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Digital Wildfire project Delphi panel on the responsible governance of social media

Helena Webb
Digital Wildfire (Nov 2014 to Nov 2016) is an ESRC funded project that investigates the spread of harmful content on social media and identifies opportunities for the responsible governance of digital social spaces. As a collaborative team of computer scientists, social scientists and ethicists, we investigate the impacts that content such as rumour, hate speech and malicious campaigns can have on individuals, groups and communities and examine social media data to identify forms of ‘self-governance’...

Sensitivity of partial volume correction methods for pcASL MRI

Yize Zhao

Ribo-attenuators: novel elements for reliable and modular riboswitch engineering - DATA

Thomas Folliard

NANOG and NANOGNB protein alignments

Thomas Dunwell & Peter Holland

GEMTraits: A database and R package for accessing and analyzing plant functional traits from the Global Ecosystems Monitoring Network

Alexander Shenkin, Lisa P. Bentley, Cécile Girardin, Gregory P. Asner, Sandra Diaz, Brian J. Enquist & Yadvinder Malhi

RBDmap: a proteome-wide repertoire of RNA-binding domains of human RNA-binding proteins

Alfredo Castello Palomares, Bernd Fischer & Matthias W Hentze

Suppression of electronic correlations by chemical pressure from FeSe to FeS

Pascal Reiss

Transmission electron microscopy images of microbubbles

Joshua Owen

OCIANA Dadanitic Corpus

Daniel Burt

Adult education health and well-being

Eiluned Pearce & Jacques Launay

Oxford Food and Activity Behaviours Study

Jamie Hartmann-Boyce
Data from a prospective, web-based cohort study of overweight UK adults (BMI≥25kg/m2) trying to lose weight through behaviour change. Strategy use was assessed using the OxFAB questionnaire.

Raw data for siRNA loaded nanodroplets

Eleanor Stride

Direct generation of linearly polarized single photons with a deterministic axis in quantum dots: Dataset

Tong Wang, Tim J. Puchtler, Robert A. Taylor, Stefan Schulz & Saroj K. Patra

SI for Plating and Stripping Calcium in an Organic Electrolyte

Peter Bruce

Delayed pull-in transitions in overdamped MEMS devices

Michael Gomez

Source data for "Highly polarized electrically driven single-photon emission from a non-polar InGaN quantum dot"

Claudius Kocher, Tim J Puchtler, John C Jarman, Tongtong Zhu, Tong Wang, Luke Nuttall, Rachel A Oliver & Robert A Taylor

DCE-MRI driven 3-D simulations of solid tumour growth

Thais Roque


Daniel Anthony

Dataset for 'Quantitative CEST Imaging of Amide Proton Transfer in Acute Stroke'

Yunus Msayib
Dataset of comparative data (6 quantification techniques) used in quantitative CEST imaging of amide proton transfer in acute stroke.

Colonization with antimicrobial-resistant organisms on admission to a Vietnamese ICU

Thuy Duong
There is a paucity of data regarding initial bacterial colonization on admission to Intensive Care Units (ICUs) in low and middle-income countries (LMICs). Patients admitted to ICUs in LMICs are at high-risk of subsequent infection with antimicrobial-resistant organisms (AROs). We conducted a prospective, observational study at the Hospital for Tropical Diseases in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam from November 2014 to January 2016 to assess the colonization and antimicrobial susceptibility of Staphylococcus aureus, Escherichia coli,...

Cities database

John William Hanson

Anthony Bradley DPhil Supplementary Data

Anthony Bradley

Data for Potassium ions in SiO2: electrets for silicon surface passivation

Ruy Sebastian Bonilla & Peter Wilshaw

Indentation of a floating elastic sheet: Geometry versus applied tension

Finn Box & Dominic Vella

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  • 2017

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