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Immune Modulation by Design: Using Topography to Control Human Monocyte Attachment and Macrophage Differentiation

Morgan Alexander
Material topography is known to influence macrophage attachment and phenotype, providing opportunities for the rational design of ‘immune-instructive’ topographies to modulate macrophage function and thus foreign body responses to biomaterials. However, no generalisable understanding of the inter-relationship between topography and cell response exists. We therefore utilise a high throughput screening approach to investigate the relationship between topography and human monocyte-derived macrophage attachment and phenotype, using a diverse library of 2176 micropatterns generated by an algorithm....

MS meta analysis files

Christopher Tench & Sonika Singh
Files used in the meta-analysis of MS

Discovery of hemocompatible bacterial biofilm-resistant copolymers

Andrew Leslie Hook, Morgan Alexander & Paul Williams
Dataset contains raw and processed data used for the creation of figures in publication entitled 'Discovery of Hemocompatible Bacterial Biofilm-Resistant Copolymers'

The future of factory cleaning: responsible cleaning data collection and use framework

Martin Porcheron, Nicholas Watson, Joel E. Fischer & Stuart Reeves
This report introduces the future technologies that are expected to fundamentally reshape the work of cleaning food and drink factories, focusing on the possibilities for data collection and use that these technologies enable. Data serves as the core commodity that will help deliver the changes across the industry, allowing for greater fidelity and traceability across the supply chain. However, data, especially of a commercially sensitive or even personal nature, must be handled responsibly to avoid...

Fungal biofilm formation on potential anti-attachment materials

Cindy Vallieres, Morgan R. Alexander & Simon V. Avery
(Meth)acrylate polymers showing the lowest fungal attachment (from a preceding microarray-spot screen) were assayed by scale-up to coat the 6.4-mm diameter wells of 96-well plates. Polymers showing surface cracking were excluded from the analysis. Related to Vallieres et al (2020) Science Advances, Fig 2A,B.

MS meta analysis files with study table

Christopher R Tench
Coordinate files for meta-analysis

Influence of water deficit on root and shoot growth in wheat

Sacha Mooney

Comments on the European Data Protection Board’s Guidelines 07/2020 on the concepts of controller and processor in the GDPR

Derek McAuley, Lilian Edwards, Lachlan Urquhart & Jiahong Chen

Predictors of outcome of aquaporin-4-IgG-positive neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder in the United Kingdom Midlands population

Thanos Papathanasiou, Radu Tanasescu & Christopher R Tench
Aimed protocol for assessing predictors of outcome, and differences between early- and late-onset NMOSD AqpIgG4 positive patient groups, in an East Midlands cohort of people with antibody positive NMOSD (two centres: Nottingham and Birmingham)

Response to Consultation on the National Data Strategy

Discovery of a novel polymer for human pluripotent stem cell expansion and multilineage differentiation - Supporting data 2

James Smith
A scalable and cost-effective synthetic polymer substrate that supports robust expansion and subsequent multilineage differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) with defined commercial media is presented. Data presented here shows cell adhesion to microarrays, scaled up surfaces, pluripotent marker expression and multilineage differentiation markers. Please note that this data set is in two parts, the first part of which can be found here: http://dx.doi.org/10.17639/nott.12

Processing and properties of PLA-HA nanocomposites: the effect of particle morphology and dispersants

Magdalena M. Tomczynska, Davide De Focatiis, Michael Ward, Gabriel Y. H. Choong, Alessia Canciani, Kirsty Walton, David M. Grant, Derek J. Irvine & Andrew J. Parsons
The load bearing capacity of biodegradable polymeric medical devices remains limited; an improvement in mechanical properties is desirable to widen the range of applications. Incorporation of nanoparticles is explored to increase the mechanical properties of the base matrix whilst maintaining desirable polymeric processing routes. Various nanomaterials have been investigated for polylactic acid (PLA) reinforcement for orthopaedic applications; hydroxyapatite (HA), the main inorganic constituent of bone, is one of the most promising bioresorbable nanofillers. However, uncoated...

Strain-engineered graphene grown on hexagonal boron nitride by molecular beam epitaxy

Peter Beton, Alex Summerfield & Andrew Davies
Graphene grown by high temperature molecular beam epitaxy on hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) forms continuous domains with dimensions of order 20 μm, and exhibits moiré patterns with large periodicities, up to ~30 nm, indicating that the layers are highly strained. Topological defects in the moiré patterns are observed and attributed to the relaxation of graphene islands which nucleate at different sites and subsequently coalesce. In addition, cracks are formed leading to strain relaxation, highly anisotropic...

