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The nucleation and early stages of layer-by-layer growth of metal organic frameworks on surfaces

Peter Beton
High resolution atomic force microscopy (AFM) is used to resolve the evolution of crystallites of a metal organic framework (HKUST-1) grown on Au(111) using a liquid-phase layer-by-layer methodology. The nucleation and faceting of individual crystallites is followed by repeatedly imaging the same sub-micron region after each cycle of growth and we find that the growing surface is terminated by {111} facets leading to the formation of pyramidal nanostructures for [100] oriented crystallites, and triangular [111]...

Emergence of cooperative dynamics in fully packed classical dimers

Tom Oakes, Juan Garrahan & Stephen Powell
We study the behavior of classical dimer coverings of the square lattice - a paradigmatic model for systems subject to constraints - evolving under local stochastic dynamics, by means of Monte Carlo simulations and theoretical arguments. We observe clear signatures of correlated dynamics in both global and local observables and over a broad range of time scales, indicating a breakdown of the simple continuum description that approximates well the statics. We show that this collective...

Illness beliefs predict mortality in patients with diabetic foot ulcers

Kavita Vedhara
Background: Patients’ illness beliefs have been associated with glycaemic control in diabetes and survival in other conditions. Objective: We examined whether illness beliefs independently predicted survival in patients with diabetes and foot ulceration. Methods: Patients (n=169) were recruited between 2002 and 2007. Data on illness beliefs were collected at baseline. Data on survival were extracted on 1st November 2011. Number of days survived reflected the number of days from date of recruitment to 1st November...

GeoTracks (Adaptive Music for Everyday Journeys) user trial 1, summer 2015, quantitative data set

Chris Greenhalgh
Quantitative data from the first user user study of the geotracks prototype adaptive music system, Nottingham, summer 2015. Includes participants, subjective responses to adaptive and non-adaptive walks.

Surface-directed modulation of supramolecular gel properties

Mischa Zelzer & Maria Marlow
Supramolecular materials are widely studied and used for a variety of applications; in most applications, these materials are in contact with surfaces of other materials. Whilst much focus has been placed on elucidating factors that affect supramolecular material properties, the influence of the material surface on gel formation is poorly characterised. Here, we demonstrate that surface properties directly affect the fibre architecture and mechanical properties of self-assembled cytidine based gel films.

Engineering p-n junctions and bandgap tuning of InSe nanolayers by controlled oxidation

Amalia Patane & Nilanthy Balakrishnan
Data collection on the effects of thermal and laser annealing on the electronic properties of InSe

Raw data for Mapping the force field of a hydrogen bonded assembly

Adam Sweetman
Raw experimental and simulation data for paper - Mapping the force field of a Hydrogen Bonded Assembly, Nat. Comms. 2014

Raw data for new compounds described in the paper: \"Enantioselective rhodium-catalyzed coupling of arylboronic acids, 1,3-enynes, and imines by alkenyl-to-allyl 1,4-rhodium(I) migration\"

Michael Callingham, Benjamin M. Partridge, William Lewis & Hon Wai Lam
Raw data for new compounds described in the paper: "Enantioselective rhodium-catalyzed coupling of arylboronic acids, 1,3-enynes, and imines by alkenyl-to-allyl 1,4-rhodium(I) migration".

Supramolecular networks stabilise and functionalise black phosphorus

Vladimir Korolkov
The limited stability of the surface of black phosphorus (BP) under atmospheric conditions is a significant constraint on the exploitation of this layered material and its few layer analogue, phosphorene, as an optoelectronic material. Here Wwe show that the surface of black phosphorus (BP) supports the formation of supramolecular networks stabilised by hydrogen bonding can be formed on BP, and that these monolayer-thick films can passivate the BP surface and inhibit oxidation under ambient conditions....

Voice interfaces in everyday life

Martin Porcheron
Anonymised transcripts of Amazon Echo interfaces in a home, as used in the CHI 2018 paper "Voice Interfaces in Everyday Life". This data was captured using a custom-built recording device ("Conditional Voice Recorder") that recorded a minute before and a minute after Amazon Echo interactions in the home. More information on recording can be found in the paper. Audio recordings for the transcripts available to download may be available by contacting one of the listed...

Lesson plans for research on visual representations and low achieving students' learning

Leonardo Barichello
These lesson plans were used for the data collection of a research study aimed at investigating how low achieving students learn fractions through an approach emphasizing visual representations.

