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Leaflet manual on winged and wild yam cultivation.

Mamy Tiana Rajaonah

Ovy gasy Hanigny misy angôvo!

Mamy Tiana Rajaonah

The Bean Bag no. 28

The Bean Bag no. 12

The Bean Bag no. 21

The Bean Bag no. 16

The Bean Bag no. 15

The Bean Bag no. 2

Orchid Research Newsletter no. 67

Alec Pridgeon

Vezdaeales: Vezdaeaceae, including the genus Vezdaea.

S. Chambers, Paul Cannon, B. Coppins & J. Simkin

Orchid Research Newsletter no. 76

Andre Schuiteman

Orchid Research Newsletter no. 70

Andre Schuiteman

The Bean Bag no. 25

The Bean Bag no. 27

Plant and Fungal Tree of Life Collection

Sebuah Panduan Lapangan untuk Palem New Guinea

William Baker & John Dransfield

A Global Resource for Plant and Fungal Knowledge. Science Strategy 2015-2020

Science has always been the heart of Kew’s purpose and it will continue to be so. Our collections, our people and our partnerships enable us to make an invaluable and highly relevant contribution to some of the biggest issues facing the global population. We do this through research, conservation, and educating and inspiring the public about the importance of plant and fungal science. This document sets out how Kew intends to make a unique and...

Biotic and abiotic factors affecting colonisation of Lycopodiella inundata by fine root endophytes

Paloma Ruiz de Diego

A Working Checklist of the Madagascan Species of Cyperus section Incurvi (Cyperaceae)

Megan Turcotte-Griffiths

Prioritising the conservation and use of resilient crop wild relatives in sub-Saharan Africa under climate change

David Satori

Resolving the species complex Diospyros ferrea (willd.) Bakh. (Ebenaceae).

Edgard Mestre Serra

Factors affecting lichen reproduction, a case study in the genus Cladonia (Lecanorales, Ascomycota).

Ling Moran

Exploring the Phylogenetic Distribution of Drug-Like Compounds in the Kingdom Fungi .

Edie Burns

Thermal fingerprints of oily seedsand their consequences on longevityfor long term storage

Antonia Martin

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