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FAIRsharing record for: Access to Biological Collection Data

This FAIRsharing record describes: The Access to Biological Collections Data (ABCD) Schema is a standard for the access to and exchange of data about primary biodiversity data. It is compatible with several existing data standards and supports several datasets.

FAIRsharing record for: TDWG Standards Documentation Specification

This FAIRsharing record describes: This document defines how TDWG standards should be presented. Each standard is a logical directory or folder containing two or more files - a cover page outlining basic meta data for the standard and one or more normative files specifying the standard itself. Rules are specified for the naming of standards and files. Human readable files should be in English, follow basic layout principles and be marked up in XHTML. The...

FAIRsharing record for: CDISC Clinical Trial Registry XML

This FAIRsharing record describes: CTR-XML lets technology vendors implement tools that support a "write once, use many times" solution based on a single XML file that holds the information needed to generate submissions for multiple clinical trials for clinical trial registry submissions primarily to the World Health Organization (WHO), European Medicines Agency (EMA) EudraCT Registry and United States ClinicalTrials.gov.

FAIRsharing record for: Chain Format for pairwise alignment

This FAIRsharing record describes: The chain format describes a pairwise alignment that allow gaps in both sequences simultaneously. Each set of chain alignments starts with a header line, contains one or more alignment data lines, and terminates with a blank line. The format is deliberately quite dense.

FAIRsharing record for: Binary Probe Map Format

This FAIRsharing record describes: The BPMAP file contains information relating to the design of the Affymetrix tiling arrays. The format of the BPMAP file is a binary file with data stored in big-endian format.

FAIRsharing record for: CHADO XML

This FAIRsharing record describes: Chado is a modular schema covering many aspects of biology, not just sequence data. Chado-XML has exactly the same scope as the Chado schema.

FAIRsharing record for: UBER anatomy ONtology

This FAIRsharing record describes: Uberon is an integrated cross-species anatomy ontology covering animals and bridging multiple species-specific ontologies. It represents a variety of entities classified according to traditional anatomical criteria such as structure, function and developmental lineage. The ontology includes comprehensive relationships to taxon-specific anatomical ontologies, allowing integration of functional, phenotype and expression data.

FAIRsharing record for: CHARMM Card File Format

This FAIRsharing record describes: CHARMM (Chemistry at HARvard Macromolecular Mechanics) is a computational package used for classical, quantum and hybrid quantum/classical simulations. The CHARMM Card File Format (.CRD) stores the standard Cartesian coordinates of the atoms in the system and keeps track of additional molecule information that can be useful for manipulation (i.e. residue name, segment name, segment id, resdiue id, etc.).

FAIRsharing record for: FASTQ Sequence and Sequence Quality Format

This FAIRsharing record describes: FASTQ is a text-based file format for sharing sequencing data combining both the sequence and an associated per base quality score.

FAIRsharing record for: Genome Annotation File version 1

This FAIRsharing record describes: Annotation data is submitted to the GO Consortium in the form of gene association files, or GAFs. This standard lays out the format specification for GAF 1.0

FAIRsharing record for: Genome Annotation File version 2

This FAIRsharing record describes: Annotation is the process of assigning GO terms to gene products. The annotation data in the GO database is contributed by members of the GO Consortium, and the Consortium actively encourages new groups to start contributing annotation. Annotation data is submitted to the GO Consortium in the form of Gene Association Format, or GAFs. This guide lays out the format specifications for GAF 2.0

FAIRsharing record for: GenBank Sequence Format

This FAIRsharing record describes: GenBank Sequence Format (GenBank Flat File Format) consists of an annotation section and a sequence section. The start of the annotation section is marked by a line beginning with the word "LOCUS". The start of sequence section is marked by a line beginning with the word "ORIGIN" and the end of the section is marked by a line with only "//".

FAIRsharing record for: Multiple Alignment Format

This FAIRsharing record describes: The Multiple Alignment Format stores DNA level multiple alignments in an easily readable format between entire genomes. Unlike previous formats this resource can cope with forward and reverse strand directions, multiple pieces to the alignment, and so forth.

FAIRsharing record for: INSD sequence record XML

This FAIRsharing record describes: The International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration (INSDC) is a long-standing foundational initiative that operates between DDBJ, EMBL-EBI and NCBI. INSDC covers the spectrum of data raw reads, though alignments and assemblies to functional annotation, enriched with contextual information relating to samples and experimental configurations. The INSDSeq is the official supported XML format of the International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration (INSDC). The current production version of the XML is INSDSeq v1.5.

FAIRsharing record for: Collaborative Computing Project for NMR

This FAIRsharing record describes: The CCPN Data Model for macromolecular NMR is intended to cover all data needed for macromolecular NMR spectroscopy from the initial experimental data to the final validation. It serves for exchange of data between programs, for storage, data harvesting, and database deposition. The data model proper is an abstract description of the relevant data and their relationships - it is implemented in the modeling language UML. From this CCPN autogenerates interfaces...

FAIRsharing record for: Distributed Sequence Annotation System

This FAIRsharing record describes: The Distributed Annotation System (DAS) defines a communication protocol used to exchange annotations on genomic or protein sequences.

FAIRsharing record for: Gene Prediction File Format

This FAIRsharing record describes: Gene Prediction File Format (genePred) is a table format commonly used for gene prediction tracks in the Genome Browser. Variations of genePred include standard format, extended format and a format which includes RefSeq genes with gene names.

FAIRsharing record for: COPD Ontology

This FAIRsharing record describes: The COPD Ontology is a biomedical ontology used for modelling concepts associated to chronic obstructive pulmonary disease in routine clinical databases. There are a no plans to revise this ontology in the near future and therefore the version shown in the BioPortal link should be considered the final version.

FAIRsharing record for: Quality Control Markup Language

This FAIRsharing record describes: An XML format for quality-related data of mass spectrometry and other high-throughput experiments. Quality control is increasingly recognized as a crucial aspect of mass spectrometry based proteomics. Several recent papers discuss relevant parameters for quality control and present applications to extract these from the instrumental raw data. What has been missing, however, is a standard data exchange format for reporting these performance metrics. We therefore developed the qcML format, an XML-based...

FAIRsharing record for: Maize gross anatomy

This FAIRsharing record describes: A structured controlled vocabulary for the anatomy of Zea mays.

FAIRsharing record for: Resource Description Framework Schema

This FAIRsharing record describes: RDF Schema (RDFS) is the RDF vocabulary description language. RDFS defines classes and properties that may be used to describe classes, properties and other resources.

FAIRsharing record for: WHO Adverse Reaction Terminology

This FAIRsharing record describes: WHO Adverse Reaction Terminology is a standardization of the vocabulary for adverse reactions.

FAIRsharing record for: Galen Ontology

This FAIRsharing record describes: A translation of the full Galen ontology (from the OpenGALEN project) into the OWL description logic.

FAIRsharing record for: Basic Vertebrate Anatomy

This FAIRsharing record describes: There is no information currently available for Basic Vertebrate Anatomy ontology.

FAIRsharing record for: Taxonomic Rank Vocabulary

This FAIRsharing record describes: This is a vocabulary of taxonomic ranks intended to replace the sets of rank terms found in the Teleost Taxonomy Ontology, the OBO translation of the NCBI taxonomy and similar OBO taxonomy ontologies. It provides terms for taxonomic ranks drawn from both the NCBI taxonomy database and from a rank vocabulary developed for the TDWG biodiversity information standards group. Each term contains cross reference links to the resources that use the...

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