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Experiments on continuous growth of arable crops at Rothamsted and Woburn-Experimental-Stations - effects of treatments on crop yields and soil analyses and recent modifications in purpose and design

Johnny Johnston & G. E. G. Mattingly
This paper describes six field experiments started during 1843-77. All, with various modifications, still continue and results for various periods between 1843 and 1975 are given. Originally the experiments investigated the nutrient requirements of wheat, barley and root crops, each crop grown in monoculture. Yields on unmanured and farmyard manure treated soils were measured and compared with those given by N P K Na Mg Si supplied in inorganic compounds and tested singly and in...

Modern developments in an experiment on permanent grassland started in 1856 - effects of fertilizers and lime on botanical composition and crop and soil analyses

J. M. Thurston, E. D. Williams & Johnny Johnston

Broadbalk Today revised 2018

Plan of Broadbalk plots, crops and treatments

Mean monthly temperature at Rothamsted October 1985-September 2017

Sarah Perryman
This dataset represents the mean monthly temperature at Rothamsted from October 1985 - September 2017 and is based on continuous daily records measured at the site.

The arrangement of field experiments and the statistical reduction of the results

Ronald Aylmer Fisher & John Wishart

Targets for introduction of pests and disease resistance into crops by genetic engineering: report of a review funded by MAFF

W. S. Pierpoint, K. J. D. Hughes, Peter Shewry, P. R. Burrows, I. F. Henderson, Penny Hirsch, K. J. D. Hughes, S. James, P. A. Lazzeri, Benjamin Miflin, Roger Plumb, D. M. Glen, J. A. Hargreaves, J. G. Elphinsone & D. E. Stead

Opto-acoustic audio recordings of aphids and beetles

Kirsty Hassall, Alex Dye & James Bell
Opto-acoustic recorders have been utilised to record the flight of weak-flying insects including aphids (Hemiptera: Aphididae) and beetles (Coleoptera). These data include 4928 audio recordings collected in 2019 and 2020 of 8 distinct species.

Rothamsted long-term liming experiment plans

Standard experimental plans for Rothamsted long-term liming experiment, 1962-1996 showing plot numbers, layout and lime and fertilizer treatments.

Woburn long-term liming experiment plans

Standard experimental plans for the Woburn long-term liming experiment, 1962-1996

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