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Fluorescence and electroluminescence of J-aggregated polythiophene monolayers on hexagonal boron nitride

Peter Beton & James Kerfoot
The photophysics of a semiconducting polymer is manipulated through molecular self-assembly on an insulating surface. Adsorption of polythiophene (PT) monolayers on hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) leads to a structurally-induced planarization and a re-balancing of inter- and intra-chain excitonic coupling. This conformational control results in a dominant 0-0 photoluminescence peak and a reduced Huang-Rhys factor, characteristic of J-type aggregates, and optical properties which are significantly different to both PT thin films and single polymer strands. Adsorption...

In my seat 2019, enhancing the experience of bus travel - data from user workshops and deployment

Chris Greenhalgh
Stimulus materials, anonymised summaries/transcripts and thematic coding of workshops and post-deployment interviews from the In My Seat Horizon project, 2019, which explored ways to enhance the experience of bus travel through information and activities delivered to a mobile app while in transit. This data set is intended to provide support for paper(s) documenting the project and its results.

Ordering, flexibility and frustration in arrays of porphyrin nanorings

Peter Beton
The two-dimensional packing of cyclic porphyrin polymers, ‘nanorings’, on a graphite surface shows a rich and complex behaviour due to their internal symmetry and flexibility. Depending on the number of porphyrin groups within the nanoring we observe either a highly ordered hexagonal phase or frustrated packing driven by directional interactions which for some arrangements is combined with the internal deformation of the cyclic polymer. We study nanorings, c-PN, with N = 10 or 12 linked...

Protocol - mapping review

Amjad Altokhis
Protocol for my mapping systematic review

Evaluating Modes of Influenza Transmission (EMIT) data files

Jonathan S. Nguyen-Van-Tam
Uncertainty about the importance of influenza transmission by airborne droplet nuclei generates controversy for infection control. Human challenge-transmission studies have been supported as the most promising approach to fill this knowledge gap. Healthy, seronegative volunteer ‘Donors’ (n=52) were randomly selected for intranasal challenge with influenza A/Wisconsin/67/2005 (H3N2). ‘Recipients’ randomized to Intervention (IR, n=40) or Control (CR, n=35) groups were exposed to Donors for four days. IRs wore face shields and hand sanitized frequently to limit...

Achieving microparticles with cell-instructive surface chemistry by using tunable co-polymer surfactants

Derek J Irvine, Ricky Wildman, Morgan Alexander & Paul Williams
Dataset contains raw and processed data used for the creation of figures in publication entitled 'Achieving Microparticles with Cell-Instructive Surface Chemistry by Using Tunable Co-Polymer Surfactants'

Automated Searching and Identification of Self-Organised Nanostructures - Output Images

Oliver Gordon & Philip Moriarty
A dataset of >5000 variable AFM dewetting images as classified by a machine learning system. This network was trained on specific, automatically labelled simulations of target nanoparticle structures present within the dataset.

Fasted state gastric antral motility MRI and manometry AUC anonimyzed data sets

Luca Marciani
The Excel sheet deposited contains the anonymized individual data (n=421) and the time course data for the fasted state gastric antral motility study, comparing directly concomitant MRI and manometry techniques in healthy human subjects.

Covid-19: The effects of isolation and social distancing on people with vision impairment

Jillian Rickly, Nigel Halpern, Marcus Hansen, Scott McCabe & John Fellenor
This report presents findings from research on the effects of Covid-19 on people with vision impairment, based on a survey of 937 respondents. The survey contained closed questions and open free text questions, both of which are analysed in this report. The survey specifically addressed constraints to everyday life activities (work, education, leisure, recreation, etc.), the extent to which these were negotiated and how this impacted wellbeing during Covid-19. Additionally, it considered levels of support...

Intradermal delivery of imiquimod using polymeric microneedles for basal cell carcinoma

Akmal Sabri, Zachary Cater, Pratik Gurnani, Jane Ogilvie, Joel Segal, David Scurr & Maria Marlow
The data collected are from permeation experiment and release study data from microneedle patch and topical cream for the delivery of an anticancer agent-imiquimod. The data is now published in International Journal of Pharmaceutics.

