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FAIRsharing record for: Performed Music Ontology

This FAIRsharing record describes: An extension to the Library of Congress BIBFRAME ontology for performed music, with a particular emphasis on clarifying and expanding on the modelling of works, events, and their contributors. It describes performed music, both for mainstream and archival performed music collections.

FAIRsharing record for: Breast Cancer Grading Ontology

This FAIRsharing record describes: Breast Cancer Grading Ontology assigns a grade to a tumor starting from the 3 criteria of the NGS.

FAIRsharing record for: Physician Data Query

This FAIRsharing record describes: Physician Data Query (PDQ) Terminology is part of NCI's comprehensive cancer information database, which contains expert summaries on a wide range of cancer topics, a listing of some 30,000 cancer clinical trials from around the world, a directory of genetics services professionals, the NCI Dictionary of Cancer Terms, and the NCI Drug Dictionary.

FAIRsharing record for: BioPortal Metadata

This FAIRsharing record describes: This ontology represents the structure that BioPortal uses to represent all of its metadata (ontology details, mappings, notes, reviews, views).

FAIRsharing record for: Pearl Millet Ontology

This FAIRsharing record describes: The goal of the CGIAR Pearl Millet Ontology is to help improve food security for subsistence smallholder farmers in East and West Africa with productive and nutritious pearl millet food and fodder production technologies.

FAIRsharing record for: proBed

This FAIRsharing record describes: The Proteomics Informatics Working Group is developing standards for describing the results of identification and quantification processes for proteins, peptides, small molecules and protein modifications from mass spectrometry. This working group is developing proBed, a tab delimited text file format to report ?proteogenomics? results, i.e. the identification and mapping of peptide/protein sequences back against a genome, to assist in annotation efforts. The original BED format is used to describe genome coordinate...

FAIRsharing record for: International Classification of Diseases Version 9 - Clinical Modification

This FAIRsharing record describes: The ICD is the international standard diagnostic classification for all general epidemiological, many health management purposes and clinical use. International Classification of Diseases, Clinical Modification (ICD-9-CM) is an adaption created by the U.S. National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) and used in assigning diagnostic and procedure codes associated with inpatient, outpatient, and physician office utilization in the United States. The ICD-9-CM is based on the ICD-9 but provides for additional morbidity...

FAIRsharing record for: Minimum Information About a RNAi Experiment

This FAIRsharing record describes: Minimum Information About an RNAi Experiment (MIARE) is a set of reporting guidelines that describes the minimum information that should be reported about an RNAi experiment to enable the unambiguous interpretation and reproduction of the results. MIARE forms part of a larger effort to develop RNAi data standards that include a data model, data exchange format, controlled vocabulary and supporting software tools.

FAIRsharing record for: Portfolio Management Application

This FAIRsharing record describes: The Portfolio Management Application (PMA) is a system for tracking grants and producing reports - Users can access grant data through a query interface and a variety of pre-defined forms and reports

FAIRsharing record for: Cell Culture Ontology

This FAIRsharing record describes: Cell Culture Ontology (CCONT) is an ontology for the formal representation of cell lines and their corresponding culture conditions.

FAIRsharing record for: Veterans Health Administration National Drug File

This FAIRsharing record describes: Veterans Health Administration National Drug File is a centrally maintained electronic drug list used by the VHA hospitals and clinics. Facilities use the NDF to check drug interactions, to manage orders, and to send outpatient prescriptions to regional automated mail-out pharmacies.

FAIRsharing record for: Pharmacovigilance Ontology

This FAIRsharing record describes: The pharmacovigilance ontology connects known facts on drugs, disease, ADEs, and their molecular mechanisms.

FAIRsharing record for: Uniprot Core Ontology

This FAIRsharing record describes: The UniProt core is an OWL ontology that describes the predicates, classes and concepts used to model the UniProt data in RDF.

FAIRsharing record for: Genomic Feature and Variation Ontology

This FAIRsharing record describes: The Genomic Feature and Variation Ontology (GFVO) is modeled to represent genomic data using the Resource Description Format (RDF) or Linked Data using JSON (JSON-LD). The GFVO specifically addresses genomic data as it is regularly shared using the GFF3 (incl. FASTA), GTF, GVF and VCF file formats. GFVO simplifies data integration and enables linking of genomic annotations across datasets through common semantics of genomic types and relations. NOTE: GFVO in BioPortal...

FAIRsharing record for: Neural-Immune Gene Ontology

This FAIRsharing record describes: The Neural-Immune Gene Ontology (NIGO) is a subset of GO directed for neurological and immunological systems. NIGO was created by clipping those GO terms that are not associated to any gene in human, rat and mouse, and by clipping terms not found to be relevant to the neural and/or immune domains.

FAIRsharing record for: Tick Gross Anatomy

This FAIRsharing record describes: This ontology covers all the terms relevant for the gross anatomy of the tick (family Ixodida).

FAIRsharing record for: Ontology of Core Data Mining Entities

This FAIRsharing record describes: OntoDM is a generic ontology for the domain of data mining. The ontology includes the information processing processes that occur in the domain of data mining, participants in the processes and their specifications. OntoDM is highly transferable and extendable due to its adherence to accepted standards, and compliance with existing ontology resources. The generality in scope allows wide number of applications of the ontology, such as semantic annotation of data mining...

FAIRsharing record for: Variant Effect Predictor data format

This FAIRsharing record describes: A text format devised by Ensembl for the eponymous Variant Effect Predictor tool.

FAIRsharing record for: Drug Target Ontology

This FAIRsharing record describes: Drug Target Ontology (TDO) is developed as a reference for drug targets with the longer-term goal to create a community standard that will facilitate the integration of diverse drug discovery information from numerous heterogeneous resources. The first version of the DTO consists of asserted class hierarchies of the four IDG protein families, GPCRs, kinases, ion channels, and nuclear hormone receptors. Protein classes are linked to tissue and disease via different levels...

FAIRsharing record for: International Classification of Diseases for Oncology 3rd Revision

This FAIRsharing record describes: The International Classification of Diseases for Oncology (ICD-0) has been used for nearly 25 years, principally in tumor or cancer registries, for coding the site (topography) and the histology (morphology) of the neoplasm, usually obtained from a pathology report. ICD-0 is a dual classification with coding systems for both topography and morphology. The topography code describes the site of origin of the neoplasms and uses the same 3-character and 4-character categories...

FAIRsharing record for: Ontology for Biomedical Investigations

This FAIRsharing record describes: The Ontology for Biomedical Investigations (OBI) is an ontology that provides terms with precisely defined meanings to describe all aspects of how investigations in the biological and medical domains are conducted. OBI fosters clear communication about scientific investigations by defining more than 2500 terms for assays, devices, objectives, and more.

FAIRsharing record for: Natural Products Ontology

This FAIRsharing record describes: An ontology for describing biological activities of natural products.

FAIRsharing record for: Metagenome/Microbes Environmental Ontology

This FAIRsharing record describes: An Ontology for organismal habitats (especially focused on microbes)

FAIRsharing record for: Gastroenterology Clinical Cases

This FAIRsharing record describes: Gastroenterology Clinical Cases is an ontology to describe clinical case terminologies associated with Gastroenterology. The link for this record no longer works and there is no current information available at present.

FAIRsharing record for: Ontology for Data Mining Investigations

This FAIRsharing record describes: OntoDM-KDD is an ontology for representing data mining investigations. Its goal is to allow the representation of knowledge discovery processes and be general enough to represent the data mining investigations. The ontology is based on the CRISP-DM process methodology.

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