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Attosecond Resolved Interferometric Electric-field Sampling (ARIES)

Adam Stacey Wyatt, Andrea Schiavi, Ian Walmsley, Tobias Witting, Davide Fabris, Paloma Matia-Hernando, Jon Marangos & John Tisch

Incommensurate counterrotating magnetic order stabilized by Kitaev interactions in the layered honeycomb alpha-Li2IrO3

Stephanie Williams, Roger Johnson, Itamar Kimchi & Radu Coldea

Research data for: Optimized shapes of magnetic arrays for drug targeting applications

Lester Barnsley & Dario Carugo

Data for Corona charge in SiO2: kinetics and surface passivation for high efficiency silicon solar cells

Ruy Sebastian Bonilla & Peter R. Wilshaw
This data presents a method by which capacitance-voltage measurements can be used in conjunction with Kelvin-probe measurements to calculate the location of charge within a dielectric layer. A first order kinetic model for the transport of corona deposited charge on a SiO2 films is proposed. The rate limiting step for corona charge migration into oxide films has been observed to be the injection of charge from the surface (air-SiO2 interface). Corona charge lies preferentially at...

Deformable image registration by combining uncertainty estimates from supervoxel belief propagation

Mattias P. Heinrich, Ivor J.A. Simpson, , Michael Brady & Julia A. Schnabel

Data for \"A model for extreme plasticity\" by S.J. Thomson and P.D. Howell

Stuart Thomson
This data was generated as a result of the study of the extreme plastic deformation of metal samples. This data was included in the paper "A model for extreme plasticity" published in Journal of the Mechanics and Physics of Solids.


Peter Bruce

Serial histology and blockface images, mouse heart, 300 sections

Urszula Siedlecka, , Peter Kohl & Ramón Casero

Evidence for unidirectional nematic bond ordering in FeSe

Matthew Watson

m-plane InGaN QD single photon source data

Timothy Puchtler

Experimental background

Peter Bruce

GABA uptake via the GABA permease GabP

Gail Preston, Richard Ratcliffe, Nicholas Kruger, , , , , &
The non-protein amino acid γ-aminobutyric acid (GABA) is the most abundant amino acid in the tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) leaf apoplast and is synthesised by Arabidopsis thaliana in response to infection by the bacterial pathogen Pseudomonas syringae pv. tomato DC3000 (Pst DC3000). High levels of exogenous GABA have previously been shown to repress the expression of the type III secretion system (T3SS) in Pst DC3000, resulting in reduced elicitation of the hypersensitive response (HR) in the...

Data for numerical examples in \"Generative Benchmark Models for Mesoscale Structure in Multilayer Networks\"

Marya Bazzi & Lucas G. S. Jeub

Neurotransmitters in learning and decision-making - Data

Jacqueline Scholl, Matthew Rushworth, Nils Kolling & Catherine Harmer

Verifying information flow and metaprogramming in dynamically typed languages

Martin Mariusz Lester
Web applications written in JavaScript are regularly used for dealing with sensitive or personal data. Consequently, reasoning about their security properties has become an important problem, which is made very difficult by the highly dynamic nature of the language, particularly its support for runtime code generation via eval. In order to deal with this, we propose to investigate security analyses for languages with more principled forms of dynamic code generation. To this end, we present...

Genome assemblies of osteoglossomorph fish

Peter Holland & Kyle Martin

Data for: Firth, JA. & Sheldon, BC. 2016. Social carry-over effects underpin trans-seasonally linked structure in a wild bird population. Ecology Letters; 10.1111/ele.12669

Joshua Firth & Benjamin Sheldon
This Data Supplements Firth, JA. & Sheldon, BC. 2016. Social carry-over effects underpin trans-seasonally linked structure in a wild bird population. Ecology Letters; 10.1111/ele.12669 http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/ele.12669/full

'Hepitopes': A Database of HLA Class I Epitopes in Hepatitis B Virus (HBV)

Philippa Matthews
Chronic infection with hepatitis b virus (HBV) is a global health problem estimated to affect 240 million people worldwide. A successful prophylactic vaccine has contributed to lowering the incidence, but individuals with established infection often remain committed to life-long antiviral therapy. For these reasons, increased clinical and scientific scrutiny is being applied to develop new therapeutic approaches with an ultimate goal of achieving cure. The adaptive immune response is recognized to play a crucial role...

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