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Escaping Electron from Intense Laser-Solid Interactions as a Function of Laser Spot Size

Dean Rusby & David Neely
A high powered laser was defocused to observe the effect that this has on the escaping electron population. The data was recorded on Image plate and saved as a .Fit file. Analysis of the diagnostic was conducted using GEANT4 and PIC simulations regarding the self-focusing of the laser on the front surface were also done. Here is the abstract: The interaction of a high-intensity laser with a solid target produces a high-energy distribution of electrons...

Optical polarimetry measurements for diagnosing Magnetic fields

Paramel Pattathil Rajeev
The data in here were obtained in 2011 from a Vulcan TAP experiment dedicated to measure magnetic fields at the rear of plastic targets using optical polarimetry. Details are given in the paper titled "Micron-scale mapping of megagauss magnetic fields using optical polarimetry to probe hot electron transport in petawatt-class laser-solid interactions" DOI : 10.1038/s41598-017-08619-1, SREP-16-47342. The data in here contain the raw CCD images that were used to generate the magnetic field profiles in...

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