Age-related changes to human stratum corneum lipids detected using ToF-SIMS following in vivo sampling

Nichola Starr, Daniel Johnson & David Scurr
This work demonstrates the ability to detect changes in both quantity and spatial distribution of human stratum corneum (SC) lipids from samples collected in vivo. The SC functions as the predominant barrier to the body, protecting against the penetration of xenobiotic substances. Changes to the SC lipid composition have been associated with barrier impairment and consequent skin disorders and it is therefore important to monitor and quantify changes to this structure. This work demonstrates the...

Organisation and ordering of 1D porphyrin polymers synthesised by on-surface Glaser coupling

Alex Saywell
One-dimensional polymer chains consisting of π-conjugated porphyrin units are formed via Glaser coupling on a Ag(111) surface. Scanning probe microscopy reveals the covalent structure of the products and their ordering. The conformational flexibility within the chains is investigated via a comparison of room temperature and cryogenic measurements.

Resonant Zener tunnelling via zero-dimensional states in a narrow gap diode

Amalia Patane & Davide Maria Di Paola
The data contains measured current-voltage characteristics and simulated energy band profiles describing Zener tunnelling via zero-dimensional states in a narrow gap diode. In our devices, a narrow quantum well of the mid-infrared (MIR) alloy In(AsN) is placed in the intrinsic (i) layer of a p-i-n diode. The incorporation of nitrogen in the quantum well creates states that are localized on nanometer lengthscales. These levels provide intermediate states that act as “stepping stones” for electrons tunnelling...

AtomicOrchid quantitative data

Joel Fischer
Interactive system evaluation, flagging system messages as accepted, failed, succeeded, by system version 1 vs. 2.

The impacts of natural flood management and urban catchment composition on stormwater quality and in-channel sediment quality

Robert Grabowski & Scott Arthur
Natural Flood Management (NFM) techniques aim to reduce downstream flooding by storing and slowing the flow of stormwater to river channels. These techniques include a range of measures, including setback stormwater outfalls and the physical restoration of channels and floodplains, to improve the natural functioning of catchments. An additional benefit of NFM measures is the potential reduction in sediment and pollutant delivery to the channel. Urban development releases a variety of heavy metal and nutrient...

ASCE_JGGE_A centrifuge modelling study of the response of piled structures to tunnelling

Alec Malcolm Marshall
Data published within the paper: Franza, A. and Marshall, A.M. 2017. A centrifuge modelling study of the responseof piled structures to tunnelling. ASCE Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering.

Evaluating the multiple benefits of a Newcastle SuDS scheme

Emily O'Donnell
Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) and Blue-Green infrastructure (BGI) provide a range of environmental, economic and social benefits in addition to managing water quantity and quality. Recognition of the multifunctionality of SuDS and BGI, and the specific benefits that may accrue to different beneficiaries, may facilitate partnership working towards multifunctional infrastructure that meets the strategic objectives of public and private organisations. We evaluate the multiple benefits of the Killingworth and Longbenton surface water management scheme, a...

Supramolecular heterostructures formed by sequential epitaxial deposition of two-dimensional hydrogen-bonded arrays

Vladimir Korolkov, Matteo Baldoni, Takashi Taniguchi, Kenji Watanabe, Elena Besley & Peter Beton
Supramolecular heterostructures are formed by growing sequential layers of bi- and mono-component two-dimensional molecular arrays stabilized by hydrogen bonding. The heterostructures are formed on hexagonal boron nitride by depositing cyanuric acid/melamine (CA.M) followed by terephthalic acid (TPA) or trimesic acid (TMA) and imaged using atomic force microscopy under ambient conditions with resolution approaching 0.1 nm. A clear epitaxial arrangement is observed between these layers having intrinsically distinct symmetries and lattice constants, which for TMA/CA.M corresponds...

Data for paper: Mathematical modelling of chemical agent removal by reaction with an immiscible cleanser

Mohit Dalwadi
This file provides the data for the figures in the paper 'Mathematical modelling of chemical agent removal by reaction with an immiscible cleanser', published in the SIAM Journal on Applied Mathematics, accepted on 31 August 2017.

Raw data for paper: \"Sulfonylative and azidosulfonylative cyclizations by visible-light-photosensitization of sulfonyl azides in THF\"

Hon Wai Lam & Shaoqun Zhu
Raw data for new compounds described in the paper: "Sulfonylative and azidosulfonylative cyclizations by visible-light-photosensitization of sulfonyl azides in THF".

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