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NANOG and NANOGNB protein alignments

Thomas Dunwell & Peter Holland

Research data for: Understanding the dynamics of superparamagnetic particles under the influence of high field gradient arrays

Lester Barnsley, Dario Carugo & Miles Aron

Household survey of bird-keeping in six Indonesia cities

Paul Jepson

Adult education health and well-being

& Jacques Launay

Experimental 2

Peter Bruce

Wan et al, PLOS ONE 2017 (PONE-D-16-40897)

Xiao Wan

OCIANA Taymanitic Corpus

Daniel Burt

A novel source of atomic hydrogen for passivation of defects in silicon

Phillip Hamer

Influence of the number and timing of malaria episodes during pregnancy on prematurity and small for gestational age in an area of low malaria transmission

Rose McGready
Background: Most evidence on the association between malaria in pregnancy and adverse pregnancy outcomes focuses on falciparum malaria detected at birth. We assessed the association between the number and timing of falciparum and vivax malaria episodes during pregnancy on small for gestational age (SGA) and preterm birth. Methods: We analysed observational data collected from antenatal clinics on the Thailand-Myanmar border (1986 to 2015). We assessed the effects of the total number of malaria episodes in...

A synthetic viral feedback loop results in robust expression

Thomas Folliard

Data and code associated with journal article Lee, AEG & Cowlishaw, G (2017) Switching spatial scale reveals dominance-dependent social foraging tactics in a wild primate. PeerJ

Alexander Lee
When foraging in a social group, individuals are faced with the choice of sampling their environment directly or exploiting the discoveries of others. The evolutionary dynamics of this trade-off have been explored mathematically through the producer-scrounger game, which has highlighted socially exploitative behaviours as a major potential cost of group living. However, our understanding of the tight interplay that can exist between social dominance and scrounging behaviour is limited. To date, only two theoretical studies...

Dataset: Polarisation-controlled single photon emission at high temperatures from InGaN quantum dots

Tong Wang & Timothy Puchtler

Public perceptions on tree breeding solutions to Ash dieback

Paul Jepson & Irina Arakelyan

[Supporting material] On the expressive power of user-defined effects: Effect handlers, monadic reflection, delimited control

Matija Pretnar
We compare the expressive power of three programming abstractions for user-defined computational effects: Bauer and Pretnar's effect handlers, Filinski's monadic reflection, and delimited control without answer-type-modification. This comparison allows a precise discussion about the relative expressiveness of each programming abstraction. It also demonstrates the sensitivity of the relative expressiveness of user-defined effects to seemingly orthogonal language features.

We present three calculi, one per abstraction, extending Levy's call-by-push-value. For each calculus, we present syntax, operational semantics,...

Dataset: Optical fabrication and characterisation of SU-8 disk photonic waveguide heterostructure cavities - version 2

Luke Nuttall, Stephen Lennon, Benjamin Reid & Frederic Brossard
The difficulty of achieving reliable spectral and spatial overlap is a serious problem when fabricating photonic crystal (PhC) cavities around self-assembled quantum dots. We present a method for using photoresist to optically fabricate heterostructure cavities in a PhC waveguide with a combined photolithography and micro-photoluminescence spectroscopy system. We confirm the creation of cavity modes with high quality factors (mean = 3.8*10^3, maximum = 7.4(2)*10^3). This method offers a promising route towards bright, on-chip single photon...

Multiseeded YBCO bulk


Spyros Kosmidis

Delayed pull-in transitions in overdamped MEMS devices

Michael Gomez

Pneumonia data

& Elina Naydenova

Raw data for siRNA loaded nanodroplets

Eleanor Stride

Data for the paper \"Analysis of Carrier's Problem\"

Stephen Chapman & Patrick Farrell

OCIANA Dadanitic Corpus

Daniel Burt

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