675 Works

Deirdre Brophy

C3, C4 and D4 monthly means select zoo

Esther Beukhof

North Sea region PCI, raw, 1958 until 2014

David Clare

PCI monthly mean C2

Sigrun Jonasdottir

central north sea, selected calanoids and juveniles

Tone Reiertsen update data

west north atlantic calanus, raw, collaboration with DJ

Sample positions ST an NI routes for Espen Bagoien

Sample positions from 20W - 30 E above 64 North

SW UK PCI and cirripede

raw data for leoni adams, mba

Nsea 1% only taxa 1958-68

raw dataset, cleaned, for Jake Bedford

Calanus data for book chapter

Calanus monthly means for C1 and D1, and monthly means for status report area

Juan Estrella-Martinez

total dia, dino, eye cops, trav cops and pci for B2 and C2, fladen area, monthly means, 1958-2015

C2 plankton Jake Bedford

raw data, same taxa as life form work

Artemenkov monthly means

cal fin, euph and hyperiids, monthly means, select std areas 1982-2015

PCI Data b6,b5,c8,c7,c6,d7,d6,d5,e7,e6,e5

Phytoplankton colour data for the listed standard areas from 1950-1990. Extracted for Graihagh Hardinge

Jake Bedford phyto

all phyto, 1958 to 2015, north sea, raw, irregs removed, only months 2, 5, 8 and 11

emoco msfd data_new

updated version to include extra species

Sam Shephard extending area

B5-B7 cal fin and cal hel, 1985 to 2015, monthly means

Sam Shephard dataset

cal fin and hel for A1,A6, B1, B4 and D5, monthly means 1985-2015

Diatom and Dinoflagellate Data from the CPR survey

Total Diatoms and Total Dinoflagellates from the CPR survey for the period 1990-2014

K Haynes

raw data cal fin and hel, and taxa lists, c3 and d4

Small Copepod CPR Data for Kasia Kentiz

All Copepod species found in the CPR survey extracted as monthly means for CPR standard areas B1, B2, C1, C2, D1, D2

Natasha Henschke salps and doliolids

all salps and doliolids for North Atlantic, 1978 until 2015, raw data, nulls as well

Sarah Holmes

aggregate groups for B1,B2, C1, C2, D1, D2 and D3

Jack Ballagher

Phyto taxa on over 1% of samples in the area 40N to 55N, 10W to 55W, 1958 to 2016

Callum Whyte C4

total dia, dino and HAB taxa, 1975 to 2016, monthly means

Jon Fisher NWP year 2 data

all NWP 2017 data, raw

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