Psychological therapy interactions coding scheme (PICS) development data: coder summary ratings

Sam Malins
This dataset should be viewed alongside the accompanying paper: The Development of an Observational Measure to Assess Patient Activation, Illustrated in Psychological Therapy with Long-Term High Users of Healthcare Who Have Complex Needs. It shows the summary scores for ratings given by four coders using the PICS for 10 sessions of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT).Summary scores range from 0 to 100, dependent on the level of patient activation deemed to be present in each PICS...

Software implementation of the Test of Attention in Listening

Oliver Zobay
Disclaimer: THE SOFTWARE IS PROVIDED "AS IS", WITHOUT WARRANTY OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED. USE IS ENTIRELY AT THE USER'S OWN RISK. For contributions to the development of the software, we gratefully acknowledge Victor Chilekwa, Sygal Amitay, Johanna Barry, Hannah Stewart, Yuxuan Zhang and Dave Moore. The development of the software was done at the MRC Institute of Hearing Research and supported by intramural funding from the MRC. The TAiL program makes use of...

Data for \"Mammalian behvior and physiology converge to confirm sharper cochlear tuning in humans\"

Christian Sumner
These are the data for the paper entitled "Mammalian behavior and physiology confirm to confirm sharper cochlear tuning in humans"

Improved extraction repeatability and spectral reproducibility for liquid extraction surface analysis–mass spectrometry using superhydrophobic–superhydrophilic patterning

Joris Meurs & Morgan Alexander
Data related to the paper "Improved Extraction Repeatability and Spectral Reproducibility for Liquid Extraction Surface Analysis–Mass Spectrometry Using Superhydrophobic–Superhydrophilic Patterning" A major problem limiting reproducible use of liquid extraction surface analysis (LESA) array sampling of dried surface-deposited liquid samples is the unwanted spread of extraction solvent beyond the dried sample limits, resulting in unreliable data. Here, we explore the use of the Droplet Microarray (DMA), which consists of an array of superhydrophilic spots bordered by...

Prediction of broad spectrum pathogen attachment to coating materials for biomedical devices data

Morgan Alexander, Paulius Mikulskis & David Winkler
Bacterial infections in healthcare settings are a frequent accompaniment to both routine procedures such as catheterization and surgical site interventions. Their impact is becoming even more marked as the numbers of medical devices that are used to manage chronic health conditions and improve quality of life increases. The resistance of pathogens to multiple antibiotics is also increasing, adding an additional layer of complexity to the problems of employing safe and effective medical procedures. One approach...

Supramolecular Nucleoside-Based Gel: Molecular Dynamics Simulation and Characterization of Its Nanoarchitecture and Self-Assembly Mechanism

Mischa Zelzer & Maria G.F. Angelerou
Among the diversity of existing supramolecular hydrogels, nucleic acid-based hydrogels are of particular interest for potential drug delivery and tissue engineering applications because of their inherent biocompatibility. Hydrogel performance is directly related to the nanostructure and the self-assembly mechanism of the material, an aspect that is not well-understood for nucleic acid-based hydrogels in general and has not yet been explored for cytosine-based hydrogels in particular. Herein, we use a broad range of experimental characterization techniques...

A Voigt effect based 3D vector magnetometer

Tadas Pyragius
We describe a method to dispersively detect all three vector components of an external magnetic field using alkali atoms based on the Voigt effect. Our method relies on measuring the linear birefringence of the radio frequency dressed atomic medium via polarization homodyning. This gives rise to modulated polarization signals at the first and second harmonic of the dressing frequency. The vector components of the external magnetic field are mapped onto the quadratures of these harmonics....

Ultra-high resolution imaging of thin films and single strands of polythiophene using atomic force microscopy

Peter Beton
Images and related analysis relevant to this research publication.

An on-surface reaction confined within a porous molecular template

Alex Saywell
On-surface reactions based on metal-catalysed Ullmann coupling have been successfully employed to synthesise a wide variety of covalently coupled structures. Substrate chemistry and topology are both known to effect the progression of an on-surface reaction; offering routes to control efficiency and selectivity. Here, we detail ultra-high vacuum scanning probe microscopy experiments showing that templating a catalytically active surface, via a supramolecular template, influences the reaction pathway of an on-surface Ullmann-type coupling reaction by inhibiting one...

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