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Coherent control of radiation patterns of nonlinear multiphoton processes in nanoparticles

Francesco Papoff, Duncan. McArthur & Benjamin Hourahine
We model a scheme for the coherent control of light waves and currents in metallic nanospheres which applies independently of the nonlinear multiphoton processes at the origin of waves and currents. Using exact mathematical formulae, we calculate with a custom fortran code the effect of an external control field which enable us to change the radiation pattern and suppress radiative losses or to reduce absorption, enabling the particle to behave as a perfect scatterer or...

Data resulting from an investigation of wide-bandgap silicon-doped AlGaN

Gunnar Kusch, Paul Edwards & Robert Martin
This dataset is the result of an investigation into the influence of Si doping on the morphology and luminescence properties of wide-bandgap AlGaN layers. The dataset contains data acquired from three different samples with approximately the same AlN% and a different Si concentration. The data was acquired using an FEI Quanta 250 environmental scanning electron microscope. The secondary electron (SE) and backscattered electron (BSE) images were produced using the manufacturer-supplied software while the cathodoluminescence (CL)...

Twin Houses Empirical Dataset: Experiment 1

Paul Strachan
Dataset associated with IEA ECB Annex 58 project and associated with published paper "Whole Model Empirical Validation on a Full‐Scale Building" by Strachan et al in Journal of Building Performance Simulation. A detailed description of the dataset is contained in the file: Empirical_Modelling_Specification_200514

Approximate GB power system frequency deviation data from 27th May 2008

Andrew Roscoe
Frequency data, derived ROCOF, and aggregate per-unit inertia estimation. Approximate trace, created by visual examination of National Grid, "Report of the National Grid Investigation into the Frequency Deviation and Automatic Disconnection that occurred on the 27th May 2008," Issued February 2009

Datasets for Investigation of methacrylic acid at high pressure using neutron diffraction.

Iain Oswald
Zip file containting all diffraction files and refienments for Methacrylic acid at high pressure. Oswald-RB1310267-runlist.xls contains the conditions for each data file (.dat) that is created.

Chirped pulse Raman amplification in warm plasma: towards controlling saturation

Gregory Vieux, Xue Yang, Enrico Brunetti, S.M. Wiggins & Gregor Welsh
Presentation of the raw datasets from an experimental campaign conducted at Strathclyde University using the TOPS lab, studying Raman amplification in plasma. These data lead to a publication in Scientific Reports in 2015. More information on the dataset structure can be found in the README file.

How do Practitioners Recognise Software Design Quality: A Questionnaire Survey

Jamie Stevenson
Research Package for practitioner facing survey. For details of data files and formats see contents.txt

Recordings made with the wireless recording/stimulation system

Richard Pinnell
The data provided includes EEG recordings made from rats during a T-maze task, using the wireless EEG recording / deep-brain stimulation (DBS) system. It also contains test (sine-wave) recordings, related to signal-noise ratio measurements. The data is available in both Matlab and tabulated text format (the latter containing only EEG information). The Matlab file contains a structure, which contains: raw rat EEG from rat prefontal-hippocampal electrodes, rat EEG extracted at discreet phases of the T-maze...

Numerical study of upper hybrid to Z mode leakage during electromagnetic pumping of groups of striations in the ionosphere

Bengt Eliasson & Thomas B. Leyser
Smulation data from simulations of upper hybrid waves trapped in density depletions in a magnetised plasma, and the leaking of wave energy to electromagnetic waves in the Z mode branch. Each zip'ed folder contains data files and Matlab scripts that can be used to open the data. A README file is provided in each data set with further information on physical parameters used, and a brief description of the Matlab scripts used to read and...

2photon-pumped Truxene Laser

Oleksandr Kanibolotskyy & Peter Skabara
MS Word file containing supplementary information for related publication.

Photoluminescence spectra obtained from magnesium-doped gallium nitride thin films implanted with europium ions

Kevin O'Donnell & Paul Edwards
These files contain photoluminescence (PL) spectra measured at the University of Strathclyde from GaN(Mg):Eu thin film samples. Each file is in a tab-delimited ASCII text format, in which the first column contains wavelength values (in nanometres) and the subsequent column(s) contain PL intensity values (in CCD counts). Further analysis of this data has been published in the associated Applied Physics Letters article, and the file titles correspond to the figure numbers in this article.

