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Digital Twins and Intelligent Decision Making

Chaplin Jack, Giovanna Martinez-Arellano & Andrea Mazzoleni

People at the Centre of I4.0

Mireia Dilmé i Martínez de Huete

Fundamental Concepts of Industry 4.0

Mireia Dilmé i Martínez de Huete

Discovery of a novel polymer for xeno-free, long-term culture of human pluripotent stem cell expansion

Aishah Nasir, Jordan Thorpe, Laurence Burroughs, Morgan Alexander, Chris Denning & Joris Meurs
Discovery of poly(TCDMDA-blend-BA) polymer substrate offers a cost-effective and xeno-free adherent culture system for human pluripotent stem cells (hPSCs) in E8 medium. This is a scalable substrate which can be readily applied to common tissue culture plasticware (TCP), whilst retaining stem cell integrity after long-term serial passage. Fulfillment of all regulatory cell culture requirements makes this a desirable expansion platform for clinical-scale, therapeutic and biomedical applications. Data presented herein includes fluorescence microscopy of high-throughput attachment...

Reliable computational quantification of liver fibrosis is compromised by inherent staining variation

Timothy Kendall, Stuart Astbury, Jane Grove, David Dorward, Indra Neil Guha & Jonathan Fallowfield
x1.25 thumbnails created from NDPI format scans using a Hamamatsu NanoZoomer of 20 anonymised PSR stained liver explant sections. Sections were provided after application by the Lothian NRS Human Annotated Bioresource with permission granted under authority from the East of Scotland Research Ethics Service REC 1, reference 15/ES/0094. Folder names are as described in the article (E1 and E2 sections were stained and scanned by the pathology department at NHS Lothian, N1, N2 and rN3...

Metabolomic and Transcriptomic data - in vitro ependymoma +/- serum starvation

Ruman Rahman
The integration of untargeted metabolomics and transcriptomics from the same population of cells or tissue enhances the confidence in the identified metabolic pathways and understanding of the enzyme–metabolite relationship. Here, we optimised a simultaneous extraction method of me-tabolites/lipids and RNA from ependymoma cells (BXD-1425). Two existing single extraction and four dual extraction protocols were critically assessed based on their practical reproducibility, the suitability of the metabolite extraction protocol to human cancer cells and their RNA...

DS with iHub domain in fabrica

David Salt

Gene-gene relationships in an Escherichia coli pangenome are linked to function and mobility

James McInerney
Datasets for an analysis of the pangenome of Escherichia coli

Raw data for new compounds described in the paper \"Enantioselective nickel‐catalyzed anti‐arylmetallative cyclizations onto acyclic electron-deficient alkenes\"

Hon Wai Lam
Raw data for new compounds described in the paper "Enantioselective nickel‐catalyzed anti‐arylmetallative cyclizations onto acyclic electron-deficient alkenes"

Raw Egg Data

Andrea Sartorius
This dataset contains the lead concentrations found in the eggs sampled throughout this study. The farm eggs were produced at a small, private farm located approximately 0.6 km from a derelict lead mine. The control 1 eggs were produced at a private farm near Sutton Bonington, Nottinghamshire. The control 2 eggs were commercially available free range eggs from Wales, purchased from a major supermarket chain.

Lameness in Irish pasture-based dairy cows: large scale study 2019/2020 (supplementary material)

Natasha Browne
Farmer questionnaire and categorical scales for infrastructure measurements, used as part of data collection for a large scale study (99 farms) to identify risk factors for lameness in Irish pasture-based dairy cows.

Iron‐catalysed radical polymerisation by living bacteria

Mechelle Bennett
Fe ATRP under biological conditions, optimisation and application of bacterial cells in initiation. Different parameters explored including bacteria type, concentration, different monomers and catalyst concentrations

Temporal and spatial contiguity are necessary for competition between events

Gonzalo Urcelay
Over the last 50 years, cue competition phenomena have shaped theoretical developments in animal and human learning. However, recent failures to obtain the well-known blocking effect in standard conditioning procedures, as well as the lengthy and on-going debate surrounding cue competition in the spatial learning literature, have cast doubts on the generality of competition phenomena. In the present study, we manipulated temporal contiguity between predictors and outcomes (Experiments 1-4), and spatial contiguity between landmarks and...

Cross-sectional study of owners’ knowledge and approaches to colic in working equids in Honduras

John Burford
In Honduras , many families are reliant on working equids for their livelihood . The aim of this study was to evaluate the knowledge and approaches to colic used by owners of working equids in Honduras. A cross-sectional study was conducted in Spanish using semi-structured, open-ended questions on use of the horse, owner's owners’ knowledge of colic, and treatments used.

The Impact of COVID-19 on the Working Equid Community

Isabella Wild, Amy Gedge, John Burford & Jessica Burridge
Raw data from 1530 responses to a structured interview conducted by World Horse Welfare in 14 countries where they have international projects. Questions concerned the impact of the pandemic on personal income and the welfare of their working equid.

A quality improvement collaborative focussed on safety in care homes in the East Midlands: lessons learned and possible models for scale-up

AL Gordon, B O'Hagan, N Riley, E Alder, G Howard, S Wade, L Tanajewski & G Allsopp
Care homes provide care for around 420,000 older people with disability and physical dependency in England. National initiatives are underway to improve healthcare delivery to the sector but do not address safety issues associated with adverse care events in care homes. These events include pressure ulceration, falls, dehydration, malnutrition and inadequate pain management. The Landelijke Prevalentiemeting Zorgkwaliteit (LPZ) is an international benchmarking initiative that uses robust data collection approaches in care homes to identify targets...

InSAR landscape scale peatland condition

Andrew Vincent Bradley
Data for submission of 'Identification of typical eco-hydrological behaviours using InSAR allows landscape-scale mapping of peatland condition'

Cordycepin and the Insect Pathogen Cordyceps militaris

Cornelia De Moor
Data from PhD project of Peter Wellham, supervised by Dr. Cornelia de Moor. Data featured in published paper (Wellham et al. 2021: Culture Degeneration Reduces Sex-Related Gene Expression, Alters Metabolite Production and Reduces Insect Pathogenic Response in Cordyceps militaris. Microorganisms 9, 1559. https://doi.org/10.3390/microorganisms9081559)

Benchmarks and solvers for the Workflow Satisfiability Problem

Daniel Karapetyan
The Workflow Satisfiability Problem is an important problem in access control. This dataset includes the instances, instance generator and source codes of the solvers used in Daniel Karapetyan, Gregory Gutin, Solving the Workflow Satisfiability Problem using General Purpose Solvers, 2021.

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