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FAIRsharing record for: DNA Modification Database

This FAIRsharing record describes: DNAmod is an open-source database (https://dnamod.hoffmanlab.org) that catalogues DNA modifications and provides a single source to learn about their properties. The database annotates the chemical properties and structures of all curated modified DNA bases, and a much larger list of candidate chemical entities. DNAmod includes manual annotations of available sequencing methods, descriptions of their occurrence in nature, and provides existing and suggested nomenclature. DNAmod enables researchers to rapidly review previous work,...

FAIRsharing record for: RNAcentral

This FAIRsharing record describes: RNAcentral is a free, public resource that offers integrated access to a comprehensive and up-to-date set of non-coding RNA sequences provided by a collaborating group of databases representing a broad range of organisms and RNA types.

FAIRsharing record for: EMODnet Bathymetry

This FAIRsharing record describes: EMODnet Bathymetry provides a service for viewing and downloading a harmonised Digital Terrain Model (DTM) for the European sea regions that is generated by the EMODnet Bathymetry partnership on the basis of an increasing number of bathymetric data sets. These are managed as survey data sets and composite DTMs by data providers from government and research. Services for discovery and requesting access to these data sets are provided as well.

FAIRsharing record for: Plant Experimental Condition Ontology

This FAIRsharing record describes: PECO is a structured, controlled vocabulary for the representation of plant experimental conditions. It describes the treatments, growing conditions, and/or study types used in various types of plant biology experiments.

FAIRsharing record for: Ontology for Provenance and Plans

This FAIRsharing record describes: The Ontology for Provenance and Plans (P-Plan) is an extension of the PROV-O ontology [PROV-O] created to represent the plans that guided the execution of scientific processes. P-Plan describes how the plans are composed and their correspondence to provenance records that describe the execution itself.

FAIRsharing record for: minimum information for publication of infrared-related data when microplastics are characterized

This FAIRsharing record describes: Reporting guidelines specific to microplastic research parameters involved in infrared spectroscopy.

Data relating to 'A regularised slender-body theory of non-uniform filaments'

Benjamin Walker

Oxford University Clinical Research Unit Metformin trial supporting documents

S Yacoub & E Kestelyn

Metabolomics of 2-HG treated LN18 wild-type cells

J Walsby-Tickle

Metabolomics of the first culture of LN18 IDH1 mutant and wild-type cells

J Walsby-Tickle

Metabolomics of the second culture of LN18 IDH1 mutant and wild-type cells

J Walsby-Tickle

Rcr3 evolution, supplementary data

R Van Der Hoorn

Metabolomics of U87-MG IDH1 mutant and wild-type cells

J Walsby-Tickle

PASCALE Spectral Data for OSIRIS-REx

N Bowles & K Donaldson Hanna

Strong in-plane anisotropy in the electronic structure of fixed-valence β-LuAlB4

P Reiss, P Reiss, M Sutherland, S Friedemann, S Nakatsuji, T Hong'En, T Hong'En, X Chen, X Chen, F M Grosche, K Kuga, J Baglo & J Baglo

Glide Symmetry Breaking and Quantum Criticality in the Ising Magnet CoNb2O6

M Fava, M Fava, R Coldea, R Coldea & S Ashok Parameswaran

FAIRsharing record for: National Cancer Institute?s Proteomic Data Commons

This FAIRsharing record describes: The NCI's Proteomic Data Commons has been created to make cancer-related proteomic datasets easily accessible to the public, and to facilitate multi-omic integration in support of precision medicine through interoperability with other resources. The PDC is one of several repositories within the NCI Cancer Research Data Commons (CRDC), a secure cloud-based infrastructure featuring diverse data sets and innovative analytic tools ? all designed to advance data-driven scientific discovery. The CRDC enables...

FAIRsharing record for: Finnish Social Science Data Archive

This FAIRsharing record describes: The Finnish Social Science Data Archive (FSD) is a national-level service resource for research and teaching in Finland. FSD promotes data sharing and curates and disseminates digital research data for research, teaching and studying purposes. FSD serves both Finnish and international users. FSD is an expert in the curation and preservation of digital research data collected to study society, people and culture. FSD focuses on acquiring Social Science data, but data...

FAIRsharing record for: Datanator

This FAIRsharing record describes: Datanator is an integrated database of genomic and biochemical data designed to help investigators find data about specific molecules and reactions in specific organisms and specific environments for meta-analyses and mechanistic models. Datanator currently includes metabolite concentrations, RNA modifications and half-lives, protein abundances and modifications, and reaction kinetics integrated from several databases and numerous publications. The Datanator website and REST API provide tools for extracting clouds of data about specific molecules...

FAIRsharing record for: NSF Arctic Data Center

This FAIRsharing record describes: The Arctic Data Center is the primary data and software repository for the Arctic section of NSF Polar Programs. The Center helps the research community to reproducibly preserve and discover all products of NSF-funded research in the Arctic, including data, metadata, software, documents, and provenance that links these together. The repository is open to contributions from NSF Arctic investigators, and data are released under an open license (CC-BY, CC0, depending on...

FAIRsharing record for: Research Organization Registry

This FAIRsharing record describes: ROR is a community-led project to develop an open, sustainable, usable, and unique identifier for every research organization in the world. Implementation of ROR IDs in scholarly infrastructure and metadata will enable more efficient discovery and tracking of research outputs across institutions and funding bodies.

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