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Neutron total scattering from solid Athasbasca asphaltenes and Athabasca asphaltenes dissolved in 1-methylnaphthalene-d10 at 25wt% measured on NIMROD

Thomas Headen & Michael Hoepfner
Neutron total scattering from solid Athasbasca asphaltenes measured on NIMROD. Asphaltenes were precipitated from Athabasca bitumen by the addition of heptane at a ratio of 40:1 by weight. The mixture was homogenized by stirring for 24 h, and the asphaltenes were separated by centrifugation at 3472g for 10 min. Solid asphaltenes were washed for 24 h in a Soxhlet extractor with pure heptane and then dried in vacuum oven at 80 °C for 4 days....




Uniaxial pressure induced spin-density wave order in CeAuSb2

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We propose to apply uniaxial strain to induce a spin-density wave (SDW) modulation in CeAuSb2. Neutron diffraction measurements show this system has a tendency to order along the [010] direction which can be stabilised with an applied field. Recent transport measurements show that compressive strain along the a-axis induces a first-order transition into a new phase marked by jump in the resistivity along the b axis, which in materials such as Sr3Ru2O7 is the signature...

Inelastic Neutron Scattering Analysis of Methoxy Motion in Functionalised Metal-Organic Frameworks

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Owing to the tuneable nature of metal-organic frameworks (MOFs), functionalisation is a common methodology employed to introduce active groups to the material for enhanced gas sorption and selectivity. The direct role of a methoxy (-OCH3) group is explored by comparing MFM-300(InOMe) to the non-functionalised, isostructural parent MFM-300(In) material. Investigating how such functional groups interact with adsorbed gas at the atomic level is fundamental for understanding the host-guest interactions and the use of MOFs for practical...

Cryopreservation of liver cell spheroids used in artificial liver bio-transplant: QENS study.

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The development of new cryopreservation strategies has major potential in medicine, in particular for storage of biological matter. The detailed characteristics of the cooling and thawing processes has proven crucial for the survival of liver bio-transplant cells in research being done at UCL's Royal Free Hospital Liver Group. A specially designed protocol ensures that more than 75% of cells survive cooling followed by thawing. Currently there is no clear explanation as to why this happens,...

Influence of path length on wavelength dependent transmission corrections for hydrogenous materials

Diffraction from hydrogenous materials is complicated by its large incoherent scattering contribution. For many materials, deuteration before performing experiments is the solution. For many systems this is not possible, due to incomplete deuteration, cost and/or changes to the structure and/or phase transitions that are of interest. For TOF methods, the situation is further complicated by the energy dependence of the incoherent scattering cross-section, meaning that both transmission and multiple scattering corrections are energy dependent. This...

Investigation of crystal and magnetic structures of three polymorphs of Fe2WO6 iron tungstate.

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Iron tungstate Fe2WO6 attracts increasing interest in two areas of applications due to its photoelectrochemical behaviour. Fe2WO6 can act either as a photocatalyst for degradation of environmental pollutants or as a photoanode for water oxidation in tandem devices. Recently, some of its magneto-dielectric properties have been reported but its magnetic and electric properties remain nebulous. Indeed, Fe2WO6 iron tungstate exists as three polymorphs and their 3D structures are induced by the cationic ordering. We obtained...

Variable temperature study of the structure of the new bimetallic, mixed anion fast ion conductor, Li0.5Na0.5(BD4)0.83I0.17

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We propose 1 day of beam-time on GEM to probe changes in the crystal structure of the new fast Li+ conducting mixed-cation, mixed-anion phase, Li0.5Na0.5(BD4)0.83I0.17 as a function of temperature. Partial substitution of Li by Na and of BH4 by I stabilises the high pressure, rock salt structure of LiBH4 (HP-LiBH4) at room temperature and pressure. The scattering contrast for this composition by powder X-ray diffraction PXD is very low and so the aims of...

