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Magnetic and structural transition in tetrahedrite Cu12Sb4S13

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Tetrahedrites are minerals which consist largely of earth-abundant and environmentally-friendly elements (copper and sulfur). This family of materials is attracting much interest due to their potential for thermoelectric energy recovery. Tetrahedrites are one of the best p-type thermoelectric materials known to date, due to their extremely low thermal conductivity. It has been recently discovered that the parent tetrahedrite, Cu12Sb4S13, exhibits a metal-semiconductor transition at 85 K, in which the electrical resistivity increases by two orders...

Investigation of the Evolution of Broken Time Reversal Symmetry in Pr1-xNdxOs4Sb12

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PrOs4Sb12 is a 1.85 K superconductor. Its superconductivity shows unconventional behavior, and the originating mechanism remains unknown. One characteristic is an internal magnetic field detected in the superconducting state of PrOs4Sb12, which breaks the time-reversal symmetry and does not appear in conventional type superconductivity. The isostructure compound NdOs4Sb12 becomes ferromagnetically ordered below 0.9 K. We have been investigating the effect of ferromagnetic moment of Nd on the unconventional superconductivity of PrOs4Sb12. This proposal plans to...

Orientational and conformational disorder in a halogen-ethane compound

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The translational and orientational disorder of some liquids can be frozen if they are cooled down quick enough, giving rise to a Structural Glass (SG). But for some molecular compounds molecules displaying pseudo-globular shape can rotate around the equilibrium positions of a crystalline lattice, the quenching can lead to the so called Orientational Glass (OG), in which the orientational disorder is frozen while the long-range translational order still persists. That is the case of some...

Anhysteretic superelastic behaviour in Shape Memory alloys at transcritical temperatures

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Shape Memory Alloys (SMAs) are a special kind of active materials in which the martensitic transformation (MT) is the basis of the peculiar superelastic, and shape memory effects of great interest for technical applications.In a recent work, by studying a tensile stress-induced MT in a Ni-Fe(Co)-Ga crystal we discovered a new phenomenon consisting in unusual anhysteretic superelastic behaviour associated with a very large strain equal to about 14% at above a critical temperature value.With a...

Hydrogen trapped sites in aluminum alloys studied by muon spin relaxation method

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Hydrogen can be a main energy resource in near future. Al-Mg-Si-Cu alloys have been used as an inner materials for a high-pressure hydrogen container. There are plenty of studies investigating hydrogen trapping sites in Al alloys, but hydrogen behavior has been still unknown, especially their kinetic properties of atomic states. For safer use of aluminum alloys in hydrogen gas/liquid tanks and other hydrogen atmosphere, we are interested in hydrogen trapped sites in aluminum alloys. For...

Investigation of rhombic and other novel ices in graphene oxide membranes

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Graphene oxide membranes (GOMs) have shown significant promise as filtration devices, since they are impermeable to many substances but not to water. To explain the rapid transport of water through these membranes, it is thought that water forms a two dimensional rhombic crystal at room temperature which glides through nano-scale channels. Inelastic neutron scattering, with its high sensitivity to hydrogen-containing substances, is a very effective method to investigate new water structures and their dynamics. The...

Radiation resistance of solar sintered regolith for space applications

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The establishment of a permanent base on the lunar surface will require the construction of roads and habitats that need shielding from meteoroids and space radiation. In-Situ Resource Utilisation (ISRU), in which the construction is done using materials on the moon, would be a solution to reduce materials launcher limitations, cost, and the risk of realising a moon base. In this context, an ESA-GSTP project started in 2015, in partnership with DLR-Cologne, with the objective...

High resolution neutron powder diffraction on Ni-Mn-Sn based shape memory alloy showing multiple phase transitions

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The composition Ni2.04Mn1.4Sn0.56 belongs to the group of metamagnetic shape memory alloys and it shows multiple magnetic phases as a function of temperature. In a recent muon spin rotation experiment on EMU at ISIS, these multiple magnetic transitions are beautifully depicted and it clears out some of the doubts regarding the nature of different magnetic phases. The sample shows paramagnetic behavior between two ferromagnetic phases and has a spin glass like ground state. It is...

Determination of the Field Induce Magnetic Structure of Erbium Tetraboride

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We propose to investigate the field induced behaviour of ErB4 using WISH. ErB4 is an example of experimental realisation of the Shastry-Sutherland lattice, a frustrated lattice that has an exact ground state solution. Competition between the magnetic and quadrupolar interaction is believed to be crucial in establishing a ground state, leading to fractional magnetisation plateaux and complex phase diagrams. Our recent diffraction experiments on other two members of the family, HoB4 and NdB4 have shown...

NTC 2018 Proposal Example 1

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Please ignore. This is just for setting up ERAs ready for the Neutron Training Course.

Liquid Structure of Amino Acid Ionic Liquids Based on a ‘Spectator’ Cation

Ionic liquids based on biocompatible ions such as amino acids are of significant interest since they offer access to a lower-cost and lower-toxicity family of green solvents for industrial processes. We have previously investigated a set of ionic liquids based on a standard cation paired with anions based on glycine, alanine, and serine, in order to understand the structural aspects of the liquid state, and highlight key interactions present in these systems. We found interesting,...

A melanin-inspired pro-oxidant system for dopa(mine) polymerization: implication for the biological process and possible technological appli

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Melanins are the major determinants of pigmentation of skin, hair and eyes in humans. These pigments originate from the tyrosinase-catalyzed oxidation of tyrosine, leading to the unstable 3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (DOPA) quinone that through polymerization produce a black insoluble eumelanins. Nucleophilic addition of cysteine to DOPA quinone produces alkali-soluble pheomelanins via 5-S-cysteinylDOPA (CD). This present study will provide the basis for the development of technologies to use CD-based polymers for implementation of eumelanin/polydopamine coatings. From a biological...

