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Autoxidation vs. Ozonolysis of Surfactant Mixtures Containing Poly-unsaturated Fatty Acids Emitted during Urban Cooking

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Surface-active molecules with water-loving and water-hating parts have been found to contribute substantially to the man-made urban aerosol load originating from cooking processes. These molecules will accumulate at the surface of a water droplet in the atmosphere, affect its properties and therefore have significant impact on atmospheric chemistry, meteorology and ultimately climate science. Our work looks at air-water monolayers composed of mixtures of (mono un-)saturated (oleic-its methyl ester-and stearic acids) and poly-unsaturated fatty acids (linoleic...

Fractionalized spin excitation and crystal electric field study in the rare-earth triangular quantum spin liquid candidate: YbMgGaO4

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A new rare-earth triangular quantum spin liquid (QSL) candidate, YbMgGaO4, has an odd number of electrons per unit cell and spin-orbit entangled effective spin-1/2 (Yb3+). Recently, we have, for the first time, successfully synthesized powder samples and grown high-quality single crystals. Our early studies on magnetic property, heat capacity, and electron spin resonance characterizations have been reported. The measurements consistently and clearly suggested that YbMgGaO4 is a potential QSL with a spinon Fermi surface. Further...


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Neutron Scattering and Structural Measurements of CO2 and CD4 Adsorption in Marcellus Shale

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Shale is an increasingly viable source of economic quantities of natural gas worldwide. Most of the gas is contained within the fine pores, thus characterizing accessibility and structure of pores is critical for understanding fluid (petroleum and water) flow and storage within these reservoirs. We propose to examine the pore accessibility of two Marcellus Shale samples to CO2 and CH4 in the new high-pressure cell. Each sample will first be pressurized with CO2 at 25...



INS of Ln(trensal-thiphene)

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We have synthesised the series of lanthanide complexes Ln(trensal-thiophene), where Ln = Er, Dy, Yb and H3trensal = 2,2,2-tris(salicylideneimino)trimethylamine. These complexes are functionalised with thiphene groups which make them suitable for graftiong on gold surfaces by specific S - Au interactions. We would like to study the INS spectra of these complexes, in concern with other spectroscopic techniques, to ununmiguously determine their energy spectrum. This information will help us rationalise the static and dynamic magnetic...

Understanding elevated temperature and creep properties of a novel maraging steel

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Producing a steel alloy that has both high and low temperature capabilities is non-trivial. However, recently a novel maraging steel has been developed that has shown excellent high and low temperature properties. In previous work we have shown how the thermomechanical processing route influences the mechanical properties, and models have been developed to understand the microstructural changes and mechanical behaviour. However, the creep behaviour has proved more difficult to understand. The problem in understanding creep...

Magnetic interparticle coupling and magnetisation process in TbCu2 superantiferromagnets

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Magnetic nanoparticles are being investigated intensively. They show a core/shell structure in which different magnetic orderings are possible.The superantiferromagnetic TbCu2 presents an antiferromagnetic core and a disordered shell. In fact they constitute a two phase material where new theoretical approaches to understand the anisotropy and the magnetisation process can be tested.These nanoparticles can be interacting magnetically varying greatly the macroscopic response. For technological applications, especially biomedical purposes, it is important to control these interactions to...

Searching for unconventional superconductivity in non-centrosymmetric ternary half-Heusler semimetals YPtBi and LuPtBi

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The noncentrosymmetric half-Heusler semimetals RTBi (R=rare earth, T=Pt, Pd) have recently been proposed, according to electronic structure calculations, as plausible 3D topological insulators. The observation of superconductivity in the RPtBi and RPdBi series has added additional richness to these materials that compounds topological aspects of superconductivity and even magnetic order. The absence of inversion symmetry along with parity-violating antisymmetric spin-orbit coupling allows unconventional behaviours such as time-reversal symmetry breaking pairing state. To proof the unconventional...

Spin liquid state in a novel rare-earth based triangular lattice antiferromagnet NdTa7O19

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Rare-earth based geometrically frustrated magnets represent a promising new platform for the search of enigmatic quantum spin liquids. Here, the entanglement of spin and orbital degrees of freedom is believed to be one of the crucial factors that can stabilize this disordered, yet highly quantum-entangled ground state. In our study, we focus on a novel triangular lattice antiferromagnet NdTa7O19, where such effects might take place. Our preliminary bulk magnetic characterizations indicate a lack of any...

Study of unconventional superconductivity in YFe2Ge2 using muon spin rotation and relaxation measurements

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In the layered iron-based superconductor YFe2Ge2, a high Sommerfeld ratio of order 100 mJ/mol K^2 and a T^3/2 temperature dependence of the electrical resistivity at low temperature indicate strong electronic correlations and point towards an unconventional pairing state. Theoretical proposals for the superconducting state include s+- or triplet pair wavefunctions and there are striking structural and electronic similarities to some of the iron pnictide superconductors. Microscopic studies of the superconducting pairing state by muSR have...

Muon Spin Relaxation Study on a honeycomb lattice H3LiIr2O6

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Quantum spin liquid (QSL) state is a state in which the spin degree of freedom doesnt freeze even at absolute zero temperature, but entangles with each other in a long distance. QSL has attracted lots of attentions due to its potential application on quantum information and its relation to the mechanism of high temperature superconductors in recent years. Recently, a new compound H3LiIr2O6 has been discovered to be a candidate of QSL. However, physics in...

