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Supramolecular deep eutectic solvents (SupraDES) and their interaction with water

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Deep eutectic solvents (DES) are a mixture of environmentally benign and inexpensive compounds, that - when combined - yield liquids at room temperature. Akin to ionic liquids, DES have been used as functional solvents in extractions, electrodepositions and synthetic chemistry. Cyclodextrins are large, cyclic molecules, which are hydrophilic on the outside and hydrophobic inside; their cavities are particularly suited to selectively capture molecules through noncovalent host−guest interactions (superamolecular chemistry). This study looks into the structure...

Antiferromagnetic ordering in two-dimensional A2Ga2S5 (A = Fe, Mn) with puckered hexagonal nets

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This proposal is to explore the magnetic ordering present in a family of two-dimensional ternary metal chalcogenides Fe2Ga2S5 and Mn2Ga2S5 containing Fe2+ and Mn2+ ions arranged in unusual puckered hexagonal nets arising from a bilayer of triangular nets with coupling provided by sulfide ions. Neutron diffraction will be key to deducing experimentally the nature of the magnetic ordering.

Optimized Oxygen Conductor BSCFW-Mg


Structural distortions in BaNb2O6

CHRONUS Commissioning

Structure of doped chromates

Identification of MgH2


Tetragonal spinel of MgMnO polymorphs T2

Li3BiI6 photoabsorbers


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Structure of cubic Li1.3Mn0.4Ta0.3O2

UCL ILDH cryoprotectant solution test

Structure of Talnahkite, Cu9Fe8S16

Vibrational spectrum of the oxyhydride SrVO2H


Magnetic spin structure of EuAuBi single crystals

Proteoliposomes for mechanosensitive ion channels

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