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Sermons of John Donne Collation Results

Sebastiaan Verweij & Peter McCullough

Numerical investigation of microbending loss in optical fibres

Data from 'Experimental evolution under hyper-promiscuity in Drosophila melanogaster'

Jennifer Perry & Stuart Wigby

Adult education class social networks

Accidental Infrastructure - data

Farah Colchester

Data Underpinning Paper Detecting Bipolar Depression from Geographic Location Data

Niclas Palmius

Charles Hutton (1737–1823): calendar of correspondence

Benjamin Wardhaugh
Data generated as part of biographical research project on Charles Hutton (1737–1823) carried out during 2014–2016.

Data for An optimal design for universal multiport interferometers

William Clements

Predicted abundance maps for British Trees

Louise Hill

Raw data for article 'Laser writing of coherent colour centres in diamond'

Jason Smith & Martin Booth

Files for 'Nematic equilibria on a two-dimensional annulus'

Alexander Lewis & Peter Howell

Winkler et al. - Faster permutation inference in brain imaging: Supplementary material

Anderson M. Winkler

Simulations of nanoporous supercapacitor operation

& Alpha Lee

Data for paper \"Quantum mechanical effects in continuum charge flow models\"

Jonathan Black & Peter Howell

Critical slowing down in purely elastic 'snap-through' instabilities

Michael Gomez

Data for Enhancement and passive acoustic mapping of cavitation from fluorescently-tagged MR-visible magnetic microbubbles in vivo

Calum Crake
Previous work has demonstrated the potential of magnetically functionalized microbubbles to localize and enhance cavitation activity under focused ultrasound exposure in vitro. The aim of this study was to investigate magnetic targeting of microbubbles for promotion of cavitation in vivo. Fluorescently labelled magnetic microbubbles were administered intravenously in a murine xenograft model. Cavitation was induced using a 0.5 MHz focused ultrasound transducer at peak negative focal pressures of 1.2-2.0 MPa and monitored in real-time using...


Sarah Waters

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