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Numerical investigation of microbending loss in optical fibres

Lochnagar Shell Crater

University Of Oxford First World War Poetry Digital Archive
View from within, showing small cross and wreaths.

Sermons of John Donne Collation Results

Sebastiaan Verweij & Peter McCullough

Adult education class social networks

Data from 'Experimental evolution under hyper-promiscuity in Drosophila melanogaster'

Jennifer Perry & Stuart Wigby

Wan et al, PLOS ONE 2017 (PONE-D-16-40897)

Xiao Wan

OCIANA Taymanitic Corpus

Daniel Burt

Adult education health and well-being

& Jacques Launay

Experimental 2

Peter Bruce

A synthetic viral feedback loop results in robust expression

Thomas Folliard

Raw data for article 'Laser writing of coherent colour centres in diamond'

Jason Smith & Martin Booth

Charles Hutton (1737–1823): calendar of correspondence

Benjamin Wardhaugh
Data generated as part of biographical research project on Charles Hutton (1737–1823) carried out during 2014–2016.

Files for 'Nematic equilibria on a two-dimensional annulus'

Alexander Lewis & Peter Howell

Research data for: Understanding the dynamics of superparamagnetic particles under the influence of high field gradient arrays

Lester Barnsley, Dario Carugo & Miles Aron

NANOG and NANOGNB protein alignments

Thomas Dunwell & Peter Holland

Household survey of bird-keeping in six Indonesia cities

Paul Jepson

Data Underpinning Paper Detecting Bipolar Depression from Geographic Location Data

Niclas Palmius

Accidental Infrastructure - data

Farah Colchester

A novel source of atomic hydrogen for passivation of defects in silicon

Phillip Hamer

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