical learning methods in insurance and finance. Firstly, we focus on an insurance-linked financial instrument type namely catastrophe bond. Given the intricacies, and the over-the-counter nature of the market where these instruments are traded, we introduce a flexible statistical learning model called random forest. We use real data in order to predict the spread of a new catastrophe bond at issuance and identify the importance of...

Costs and benefits of goal advancement: organisational sustainability in LGBT NGOs in post-same-sex marriage Canada

Jessica Ng
What happens when organisations get what they want? How do external shifts which advance organisational goals affect survival? Existing literature on goal advancement tends to conceptualise it as a normatively ‘good’ thing and focuses on how to attain it. What remains undertheorised is how organisations can paradoxically create problems for themselves when they get what they want. This puzzle is particularly important to understand vis-à-vis the third sector and policy change, as states increasingly rely...

On the genealogy of the American millennial ideal: a celebrity case study of neoliberal feminism in the 21st century

Miriam A. Rahali
This dissertation is motivated by the question that asks how the ideal Millennial constituent is produced, and reproduced, in American society as a response to crisis. The interrelated social, economic and political crises of the 21st century have had profound implications for the Millennial generation, and this study aims to show that traditional markers of adulthood have not become delayed for the Millennials who conform to the ideals espoused by the neoliberal social contract. I...

The political consequences of demographic change: empirical evidence from migration, naturalisation and pension reform in Britain

Elena C. Pupaza
This thesis monitors the evolution of voting behaviour and public opinion as a function of the socio-economic composition of the electorate. While much research focuses either on public opinion data or electoral outcome data, I bring the two together, yielding a detailed analysis of behavioural and preference changes produced by some of the most fundamental policy decisions implemented over the past three decades in the United Kingdom (EU enlargement, Brexit referendum and pension reforms). Empirically,...

Context-driven choices: environmental valuation in the courtroom

Sroyon Mukherjee
This thesis investigates legal cases involving environmental valuation, that is, the exercise of putting a monetary value on environmental goods, services and amenities. There is a vast economics literature on environmental valuation, but relatively little legal literature on the use of environmental valuation in the courtroom. Nevertheless, environmental valuation is relevant, or even central, to a range of cases – for example, when courts are called upon to prospectively (ex ante) evaluate a regulatory costbenefit...

Fiscal impact, immigration and productivity

Bhargavi Sakthivel
Public and political concerns over the effects of immigration on the U.S. public finances heighten during recessions. The first chapter estimates the changes to the fiscal impact of immigration over the business cycle (2006 - 2018). I focus on the extensive margin - "how much more likely are immigrants to make and receive transfers from the government", and the intensive margin - "how much do immigrants contribute to the government balances". The likelihood that an...

Accounting for altruism: tracing the transformation of the modern-day charity in the United Kingdom

Rani Suleman
This thesis examines the transformation of the modern-day charity as a result of accounting reforms mobilised by accounting standards, practices and actors. It does this by studying (i) the emergence of charity accounting standards, (ii) the notion of public benefit and the ways in which it demarcates charities from other organisations and (iii) the processes through which trustees make sense of their roles and responsibilities. Attentive to the aspirations, agendas and relationships among key actors...

Essays in development economics, environmental economics and international trade

Yusuke Kuroishi
This thesis consists of three chapters on international trade and environmental economics in developing countries. The first chapter examines trademarks in developing countries. I introduce a trademark as a technology to mitigate information frictions in a general equilibrium setting with firm heterogeneity. In my model, highly productive firms are more likely to use a trademark, since the revenue increase outweighs the trademark cost only for these firms. I test my theoretical predictions using Chinese exports...

Essays on moral doubt, meta-ethics, and choice

Nicholas Makins
This thesis is comprised of four papers that explore the nature and practical implications of moral doubt. It starts from the observation that the appropriate way to understand and handle moral doubt will depend on the nature of our moral judgements themselves. The first and second papers take a cognitivist view of moral judgements and analyse moral doubt in terms of partial degrees of belief in moral propositions. The first, The Relevance of Belief: Subjective...

The slum tenant and the common law: a comparative study

James Isaac Reynolds
This thesis examines the legal position of the slum tenant in the common law jurisdictions of England, the United States and the Commonwealth. Part I introduces the topic by sketching in the social and historical background. It also discusses the powers conferred upon local authorities by housing and public health legislation to aid tenants. The second Part examines the contractual rights of such a tenant and, in particular, the existence of implied terms of fitness...

Conceptualizing uncertainty: the IPCC, model robustness and the weight of evidence

Margherita Harris
The aim of this thesis is to improve our understanding of how to assess and communicate uncertainty in areas of research deeply afflicted by it, the assessment and communication of which are made more fraught still by the studies’ immediate policy implications. The IPCC is my case study throughout the thesis, which consists of three parts. In Part 1, I offer a thorough diagnosis of conceptual problems faced by the IPCC uncertainty framework. The main...

Assessing the effectiveness of EU humanitarian aid. The cases of Myanmar, Lebanon, Mozambique

Irene Morlino
The socioeconomic impacts of COVID-19 have been felt worldwide, but especially in low-income countries. In these contexts, the effects of the global crisis have exacerbated the need for humanitarian assistance. While humanitarian programmes have become more critical, ensuring their effectiveness remains a challenge. The thesis investigates the factors that may affect humanitarian aid programmes’ effectiveness by looking at the European Union (EU), one of the top donors worldwide. Therefore, the two research questions are, firstly:...

