19 Works

Industry 4.0 in Robotics

Irene Fassi, Claudia Pagano & Serena Ruggeri

Comments on the European Data Protection Board’s Guidelines 07/2020 on the concepts of controller and processor in the GDPR

Derek McAuley, Lilian Edwards, Lachlan Urquhart & Jiahong Chen

Industrial Robots 4.0

Irene Fassi, Simone Pio Negri, Claudia Pagano, Lara Rebaioli & Marcello Valori

Using online news comments to gather fast feedback on issues with public health messaging: The Guardian as a case study

Emma McClaughlin, Elena Nichele, Svenja Adolphs, Pepita Barnard, Jeremy Clos, Dawn Knight, Derek McAuley & Alexandra Lang

Response To DCMS Review Of Representative Action Provisions - Horizon

Derek McAuley, Elvira Perez, Ansgar Koene & Jiahong Chen

Digital Twins and Intelligent Decision Making

Chaplin Jack, Giovanna Martinez-Arellano & Andrea Mazzoleni

People at the Centre of I4.0

Mireia Dilmé i Martínez de Huete

Fundamental Concepts of Industry 4.0

Mireia Dilmé i Martínez de Huete

Review of Networking and Tangible Security Techniques for Domestic IoT Devices and Initial Ideas

Sameh Zakhary, Neelima Sunil & Dereak McAuley

Robot Components

Gianmauro Fontana, Claudia Pagano & Marcello Valori

Digital Modelling and Simulation of Manufacturing Systems

Chaplin Jack & Giovanna Martinez-Arellano

Technology Strategy

Mireia Dilmé i Martínez de Huete

Manufacturing Systems Analysis

Jack Chaplin & Giovanna Martinez-Arellano

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