Quantum Spin Liquid in triangular Seff=1/2 rare-earth based antiferromagnets

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The rise of quantum materials observed in the past decades has been a source of great excitement for condensed matter scientists, with the flourishing of new concepts and electronic phases of matter. In particular the Quantum Spin Liquid (QSL) state has attracted a lot of attention as it shows intriguing collective phenomena such as fractionalized excitations or emergent gauge fields. A new Seff=1/2 rare-earth based material, YbMgGaO4, was recently shown to avoid any spin freezing...

Paving the way for Methane Hydrate formation in the confined nanospace of metal-organic frameworks

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The main goal of the present proposal is to evaluate the methane hydrate formation in nanocavities of ZIF-90 using inelastic neutron scattering (INS) measurements. Recently, we have measured in TOSCA the formation of methane hydrate on ZIF-8. We have found that the methane hydrate is formed at the external surface. The exclusion of the hydrate formation process from the inner cavities of ZIF-8 is due to the highly hydrophobic nature of ZIF-8 that avoids the...

How does the anti-tumor drug paclitaxel change the dynamics on breast cancer cells?

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Cells are complex systems where small fragments play an interdependent role. The functionality of these systems can be distinct at different length and timescales, depending on physiological conditions or cells type. For example, cancer cells are more flexible than the healthy ones. Thus, understanding cancer cells flexibility is the first step to elucidate how and why they migrate and adhere to different tissues. Another point about the dynamics of cancer cells is the mechanism of...

Structural insights into crude oil asphaltenes: A multi-parametric SANS/WANS study

Asphaltenes are a complex and problematic fraction of crude oil that can precipitate, alter wettability and stabilise unwanted oil-in-water emulsions. Asphaltene molecules are generally thought to consist of one (or more) aromatic cores with alkyl side chains. When the asphaltenes precipitate from crude oil they are thought to do so by stacking of the aromatic cores. This can be seen in small angle scattering due to aggregation of carbon rich aromatic cores and in the...

A High pressure investigation of the Binary carbonyls of group 7 M2(CO)10 M = Mn and Re

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The structures of two binary metal carbonyls containing a metal-metal bond Mn2(CO)10 and Re2(CO)10 will be studied as a function of pressure. Both these molecules undergo a phase transition at relatively modest pressures. In Mn2(CO)10 the two Mn(CO)5 pyramids are displaced to produce a short Mn-Mn bond. Our objectives are: 1 To determine accurate metrical parameters for the high pressure phase of Mn2(CO)10, and how the unusual ?displaced? metal ?metal bond responds to pressure. 2...

Magnetism in RT2Zn20: below and beyond the Stoner limit

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Spontaneous ferromagnetism occurs when exceeding the "Stoner limit", a condition requiring the potential (Coulomb) energy to exceed the kinetic energy cost of splitting the spin-up and spin-down bands. Some materials (such as Pd or Pt) are on the verge of ferromagnetism, with enhanced paramagnetism but fall below the Stoner limit and thus have no long range order. Compounds of the form RT2Zn20 are mostly non-magnetic Zn, but the rare earth ion R and transition-metal ion...

Rheo-SANS on calcium caseinate under shear and heat

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Producing meat analogue instead of real meat is one effective way to reduce carbon emission and improve animal welfare. Calcium caseinate is a prominent candidate for making a meat analogue. Calcium caseinate is rheomorphic and contains four protein fractions that will associate into micelle-like structure. The association behavior of caseinate in solution is balanced by hydrophobic and electrostatic interaction, as well as steric repulsion. This balance is highly susceptible to temperature and shear, indicating it...

Characterisation of Lithium-ion battery cathode material LiCoMnO4 as prepared by novel low temperature synthesis route

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LiCoMnO4 is a spinel material of great interest for possible applications in the next generation of lithium-ion batteries. LiCoMnO4 exhibits electrochemical activity at 5 volts, but samples also often exhibit a small but deleterious capacity at 4 volts.Our work shows this is likely due to (i) oxygen deficiency or (ii) the presence of a small amount of secondary phase, Li2MnO3, which is difficult to observe in lab X-ray analyses. In either case, the defect is...

High resolution neutron diffraction study to investigate temperature dependent crystal structure of an antiferromagnetic PrFe2Al8

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The crystal structure of the intermetallic PrFe2Al8 consists of a network of Al which forms quasi cage-like structure where the Pr and the Fe form chains of atoms along the c-axis. We propose neutron diffraction investigation of the nuclear and magnetic structures of PrFe2Al8 in order to understand the presence of ferromagnetic clusters of Fe, the metamagnetic transition in low fields and the antiferromagnetic order of Pr3+, which we have observed through macroscopic measurements. The...

Low energy inelastic neutron studies in Ni-Mn-Sn based shape memory alloy

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The composition Ni2.04Mn1.4Sn0.56 belongs to the group of metamagnetic shape memory alloys and it shows multiple magnetic phases as a function of temperature. In a recent muon spin rotation experiment on EMU at ISIS, these multiple magnetic transitions are beautifully depicted and it clears out some of the doubts regarding the nature of different magnetic phases. The sample shows paramagnetic behavior between two ferromagnetic phases and has a spin glass like ground state. Our main...

In situ crystalline CTE measurements of nuclear graphite as a function of load and irradiation history

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Graphite bricks are both the moderator and structural components at the heart of the Advanced Gas-cooled Reactor (AGR) cores. Internal stress arises from the moderation role of the graphite components, which leads to uneven material ageing across the component. These stresses are greatly increased by changes to the coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE), which is a function of irradiation and stress. These stresses can themselves be relaxed over time by the irradiation-induced creep. The need...

Studies of the muon transfer process in a mixture of hydrogen and higher Z gas

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