\"They’ve come into our area and they’re tryna make us feel like we don’t belong here\" : young people’s wellbeing and mixed income social housing regeneration

Rana Khazbak
In the past two decades Britain, along with other countries in the western world, has pursued urban regeneration policies that encourage the demolition of social housing estates and their replacement with mixed tenure developments. The aim is to create communities of residents with a mix of income levels and break down spatial concentrations of poverty. Growing up in the latter is evidenced to have a negative impact on individual life chances. Young people are thought...

Essays in the economics of migration

Lars Ludolph
This thesis comprises four empirical essays that examine different issues in the economics of migration. The common theme to all four essays is the idea that migration is a phenomenon with economic implications for the country of origin, migrants themselves and the destination country. To reap the benefits of migration, it is necessary to understand the challenges and barriers at the various stages of the migratory journey that could reduce welfare and that may require...

Reworking the common sense of British Muslims: Salafism, culture, and politics within London’s Muslim community

Iman Dawood
The rise of Salafism in various localities around the world has captured the attention of many researchers. Existing approaches to Salafism do not, however, give enough attention to the cultural dimensions of the movement. This thesis thus proposes the adoption of a Gramscian lens in the study of contemporary Salafism—one that takes seriously power and politics as well as culture and religion. Taking London’s Muslim community as a case study, it examines the attempts of...

Local agreements in Syria Archive (LASA): LASA Four towns

Rim Turkmani

Efficient estimation of present-value distributions for long-dated contracts and functionals in the multivariate case

Alexandra Tsimbalyuk
The first chapter of this thesis focuses on the problem of estimating the joint law of a discrete-time perpetuity and underlying factors which govern the cash ow rate, in an ergodic Markovian environment. Our approach is based upon the so-called time-reversal technique which allows us to identify the joint law as a stationary distribution of an ergodic multidimensional Markov chain. Furthermore, a central limit theorem (CLT) for an estimator of the joint law is provided...

Essays in monetary economics and finance

Maximilian G. Guennewig
This thesis examines monetary policy in the presence of digital currencies issued by firms, as well as the effectiveness and credibility of recent bank recapitalisation reforms. The first chapter discusses the consequences for monetary policy arising from currencies issued by firms—such as Facebook’s Libra—in order to generate seignorage revenues and information on consumers. The paper develops a benchmark with two important results. First, information shapes the degree of currency competition: firms do not accept their...

Ratifying the Anthropocene: a study of the Anthropocene working group’s ongoing effort to formalize the Anthropocene as a unit of the geologic time scale

Alexander Damianos
This thesis provides an account of the ongoing effort to define the Anthropocene as a formal geological unit. Coined in 2000 by the atmospheric chemist Paul Crutzen, the term ‘Anthropocene’ has become symptomatic of a critical-theoretical zeitgeist: from a warning concerning the “deep time” effects of anthropogenic climate change, to an epistemological critique of the “human subject”. It is a theme that has taken on significance in critical legal theory as well. I respond to...

East Asia before 'diplomacy': the transformation of China and Japan's foreign policy-making, 1858-1881

Isami Sawai
The evolution of East Asian international relations in the nineteenth century has traditionally been regarded as a transformation from the Chinese world order to the modern Western international order. This dissertation rethinks this framework by focusing on the East Asian perspectives on their own foreign policy-making. In the 1860s-70s, Chinese documents used the term zhongwai jiaoshe[Sino-foreign negotiation], and Japanese documents used the term gaikoku kōsai [foreign intercourse] rather than the term ‘diplomacy.’ This implies Chinese...

Bayesian inference methods for latent variable modelling

Konstantinos Vamvourellis
This thesis develops novel Bayesian Inference methodology for a wide range of factor analysis models. The contributions consist of new Bayesian modelling approaches and the associated Bayesian inference methodology, novel model assessment frameworks and proposed applications of these models in clinical pharmacology. The first section focuses on developing a generalised framework for Bayesian Structural Equation Modelling (SEM) that can be applied to a variety of data types. It extends the previously available framework enhancing the...

Rethinking the Bengal connection: opium monopoly and fiscal capacity in British India, 1862-1908

Samuel R. Betteridge
It is well known that variations in state capacity between different colonial regimes have had persistent effects in many formerly colonised regions. In particular, the existing literature identifies the presence of taxable trade, pre-colonial fiscal centralisation, population density, and administrative manpower as major determinants of the resources available to colonial states. However, within this framework the British Empire in India presents a puzzle since it possessed many of these preconditions for fiscal capacity formation, but...

The revolt of the generals: President Eisenhower and the United States Army, 1953- 1958

Ken Letcher
United States President Dwight D. Eisenhower served in office during a period of profound importance to the United States, its rise to military pre-eminence in the world, the reorganisation of the Department of Defence, the shift towards the Eisenhower administration’s “New Look” national security strategy, and the maturation of the Cold War against the Soviet Union. Through unequalled strategic leadership, Eisenhower avoided a revolt by Army leadership from 1953 to 1958. The discord exhibited by...

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