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Single crystal growth from separated educts and its application to lithium transition-metal oxides: Data archive

Stephanie Williams, Roger Johnson & Radu Coldea

oxygen nanobubble oral delivery data

Eleanor Stride

Miscarriage, stillbirth and neonatal mortality in the extreme preterm birth window of gestation in a limited-resource setting on the Thailand-Myanmar border: A population cohort study

Rose Mcgready
Introduction The WHO definition of stillbirth uses 28 weeks’ gestation as the cut-point, but also defines extreme preterm birth as 24 to <28 weeks’ gestation. This presents a problem with the gestational limit of miscarriage, and hence reporting of stillbirth, preterm birth and neonatal death. The objective of this study is to provide a synopsis of the outcome of a population cohort of pregnancies on the Thailand-Myanmar border between 24 to <28 weeks’ gestation. Methods...

Data for paper \"On thin evaporating drops: when is the d2-law valid?\"

Matthew A. Saxton, Jonathan P. Whiteley & James M. Oliver

Sensitivity of global terrestrial ecosystems to climate variability: data and R code

, , , & Willis KJ

Singing & social bonding in a University Fraternity study dataset

& Jacques Launay

The local tidal field from the 2MASS galaxy survey

David Alonso, Michael A. Strauss & Boryana Hadzhyiska

Contrast agent uncertainty analysis

Eleanor Stride

Data for Corona field effect surface passivation of n-type IBC cells

Ruy Sebastian Bonilla & Peter R. Wilshaw

Burton-Chellew et al. 2016 PNAS : conditional cooperation and confusion in public-goods experiments

Maxwell Burton-Chellew, Claire El Mouden & Stuart West
Economic experiments are often used to study if humans altruistically value the welfare of others. A canonical result from public-good games is that humans vary in how they value the welfare of others, dividing into fair-minded conditional cooperators, who match the cooperation of others, and selfish noncooperators. However, an alternative explanation for the data are that individuals vary in their understanding of how to maximize income, with misunderstanding leading to the appearance of cooperation. We...

Whole body T1 mapping of small animals using prospective gating and variable flip angle imaging

Paul Kinchesh
Prospective gating and automatic reacquisition of data corrupted by respiration motion were implemented in variable flip angle (VFA) and actual flip angle imaging (AFI) MRI scans to enable cardio-respiratory synchronised T1 mapping of the whole mouse. Stability tests of cardio-respiratory gating (CR-gating) and respiratory gating (R-gating) with and without reacquisition were compared with un-gated scans in 4 mice. The automatic and immediate reacquisition of data corrupted by respiration motion is observed to properly eliminate respiration...

Spectral Imaging Toolbox

Miles Aron

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  • 2016

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