μSR investigations of multiferroic system RCrTiO5 (R= rare-earth)

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We are currently investigating multiferroic system RCrTiO5 (R= rare-earth) using bulk measurements and have found interesting magnetic properties. To understand the nature of magnetic ground state and nature of the observed anomalies in the heat capacity of SmCrTiO5, we proposed here to carry out μSR measurements on RCrTiO5 (R=Pr, Sm and Gd) compounds. μSR study on the Gd-based sample, also on Sm is essential, as neutron diffraction study will be difficult due to high absorption...

Sodium chalcohalide glasses for battery applications

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Lithium batteries provide the highest energy density which makes them ideal candidates for future generations of portable electronics and electric vehicles. The increasing demand for lithium batteries will be limited by the fact that lithium is not an abundant material and its cost is expected to increase considerably in the coming years. In contrast, sodium resources are unlimited, and from economic point of view sodium batteries appear as good alternative to lithium devices. Our studies...

Polarised neutron investigations of the spin Seebeck effect

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The spin Seebeck effect generates spin currents in various materials when they are subjected to a temperature gradient. These spin currents persist over length scales many orders of magnitude greater than the spin diffusion length and thus may hold the key to realising spintronics devices.We wish to continue a neutron reflectivity investigation into the archetypal spin Seebeck system, thin film yttrium iron garnet (YIG) on a substrate of gadolinium gallium garnet (GGG). It is known...

Modelling the Structure of Metal-organic Framework Glasses

We have recently demonstrated the glass-forming ability of the family of hybrid micro-porous materials known as metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). Specifically, a family known as zeolitic imidazolate frameworks (ZIFs), consisting of Zn2+ ions linked by imidazolate (C3H3N2-) based organic ligands, melt upon heating in argon, and their liquids can be quenched to form glasses with a tetrahedral metal-ligand-metal connectivity. Here we propose to use netron total scattering to probe the structure of one example of a...

The structure of particle stabilised foams

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Many formulated products pass through or end up as foams, comprising immiscible millimeter sized bubbles dispersed into an aqueous continuous phase. Frequently, surfactants or polymers are employed to stabilize the foam structures. Recently, similarities between the role of small solid particles in stabilizing aqueous foams and conventional surfactants in air/water systems have been observed. Here, we wish to explore these facets, focusing on aqueous foams stabilized by silica particles of differing hydrophobicity. These silica foams...

SANS Contrast Matching Studies of Radiation-grafted Anion-exchange Membranes

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We request two days beam time on SANS2D for the study of radiation-grafted anion-exchange membranes, both dry and hydrated under different ratios of D2O/H2O. These materials are some of the most promising anion-exchange membranes for use in energy applications (such as fuel cells and water electrolysers). The collection of small-angle neutron scattering data will enhance our understanding of the mesoscale morphology of these membranes and how that contributes to their anionic conductivity under the relevant...

Complete data set of different hydrations levels of alpha-Lactalbumin

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Zaccai et al. proposed to build up a neutron Dynamics Data Bank which would be populated with dynamical data of biological macromolecules measured with different techniques, neutron scattering, MD simulations and NMR. The aim is to concentrate the obtained data which should result in a global picture of the dynamics of biomolecules. However, there still exist large gaps between simulations and experiments. It is the goal of the recently started PhD project of D. Zeller...

Investigating the synthesis and decomposition of light mixed metal amides for ammonia decomposition applications

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We request 3 days on POLARIS to perform in situ, combined powder diffraction-gravimetric analysis on the formation and decomposition of three mixed lithium-potassium amides. Accessing the intrinsic hydrogen content within ammonia has the potential to play a significant role in sustainable energy storage applications. Inexpensive light-metal amides are among the most active ammonia decomposition catalysts and are likely to surpass the performance of transition metal based catalysts. Creating mixed metal amide systems is one way...

Neutron reflectivity of water soluble conjugated polymer/surfactant films

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Water-soluble conjugated polymers (WSCP) are an important class of materials which have received great attention as active materials in optoelectronic devices and in biosensing. The optoelectronic properties are directly related with their structural organization and therefore intra and/or interpolymeric pi-pi stacking affects the charge transport and energy transfer processes occurring in the devices. The characterization of luminescent films at the solid-liquid interface will be very important to establish a relationship between the photoluminescence properties and...

Characterization of heterogeneous solvent structure in a carbon capture fluid

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We propose to use neutron scattering experiments to gain molecular level insight into an intriguing liquid structure observed in a water-free CO2-capture solvent. Switchable ionic liquids (SWILs) are a promising class of CO2-separating solvents that entail an intrinsic heterogeneous, micro-domain solvent structure that changes size, shape and orientation of both molecular and ionic domains as a function of CO2 loading. We aim to study interesting chemistry and controlling principles to determine how these gradient changes...

DLS proposal number 14670 on I07

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Organogels with CO2-philic surfactants

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SANS will be used to probe the internal structures of organogels consisting of custom synthesized CO2-philic surfactants and p-phenol low molecular weight organogelators (LMOGs, Figure 1). These LMOGs are commercially available and relatively low in cost, it is proposed that the internal structures of these thermoresponsive structures will be explored around the pronounced melting point (Figure 3), where a sharp decrease in viscosity is observed. The surfactants under study are partially fluorinated analogues of commercially...

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