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MDANSE (Molecular Dynamics Analysis of Neutron Scattering Experiments): users guide version 1.0

Rastislav Turanyi, MA Gonzalez, E Pellegrini & Sanghamitra Mukhopadhyay

Comparison of code coupling libraries for high performance multi-physics simulation

Philippa Rubin
The usability and performance of code coupling libraries are compared. In this work, MUI, MOOSE, preCICE, OpenPALM and PLE are considered. To compare performance, a 3D field exchange example was provided by the Scientific Computing Department at STFC. It is intended that this is a sufficiently general example to ensure this work applied to a wider range of the UK's Computational Collaborative Projects and High-End Computing Consortia.

Global optimization of crystal field parameter fitting in Mantid

M O’Flynn, Jaroslav Fowkes & N I M Gould
Currently local optimization algorithms are used by the Mantid software package to fit parameters to crystal field data, however such fits are extremely sensitive to the selection of initial parameters. Even introducing a small perturbation to the initial parameters can change the fitting significantly, hence there is a need to consider a global, rather than a local, optimization approach to fit crystal field data. In this report, we propose and test several different global optimization...

Summary of space weather worst-case environments (3rd rev. ed.)

M.A Hapgood, M Angling, G Attrill, Mario Bisi, P Cannon, C Dyer, J Eastwood, S Elvidge, M Gibbs, R Harrison, D Gibbs, R Horne, D Jackson, B Jones, S Machin, C Mitchell, J Preston, J Rees, N Rogers, A Richards, G Routledge, K Ryden, R Tanner, A Thomson, J Wild … & M Willis

Green job creation, quality, and skills: A review of the evidence on low carbon energy

Richard Hanna, Phil Heptonstall & Rob Gross
This briefing presents findings from a systematic review of international literature on low carbon job creation, quality, and skills. It is an update to the 2014 UKERC report that examined the evidence for net job creation from policy support for 'low carbon jobs'

Brexit and Decarbonisation, One Year On: Friction, fish and fine-tuning

Antony Froggatt, Caroline Kuzemko & Mathieu Blondeel
One year on from Brexit, this paper outlines the main implications of Brexit for UK energy and climate policy and politics. It focuses on three key areas: markets and interconnectors; UK in a global context; and policy capacity and Brexit opportunity costs.

The new features of Fortran 202x

JK Reid
The aim of this paper is to summarize the new features of the revision of Fortran 2018 that is planned for publication in 2023. It is known informally as Fortran 202x. We take as our starting point Fortran 2018 (ISO/IEC 2018) and its corrigendum (ISO/IEC 2021). For an informal description of Fortran 2018, see Metcalf, Reid and Cohen (2018).

AI chips technical comparison report

W Shaikh & HS Thorne

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