Developing immune-regulatory materials using immobilized monosaccharides with immune-instructive properties

Meshal Alobaid
Dataset contains raw and processed data used for the creation of figures in publication "Developing immune-regulatory materials using immobilized monosaccharides with immune-instructive properties"

Spatially resolved molecular compositions of insoluble multi-layer deposits responsible for increased pollution from internal combustion engines

Colin Snape, David Scurr, Max Edney, Matteo Spanu, Emily Smith, Elisabeth Steer & Joseph Lamb
Data required to recreate all figures including uncropped images for the article published in ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces: - 3D OrbiSIMS data: itmx. files of full depth profiles for all samples itmx. files of chemical imaging data sets for the gasoline and diesel injector samples at upper and lower depth. - XPS spectra from all deposit samples - exported as excel files. - SEM images - exported as a pdf. file. -Optical profilometry images...

Response to ICO consultation on the draft Statutory Guidance on Regulatory Actions

Derek McAuley

Room temperature up-conversion electroluminescence from a mid-infrared In(AsN) tunnelling diode

Davide Di Paola & Oleg Makarovsky
Light emitting diodes (LEDs) for the mid-infrared (MIR) spectral range require material systems with tailored optical absorption and emission at wavelengths  > 2 μm. Here, we report on MIR LEDs based on In(AsN)/(InAl)As resonant tunnelling diodes (RTDs). The N-atoms lead to the formation of localized deep levels in the In(AsN) quantum well (QW) layer of the RTD. This has two main effects on the electroluminescence (EL) emission. By electrical injection of carriers into the...

Response to consultation on the ICO’s ExplAIn draft guidance

Jiahong Chen

Improving the segmentation of scanning probe microscope images using convolutional neural networks

Steff Farley & Eugenie Hunsicker
Training/Testing images and trained UNet model for the paper "Improving the Segmentation of Scanning Probe Microscope Images using Convolutional Neural Networks", Farley et al.

Molecular quantum ring formed from a pi-conjugated macrocycle

Chris J. Judd & Alex Saywell
The electronic structure of a molecular quantum ring (stacks of 40-unit cyclic porphyrin polymers) is characterised via scanning tunnelling microscopy and scanning tunnelling spectroscopy. Our measurements access the energetic and spatial distribution of the electronic states and, utilising a combination of density functional theory and tight binding calculations, we interpret the experimentally obtained electronic structure in terms of coherent quantum states confined around the circumference of the π-conjugated macrocycle. These findings demonstrate that large (53...

Horizon Response To DCMS Call For Evidence: Cyber Security Incentives and Regulation

Derek McAuley

Triplet excitation and electroluminescence from a supramolecular monolayer embedded in a boron nitride tunnel barrier

Peter Beton
We show that ordered monolayers of organic molecules stabilized by hydrogen bonding on the surface of exfoliated few-layer hexagonal boron nitride (hBN) flakes may be incorporated into van der Waals heterostructures with integral few-layer graphene contacts forming a molecular/2D hybrid tunneling diode. Electrons can tunnel from through the hBN/molecular barrier under an applied voltage VSD and we observe molecular electroluminescence from an excited singlet state with an emitted photon energy > eVSD, indicating up-conversion by...

Seasonal patterns in habitat use by the harvest mouse (Micromys minutus) and other small mammals.

Francesca Occhiuto
This study sought to understand seasonal changes in population size and habitat use by harvest mice, and other small mammal species, by live trapping in reedbeds in Nottinghamshire, England, and three associated habitats types: woodland, pasture and arable. Trapping sessions lasted one week, with two habitats typically being sampled in each. The traps were left in the pre-bait position on the first day, for three days (one or two days in the pilot), to allow...

Raw data for new compounds described in the paper \"Enantioselective nickel-catalyzed arylative and alkenylative intramolecular 1,2-allylations of tethered allene-ketones\"

Hon Wai Lam
Raw data for new compounds described in the paper "Enantioselective nickel-catalyzed arylative and alkenylative intramolecular 1,2-allylations of tethered allene-ketones".

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