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The politics of internet infrastructure: communication policy, governmentality and subjectivation in Chhattisgarh, India

Ramnath Bhat
This thesis examines the role of internet infrastructure and its associated discourses in processes of governmentality and subject formation in low and middle-income countries of the global South. Using data collected in the central Indian state of Chhattisgarh as its core case, it asks questions about the interrelationship between policy and political discourse, new information and communications infrastructure, private capital, and how citizens come to know and/or experience internet infrastructure in their everyday lives. Since...

Essays in the spatial economic analysis of social interactions

Andreas Diemer
This thesis examines the role of social interactions in economic geography from several different angles. It draws on and dialogues with literatures in related fields such as spatial and urban economics, regional science, economic sociology, and innovation economics, to explore how the geographical and social spaces are interlinked. The thesis comprises an introduction and three essays, all focused on the United States. The first essay considers the notion of social capital from a territorial perspective...

Essays in gender economics

Jay Euijung Lee
This thesis investigates how gender norms limit women’s opportunities or hinder their performance, using a combination of macro and micro approaches. The first chapter quantifies the cost for aggregate economic output of conservative norms, which glue married women to the home. I develop a model of education, marriage, and labor force participation. I use the model and U.S. census data from 1940 to 2010 to estimate the homemaker norms wedge, which affects how married women...

EU Kids Online 2020 : technical report

Rostislav Zlamal, Hana MacHackova, David Smahel, Katarzyna Abramczuk, Kjartan Ólafsson, Elisabeth Staksrud &

Children’s experiences with cyberhate

Hana MacHackova, Catherine Blaya, Marie Bedrosova, David Smahel & Elisabeth Staksrud

Human rights promotion, contestation, and politicisation in international human rights institutions: a study of the Universal Periodic Review 2008-2016

Pilar Elizalde
Operating under the auspices of the UN Human Rights Council, the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is an unprecedented peer-review process in which states make recommendations to each other with regards to the human rights situation under their jurisdiction. In light of allegations of politicisation in the UPR, I develop a framework to provide some conceptual and methodological clarity around the concept of “politicisation” and how to observe it with the purpose of evaluating these claims...

Two problems in graph theory

Stanislav Kučera
In the thesis we study two topics in graph theory. The first one is concerned with the famous conjecture of Hadwiger that every graph G without a minor of a complete graph on t +1 vertices can be coloured with t colours. We investigate how large an induced subgraph of G can be, so that the subgraph can be coloured with t colours. We show that G admits a t-colourable induced subgraph on more than...

Access to personalised oncology in Europe

Jennifer Gill, Anna-Maria Fontrier, Aurelio Miracolo & Panos Kanavos

Essays in macroeconometrics

Miguel Bandeira
This thesis is composed of three chapters. Chapter 1 introduces a statistical framework to study dynamic (S,s) economies. The proposed framework enables researchers to estimate unit level cumulated changes in frictionless variables based on a panel of variables for which changes are intermittent and lumpy. Formally, the estimates are grounded on an exact closed-form solution for the smoothing problem associated with a nonlinear and non-Gaussian state-space representation of an economy composed of microeconomic unit pursuing...

Sobre héroes y tumbas: the park and political logics of memory in Argentina

Daniel James
The memory of the disappeared in Argentina is heavily and historically regulated and framed. We can use landscapes of memory as a prism to reconstruct the wider constitutive field of memory through which the reality of the past has been framed. By reconstructing this field, we can trace the discourses and logics of memory according to which meaning has come to be attributed to the past and a project for a future politics has been...

Infrastructure and structural transformation: evidence from Ethiopia

Niclas Moneke
Roads are instrumental to market access. Electricity is a key technology for modern production. Both have been widely studied in isolation. In reality, infrastructure investments are commonly bundled. How such big push infrastructure investments interact in causing economic development, however, is not well understood. To this end, I first develop a spatial general equilibrium model to understand how big push infrastructure investments may differ from isolated investments. Second, I track the large-scale road and electricity...

Spectral Latinidad: the work of Latinx migrants and small charities in London

Ulises Moreno-Tabarez
This thesis asks: what is the relationship between Latina/o/xs and small-scale charities in London? I find that their relationship is intersectional and performative in the sense that political action is induced through their interactions. This enquiry is theoretically guided by Derrida's metaphor of spectrality and Massey's understanding of space. Derrida’s spectres allow for an understanding of space as spectral, and Massey’s space allows for spectres to be understood in the context of spatial politics. This...

Anatomies and apparatuses of violence: the everyday encounters of migrant domestic workers in Singapore

Laura Antona

The hegemony of urbanisation: questioning the production of space by the state in Beijing’s green belts

Yimin Zhao
This thesis aims to investigate the state question in the context of China’s urban change, with Beijing’s green belts as the study site. Formerly places where the socialist-modernist vision would be realised, the green belts have been made central to the state-led and land-based urban accumulation strategies during the last two decades of urban metamorphosis. By interrogating the power dynamics associated with the green belts under change, this thesis illustrates the agency and agents of...

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