55 Works

Policy Brief - Implementing Nature-based Solutions for enhancing coastal resilience in Malaysia

Abigail McQuatters-Gollop

Integrated Greening of Grey Infrastructure (IGGI) to enhance biodiversity on engineered shorelines in Malaysia

Abigail McQuatters-Gollop & Louise Firth

Wind turbines dataset

Pawel Manikowski, Matthew Craven & D Walker
Dataset associated to the publication "Multi-objective Optimisation of the Benchmark Wind Farm Layout Problem".

Nurturing clinical academic talent

Frazer Underwood & Jill Shawe

Experiences of midwives working in rural communities

Samantha Gale & Sandra Hogan

Our Chief Nurse Research Fellowship Programme

Frazer Underwood, Helen Lyndon, Lisa Burrows & Jill Shawe

The development of a midwifery competency document for mechanical induction of labour

Amy Keates

Patient information for low back and/or spinal related leg pain: creation of a local online resource

Richard Keates

Dataset for paper pair 'Soil erosion and sediment transport in Tanzania'

M Wynants, A Patrick, L Munishi, K Mtei, S Bode, A Taylor, G Millward, N Roberts, D Gilvear, P Ndakidemi, P Boeckx & W.H Blake
Soil resources in Tanzania are rapidly being depleted by increased rates of soil erosion and downstream sediment transport, threatening ecosystem health, water- and livelihood security in the region. However, a lack of understanding into the dynamics of soil erosion and sediment transport is undermining the mitigation of this type of soil degradation. By integrating geochemical and biochemical fingerprints in sediment source tracing techniques, this study demonstrated links between land use, soil erosion and downstream sediment...

XBeach-G model simulation of 2.5-m sea-level rise on sand and gravel coral reef island

Gerd Masselink

Dataset for Parsons et al 2022: U-Pb zircon geochronology from the Northern Cordillera, central Yukon, with implications for its tectonic assembly. Tectonics

Andrew Parsons, William McClelland, Alexandre Zagorevski, Jim Ryan, Mark Coleman, Nathan Cleven & Cees van Staal

Programming an autonomous vehicle ethical decision maker based on injury severity

James E. Pickering
CONTROL 2022: 13th United Kingdom Automatic Control Council (UKACC) International Conference

Guide to lionfish management in the Mediterranean

P. Kleitou, Jason M Hall-Spencer, Sian E. Rees & D. Kletou

Iterative learning control - moving from theory to applications

Bing Chu & Eric Rogers
CONTROL 2022: 13th United Kingdom Automatic Control Council (UKACC) International Conference

Response of the Specialist Frailty Nursing Team to the Covid-19 Pandemic

Suzanne Lugg

Healthy Pregnancy at Scanning: A locally driven project for smoking cessation in pregnancy

Trudie Roberts

Reducing Hospital Acquired Pressure Damage on Roskear Ward

Holly Murrell

Waves Across Shore Platforms (WASP) project dataset

Timothy G. Poate & Gerd Masselink
The dataset consists of six zip files. Each contains a Matlab data structure and a readme.txt file describing the data and giving details of the data collection site.

Wave transformation across coral reef platforms (2016 experiment)

Gerd Masselink
In December 2016 a small-scale laboratory experiment was carried out in one of the wave flumes of the COAST facility, University of Plymouth, in collaboration with Auckland University. The purpose of the experiment was to: (1) study wave transformation processes across coral reef platforms; and (2) investigate the impact of sea-level rise on coral reef islands. Experiment Series A-C addressed the former, Series E the latter. This data set covers most of the data collected...

Testing submission to 01 Research Theses Main Collection

Louise Woolland
Please ignore : this is a test for submitting to the thesis collection.

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