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Carlos Perez-Collazo, Deborah Greaves & Gregorio Iglesias
Dataset for the publication Proof of concept of a novel hybrid wind-wave energy converter, at the proceedings of the OMAE 2018.

Sifted QP solutions for portfolio optimisation problems dataset

Matthew Craven & David Graham

TARS Health Trainer Manual

Tom Thompson, Adrian Taylor, Colin Greaves & Lynne Callaghan

Encouraging academic literacy by undergraduate science publication

Jason Truscott

Issues building an autonomous vehicle

Paul King
CONTROL 2022: 13th United Kingdom Automatic Control Council (UKACC) International Conference

Start Bay Storm Survey 2018 (ST18, BLUE-coast project)

Jak McCarroll, Gerd Masselink, Mark Wiggins, Tim Scott, Oliver Billson & Daniel Conley

CLIP SR SPSS data file and output k alpha

Graham Williamson, Hayley Plowright, Adele Kane, Jane Bunce & Danny Clarke
Clinical Learning in Practice is a model of placement learning for student nurses that is currently being implemented in the United Kingdom, apparently originating in Amsterdam. Potential benefits are reported to be increased placement capacity, reduced burdens on mentors as practice assessors, improvements in qualified nurses’ job satisfaction, recruitment and retention, and better-developed preparedness for registrant practice amongst student nurses. We conducted a thorough, rigorous systematic review between October and December 2018 of the literature...


Graham Williamson

Instances for Group-Theoretic Cryptology

Matthew Craven

Sifted QP Solutions for Minimum Proportions Dataset

Matthew Craven & David Graham

Dataset for ES/P004792/1 - Conserving Cultural Heritage: The Resilience of Forcibly Displaced Syrian Artisans in Jordan

Haya Al-Dajani, Marta Hawkins, Geoff Wilson & Hoayda Darkal

Integrated Greening of Grey Infrastructure (IGGI) to enhance biodiversity on engineered shorelines in Malaysia

Abigail McQuatters-Gollop & Louise Firth

Policy Brief - Implementing Nature-based Solutions for enhancing coastal resilience in Malaysia

Abigail McQuatters-Gollop

Wave Structure Interaction Computation and Experiment Roadmap Part 1: A Report on the 1st CCP-WSI Focus Group Workshop

Edward Ransley, Catherine Jones, Qingwei Ma, Poulter Gemma, Ling Qian, Gavin Tabor, Shiqiang Yan, Jun Zang & Deborah Greaves

Phil Trans R Soc A dataset

Alison Raby


Carlos Perez-Collazo, Deborah Greaves & Gregorio Iglesias
This metadata are supplementary to the journal paper “Hydrodynamic response of the WEC sub-system of a novel hybrid wind-wave energy converter”

Best Practice in the Management of Online Sex Offending

Margaret Brennan, Derek Perkins, Hannah L. Merdian, Emma Tyrrell, Kelly Babchishin & Kieran McCartan
Our report sets out the outcomes from reviews of the relevant literature, and a series of consultations held by IWG_OSO, with participation from practitioners and researchers working in the field of child protection and online sex offending. Online sex offending. Internationally, researchers and practitioners have documented rises in the scale and impact of online sex offending, including the grooming of minors and vulnerable people for sexual purposes, sexual trafficking, and most dramatically, child sexual exploitation...

Wind turbines dataset

Pawel Manikowski, Matthew Craven & D Walker
Dataset associated to the publication "Multi-objective Optimisation of the Benchmark Wind Farm Layout Problem".

XBeach-G model simulation of 2.5-m sea-level rise on sand and gravel coral reef island

Gerd Masselink

Dataset for paper pair 'Soil erosion and sediment transport in Tanzania'

M Wynants, A Patrick, L Munishi, K Mtei, S Bode, A Taylor, G Millward, N Roberts, D Gilvear, P Ndakidemi, P Boeckx & W.H Blake
Soil resources in Tanzania are rapidly being depleted by increased rates of soil erosion and downstream sediment transport, threatening ecosystem health, water- and livelihood security in the region. However, a lack of understanding into the dynamics of soil erosion and sediment transport is undermining the mitigation of this type of soil degradation. By integrating geochemical and biochemical fingerprints in sediment source tracing techniques, this study demonstrated links between land use, soil erosion and downstream sediment...

Dataset for Parsons et al 2022: U-Pb zircon geochronology from the Northern Cordillera, central Yukon, with implications for its tectonic assembly. Tectonics

Andrew Parsons, William McClelland, Alexandre Zagorevski, Jim Ryan, Mark Coleman, Nathan Cleven & Cees van Staal

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