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Dataset for CSAE Working Paper WPS/2008-10

Simon Baptist & Francis Teal

Toward low cost grid scale energy storage: supercapacitors based on up-cycled industrial mill scale waste

Chaopeng Fu
Mill scale is a waste product from the steel industry available cheaply in tonne quantities and consisting of various iron oxides. The supercapacitive behaviour of mill scale directly from the steel plant, and after various cheap and scalable physical and chemical treatments, has been studied in electrodes formed by spraying mill-scale containing suspensions onto large area current collectors. Half-cell and full cell supercapacitors in cheap, non-toxic aqueous sodium sulphite electrolyte were investigated by cyclic voltammetry,...

EEBO-TCP Phase 1 Texts (XML Files TEI P3)

Judith Siefring, Emma Huber, Jonathan Blaney, Simon Charles & Pip Willcox
The Early English Books Online Text Creation Partnership (EEBO-TCP) ran from 1999 as an innovative collaboration between the Universities of Oxford and Michigan, funded by Jisc in the UK and by over 150 academic partner institutions worldwide. Its aim was to capture the earliest extant edition of every English-language work published during the first two centuries of printing in England, and to convert this material into fully-searchable texts. The EEBO-TCP corpus covers the period from...


Mike Giles

Sensitivity of global terrestrial ecosystems to 14 years of climate variability

Alistair Seddon, Marc Macias Fauria, Peter Long, David Benz & Katherine Willis

Simulation of density measurements in plasma wakefields using photon acceleration

Muhammad Firmansyah Kasim

Data for 'A Government that Worked Better and Cost Less?' (Hood and Dixon, OUP, 2015)

Ruth Dixon & Christopher Hood

Speech, Thought and Writing Presentation Corpus

Martin Wynne
A dataset created in order to test, refine and explore a system of categorization of speech and thought presentation for English narrative texts, based on the one informally described in 'Style in Fiction', Leech and Short, 1981.

Ejection of Coulomb crystals from a linear Paul ion trap for ion-molecule reaction studies - metadata

Brianna R. Heazlewood, Katharina A. E. Meyer, Laura L. Pollum, Lorenzo S. Petralia, Atreju Tauschinsky, Christopher J. Rennick & Tim P. Softley

Quantitative single shot and spatially resolved plasma wakefield diagnostics

Muhammad Firmansyah Kasim, Peter Norreys, James Holloway & Raoul Trines

Production of hollow and porous Fe2O3 from industrial mill scale and its potential for large-scale electrochemical energy storage applications

Chaopeng Fu & Amoghavarsha Mahadevegowda
Mill scale, which is a waste product from the steel industry, abundantly available and comprising a mixture of iron oxides has been converted into hollow and porous Fe2O3 micro-rods using a faclie and scalable chemical treatment. The Fe2O3 morphology and structure was characterized by a range of electron microscopy and other techniques, and then sprayed into large area electrodes that were investigated for electrochemical supercapacitor and lithium ion battery applications. The Fe2O3 supercapacitor electrode delivered...

Suppression of orbital ordering by chemical pressure in FeSe1−xSx

Matthew Watson

Nature-themed Apps, 2013

Paul Jepson, Simon Abele & Richard J. Ladle

Analysis of transition edge sensor detector signals using principal component analysis

Peter Conway Humphreys

Journal of Theoretical Biology, Leonard et al

Jonathan Whiteley

HR-EBSD Measurements near Twins in Zicaloy-2

Angus J Wilkinson & Hamidreza Abdolvand

Grain Boundary Sliding in Tin

Angus J Wilkinson & Jicheng Gong

Dataset for CSAE Working Paper WPS/2008-09

Simon Quinn & Francis Teal

Dataset for CSAE Working Paper WPS/2008-08

Courtney Monk, Justin Sandefur & Francis Teal

Dataset for CSAE Working Paper WPS/2008-07

Godius W. Kahyarara & Francis Teal

The thermally-driven rotating annulus: horizontal velocities in regular and weakly chaotic flow regimes

Roland M. B. Young, Peter L. Read, Wolf-Gerrit Früh, David Smith & Stephan H. Risch

Fe3O4/carbon nanofibres with necklace architecture for enhanced electrochemical energy storage

Patrick S. Grant, Chaopeng Fu & Amoghavarsha Mahadevegowda

Monoclinic crystal structure of alpha-RuCl3 and the zigzag antiferromagnetic ground state: Data archive

Roger Johnson, S. C. Williams, A. A. Haghighirad, J. Singleton, V. Zapf, P. Manuel & R. Coldea

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