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Pressure-induced insertion of water and polar solvents into graphene oxide

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Graphene oxide (GO) is a heavily functionalised form of grapheme that is dispersible in water and other solvents. As water is added to pristine graphene oxide there is formation interlayer water which gradually expands to form a gel-like phase. The insertion of water and other solvents into graphene oxide is also show to vary as a function of pressure. Colossal expansion of the cell volume has been reported with an up to 40% increase in...


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Mantid 3.12.0: Manipulation and Analysis Toolkit for Instrument Data.

Raquel Alvarez, Matthew Andrew, Owen Arnold, Jose Borreguero, Matthew Bowles, Edward Brown, Ian Bush, Keith T. Butler, Alex Buts, Mathieu Doucet, Nick Draper, Krzysztof Dymkowski, David Fairbrother, Marina Ganeva, Martyn A. Gigg, Gemma Guest, Steven Hahn, Michael Hart, Brandon Hewer, Simon Heybrock, Samuel Jackson, Matthew D. Jones, Duc Le, Anthony Lim, Jiao Lin … & Wenduo Zhou
Mantid: A high performance framework for the reduction and analysis of muon spin resonance and neutron scattering data.

Possible Kitaev physics in the honeycomb material Ag3LiIr2O6

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Quantum spin liquids (QSL) are states of matter in which a ground state with long-range magnetic order is prevented in spite of the presence of strong nearest neighbor magnetic interactions. One approach to find such systems is through geometric frustration. Another route to obtaining a QSL was suggested by the Kitaev model which has emergent excitations with fractional statistics. In this model, the spins are arranged on a honeycomb with ferromagnetic interactions between a specific...

Characterisation of additively manufactured W-Cu composite plasma-facing component by means of neutron imaging techniques

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Tungsten is a promising candidate for the plasma-facing components (PFCs) of a future nuclear fusion reactor due to its unique combination of properties. An innovative solution using a composite concept has been developed recently at the Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik and promoted within the framework of the EUROfusion Consortium. It consists of a tungsten-copper composite based on additive manufacturing technique of tungsten honeycomb structure and fabricated by means of liquid Cu infiltration. We aim to assess...

Variable Renewable Energy Impacts

Phil Heptonstall
These files are the core subset of the updated and expanded versions of the data originally collated for the UKERC "Costs and Impacts of Intermittency - 2016 update" project, see https://ukerc.ac.uk/project/the-intermittency-report/. This dataset includes the references, costs and impacts from this systematic review of the evidence on the costs and impacts of intermittent electricity generation technologies.

Ferroelectricity vs Antiferroelectricity in n = 2 Ruddlesden–Popper Phases

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Ferroelectric materials – those with a spontaneous, switchable electric polarization – find application in a wide range of electronic devices. We are investigating a new class of ferroelectric materials, the hybrid improper ferroelectrics, which gain their electric polarization through subtle structural distortions. We have observed that while LiSrTa2O7 adopts an improper ferroelectric structure down to the lowest temperatures measured (5 K), the closely related phase Li2SrNb2O7 switches from an improper ferroelectric to proper ferroelectric structure...

Short range spin ice type correlations of DyAgGe by diffuse neutron scattering

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Spin ices are exotic phases of matter characterized by frustrated spins obeying local “ice rules” that minimize the number of spatially isolated magnetic monopoles, in analogy with the electric dipoles in water ice. In two dimensions, one can similarly define ice rules for in-plane Ising-like spins arranged on a kagome lattice, leading to a variety of unique orders and excitations. Based on neutron results, HoAgGe is the first compound to realize the kagome spin ice...

Dynamics and fragility of the binary alloy Ni75Si25

There exists mounting evidence that lliquid metals and alloys are showing a crossover in the dynamics from a fluid-like liquid to a more viscous liquid upon cooling deep inside the liquid state, indicating the beginning of solidification. We already performed a pioneering experiment on a NiSi alloy with a levitation setup in the liquid and undercooled state. Now we want to improve the quality of data to obtain a more precise anwer to the question...

