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An ultrafast polarised single-photon source at 220 K: Dataset

Tong Wang

Zeeman deceleration of metastable nitrogen atoms

Jutta Toscano, Timothy P. Softley, Katrin Dulitz & Atreju Tauschinsky

BC2 values as a function of temperature for Pb-free superconducting solders

Tayebeh Mousavi

Dispersion-enhanced solute transport in a cell-seeded hollow fibre membrane bioreactor

James M. Oliver, Sarah L. Waters & Rebecca J. Shipley

'Hepitopes': A Database of HLA Class I Epitopes in Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)

Philippa Matthews
Chronic infection with hepatitis b virus (HBV) is a global health problem estimated to affect 240 million people worldwide. A successful prophylactic vaccine has contributed to lowering the incidence, but individuals with established infection often remain committed to life-long antiviral therapy. For these reasons, increased clinical and scientific scrutiny is being applied to develop new therapeutic approaches with an ultimate goal of achieving cure. The adaptive immune response is recognized to play a crucial role...

Correcting for Contact Area Changes in Nanoindentation using Surface Acoustic Waves - Data

David Armstrong

Data for: Firth, JA. & Sheldon, BC. 2016. Social carry-over effects underpin trans-seasonally linked structure in a wild bird population. Ecology Letters; 10.1111/ele.12669

Joshua Firth & Benjamin Sheldon
This Data Supplements Firth, JA. & Sheldon, BC. 2016. Social carry-over effects underpin trans-seasonally linked structure in a wild bird population. Ecology Letters; 10.1111/ele.12669 http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/ele.12669/full

Polarization memory in the nonpolar magnetic ground state of multiferroic CuFeO2: Data Archive

James Beilsten-Edmands, Francesca Foronda & Samuel Magorrian

Contrast agent uncertainty analysis

Eleanor Stride

Sermons of John Donne Collation Results

Sebastiaan Verweij & Peter McCullough

FAIRness in academic publishing: dataset

Philippa Matthews


Sarah Waters

Data for Enhancement and passive acoustic mapping of cavitation from fluorescently-tagged MR-visible magnetic microbubbles in vivo

Calum Crake
Previous work has demonstrated the potential of magnetically functionalized microbubbles to localize and enhance cavitation activity under focused ultrasound exposure in vitro. The aim of this study was to investigate magnetic targeting of microbubbles for promotion of cavitation in vivo. Fluorescently labelled magnetic microbubbles were administered intravenously in a murine xenograft model. Cavitation was induced using a 0.5 MHz focused ultrasound transducer at peak negative focal pressures of 1.2-2.0 MPa and monitored in real-time using...

Appendix to Staging the Spanish Golden Age: Translation and Performance (Verse Charts)

Kathleen Jeffs

Regimes of wrinkling in pressurized elastic shells

Matteo Taffetani

Accompanying material for the article 'no value restriction is needed for algebraic effects and handlers'

Matija Pretnar
We present a straightforward, sound, Hindley-Milner polymorphic type system for algebraic effects and handlers in a call-by-value calculus, which, to our surprise, allows type variable generalisation of arbitrary computations, and not just values. The soundness of unrestricted call-by-value Hindley-Milner polymorphism is known to fail in the presence of computational effects such as reference cells and continuations, and many programming examples can be recast to use effect handlers instead of these effects. This file formalises in...

Files for 'Nematic equilibria on a two-dimensional annulus'

Alexander Lewis & Peter Howell

Raw data for article 'Laser writing of coherent colour centres in diamond'

Jason Smith & Martin Booth

Data acquired to demonstrate a streamlined approach to mapping and quantifying brain oxygenation using quantitative BOLD

Alan J Stone & Nicholas P Blockley

Spectral Imaging Toolbox v1.0

Miles Aron, Richard Browning, Erdinc Sezgin, Jorge Bernardino De La Serna, Dario Carugo, Eleanor Stride & Christian Eggeling

Characterisation of chip-based single photon sources using spontaneous four-wave mixing in silica

William Kolthammer

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  • 2016

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