Phonon dynamics in liquid gallium

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We propose to measure the inelastic scattering S(Q,E) maps from gallium in its liquid phases across a wide range of temperatures. This proposal is based on a new prediction for the existence of transverse acoustic modes that show a gap in wave vector at zero energy. Performing an inelastic neutron scattering measurement at ISIS will give us a much richer data set than possible from only x-ray scattering, including obtaining data at higher values of...

Effect of Variation in Initial Crystallographic Texture of Aluminum Alloys on Residual Stress Stability in Fatigue Loading

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Laser Shock Peening (LSP) improves the fatigue properties of new and damaged metallic components by introducing beneficial compressive stresses. The residual stress field that develop in the material after LSP and its behaviour in the service life depends on the microstructure and elastic-plastic properties of the material. The engineering components with variable microstructure and crystallographic texture when treated with LSP develop different residual stresses. In this experiment, we will underpin the deformation mechanism of aerospace...

Applying neutron techniques to the earliest large hollow cast bronze statues from ancient Egypt

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This study concerns the origin of large hollow casting technique. It is well known that hollow bronze casting using the direct lost-wax technique is an ancient Egyptian invention, but traditionally it has been thought that the indirect lost-wax technique was introduced later, by the Greeks. However, the results of recent studies on some smaller ancient Egyptian statues suggest the Greek invention of indirect lost-wax was pre-dated by several centuries, in ancient Egypt. In the proposed...

Linking the solid state and solution thorium aqua structures: A solid state powder neutron diffraction investigation

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A understanding of the aqueous chemistry of the actinide ions is not as well developed as for transition metals or the lanthanides. Fundamentally important information such as the number of coordinated water molecules is still under debate. This has relied on EXAFS, but this technique cannot give precise coordination numbers. In this work we aim, for the first time, to use neutron diffraction techniques to explicitly locate the coordinated water molecules in three thorium compounds...

Structure and magnetic order of the diamond-kagome planar compound Cu2OSO4

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Materials with antiferromagnetic interactions between spins on a triangle lattice inherently exhibit large frustration between similar energy ground states giving rise to novel behavior. Of which the kagomé lattice is an enticing example; however, various effects hinder its highly degenerate spin-liquid state and instead select a single magnetic ground state. It is therefore worthwhile to study nearly-kagome compounds in an attempt to discern what precisely prevents formation of the spin-liquid. Since it has strong antiferromagnetic...

Unidentified Phase Transition in Polar Lanthanum Tantalate (LaTaO4)

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The family of crystals with formula ABX4 represent a very interesting class of ferroelectrics that are extremely two-dimensional. Fluorides have been extensively researched but there is great potential for oxides of this class, such as LaTaO4, due to oxides being favoured for device applications. Studies have reported the evolution of morphologies of LaTaO4 with temperature, but one phase transition at ~200ºC is accompanied by an anomalously small peak in permittivity, which suggests the transition is...

Investigating the nature of magnetism by μSR study in the Kondo-lattice CeRu1-xFexPO (x=0 and 0.8

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Ce-compounds are well known to present very rich physics and exotic electronic ground state due to the competing RKKY, Kondo and crystal field interactions. Recently CeRuPO attracted attention for its ferromagnetic Kondo lattice behaviour. CeRuPO crystallize in the tetragonal ZrCuSiAs-type structure. At ambient pressure CeRuPO exhibits ferromagnetic ordering at TC = 15 K. Interestingly the ferromagnetic TC is suppressed by Fe-doping in CeRuPO and a ferromagnetic quantum critical point has been observed in Ce(Ru1-xFex)PO near...

Neutron reflection studies on reconstituted wax films interacting with non-ionic surfactant with/without solubilised pesticides

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From deuterated and hydrogenated wheat waxes we have produced we here propose to use NR to study the structural features of the model wheat wax films formed on the C18 silane hydrophobed surface (self-assembled OTS). We will then study the adsorption and binding of nonionic C12E6 onto the wax film with and without solublised pesticide DP. By utilising careful isotopic variations, we aim to determine the equilibrated composition and structure of wax, C12E6 and DP...

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