Negative Thermal Expansion in the (Bi0.5Na0.5)1-x(Ba0.4Sr0.6)xTiO3 System

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The (Bi0.5Na0.5)1-x(Ba0.4Sr0.6)xTiO3 (BNT-BST) is being investigated as a lead-free ferroelectric system for energy storage capacitors. At x = 0.2 BNT-BST exhibits a tetragonally distorted perovskite structure. Dielectric measurements reveal two anomalies at ca. 125 C (ferroelectric to relaxor-ferroelectric) and 360 C (relaxor-ferroelectric to paraelectric). The former is associated with a change in structure from tetragonal to cubic symmetry, which involves a 25 C range of negative thermal expansion (NTE), where a dynamic deformation of the...

Short-term stress relaxation on cyclic lattice-strains evolution of a new martensitic steel at elevated temperature via in-situ ND

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A new 9Cr martensitic steel MARBN for next generation power plant is shown to have a superior mechanical performance comparing with existing other 9Cr steels in high temperature applications. The additional short-term dwell period of power plant operations is extremely detrimental to experience creep-fatigue, which has already been regarded as the key failure mechanism of the high temperature components. The proposed experiment aims to gain an in-depth physical understanding on the micro-mechanics strains evolution induced...

Probing the Local Structure-Property Relationship in the IMSSZ Oxide Ion Conductor

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The current state-of-the-art solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) electrolyte material, 8 mol% yttria stabilised zirconia (8YSZ), exhibits good performance at temperatures above 850 °C. Scandia-stabilised zirconia (SSZ) offers much higher ionic conductivity than YSZ, but there are questions about high cost and long-term stability of this material. Our recent work on (Mg, In) co-doped SSZ showed an increase in ionic conductivity with annealing time. This is unusual as in general, ionic conductivity usually decreases with...

Local Structure & Dynamics of the Organic Cation in Photovoltaic Hybrid Perovskites under Pressure

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Methylammonium lead iodide (MAPI) is one the most promising materials for photovoltaics. Notwithstanding the above, access to the its phase diagram and the underlying structural and dynamical properties has not been a trivial task. Building upon our recent study on TOSCA at ambient pressure [J Phys Chem Lett 7 (2016) 4701], this proposal seeks to extend this work along the pressure axis using the upgraded TOSCA, in order to probe the local structure and underlying...

Spin-phonon coupling in Mn1-xFexSi

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We propose to investigate the coupling of lattice to spin degrees of freedom in the helimagnet MnSi and study the effect of Fe substitution in Mn1-xFexSi with x=0.09 and 0.14. Previously, we found magnetically induced renormalization of phonons in isostructural FeSi and preliminary data for MnSi encourage a detailed study – in particular with respect to the fascinating magnetic properties of the latter compound. The focus of the study will be on the momentum dependent...

Doped YAG nanoparticles: neutron diffraction to explain luminescent properties by the lattice features

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Doped YAG is an important material with interesting technological applications in inorganic electroluminescence displays, X-ray scintillators, etc. In order to control the morphology and particle size of products, we modified the preparation methods by adding some additives (polymers, metals and glasses), thus improving the luminescent properties. Particularly, one of the most interesting and puzzling result is that, when dealing with nano-powders with the same particle size, we observed the same emission spectra but values of...

ChipIR Commercial Access Infineon OX13 - week13/2020

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High-voltage power semiconductor devices, such as IGBTs, diodes and MOSFETs are susceptible to destructive failure due to terrestrial cosmic radiation (CR), notably the nucleon part. As a consequence, device development has to ensure adequate radiation hardness for every device technology. This aim can only partly be met by device and technology simulations and, therefore, also calls for extensive device tests. In order to reduce testing times accelerated irradiation tests at facilities with a nucleon energy...








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