IPC 2015 abstract Alloyed-core colloidal quantum dot DFB laser with encapsulated gain region

Luke McLellan
The data here was generated and used for the IEEE photonics conference (2015) abstract on alloyed-core colloidal quantum dot DFB laser with an encapsulated gain region. The data presented were used in the production of Figs 2a and 2b, respectively a plot of edge emission spectra corresponding to different structure geometry and pumping conditions and the laser transfer function of the final device (with the inset showing a spectrum above threshold). The data of Figure...


Kerem Akartunali, Alexander Leggate, Seda Sucu & Robert Van Der Meer
VCS-data: Vehicle Crew Scheduling Data This set contains 240 test instances we generated using all different combinations of important problem parameters for a crew scheduling problem apparent for off-shore supply vessels (OSVs). The documentation file provides thorough detail regarding problem parameters and different values used for each of these, and it also presents an MIP formulation of the problem to clarify the use of the data in a problem setting. Each data instance has a...

Australian Electricity Market Operator (AEMO) 5 Minute Wind Power Data

Jethro Dowell
Dataset (CSV format) used in paper [1]. 5 minute resolution wind power data from 22 wind farms in south-east Australia from 2012-2013 made publicly available by the Australian Electricity Market Operator (AEMO). Processed by Stefanos Delikaraoglou, Pierre Pinson and Jethro Dowell (please acknowledge). [1] J. Dowell, P. Pinson, "Very-short-term Probabilistic Wind Power Forecasts by Sparse Vector Autoregression," IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, accepted, 2015, (pre-print), DOI: 10.1109/TSG.2015.2424078

Frisian National Party Membership Survey

Arno Van Der Zwet
Membership Survey Frisian National Party N=579 Date = 2009 Format = SPSS Data was created as part of a project comparing Scottish National Party and Frisian National Party memberships attitudes. The questions draw from Mitchel et al. 2012 The Scottish National Party, transition to power, oxford. The file contains: - survey results in an SPSS database - ancillary material (accompanying letter, questionnaire and high level analysis) in MS word format

Maps, histograms and other data supporting the Journal of Applied Physics paper titled Effect of the barrier growth mode on the luminescence and conductivity micron scale uniformity of InGaN light emitting diodes

Michael Wallace
Dataset contains 6 separate uploads, each concerning one of the six figures in the paper. All the maps - i.e. the images of the LED (either intensity, EBIC or peak position) are generated by the use of an electron probe microanalyser (EPMA) and the resultant datasets extracted from CHIMP - a cathodoluminescence acquisition and analysis program created in house by Dr Paul Edwards. The graphs and histograms were produced using Origin Lab. The paper (and...

Design and Innovation in the British Empire

Andrew Wodehouse & Annie Tindley
This AHRC funder project (Design and Innovation in the British Empire) considers the role of design in the innovation ecosystem and provides evidence of the impact of design in its historical domestic and imperial context. We used digital photographs, transcripts and listings to create records of the historical archives. These are recorded as .jpg, .pdf and .docx files and organised by case study.

Mechanical testing after I-ECAP at 250 C and 200 C

Michal Zbigniew Gzyl
Datasets (CSV files) from mechanical testing of fine-grained AZ31B magnesium alloy obtained by I-ECAP at 250 C and 200 C. Mechanical properties were investigated using an Instron 5969 testing machine with the maximum load capacity 50 kN. Tension and compression tests were carried out at room temperature with the initial strain rate equal to 1, 10-3 s-1. All specimens were cut out along ED. Flat tensile specimens, with thickness equal to 2 mm and dimensions...

Exploration of the two-photon excitation spectrum of fluorescent dyes at wavelengths below the range of the Ti:Sapphire laser

Johanna Trägårdh, Gillian Robb, Rumelo Amor, William Amos, John Dempster & Gail McConnell
Data underpinning the paper "Exploration of the two-photon excitation spectrum of fluorescent dyes at wavelengths below the range of the Ti:Sapphire laser", J. Trägårdh et al., accepted to J. Microscopy (2015). Mainly images of cells labelled with fluorescent stains. The data type is described in the file DataDescription.txt The images were acquired using home-written instrument control software and are in a standard .ome.tiff format.

Thiazole-induced rigidification in substituted dithieno-tetrathiafulvalene: the effect of planarisation on charge transport properties

Rupert Taylor
All data relating to compounds 1 and 2 in the pulication: Proton and carbon NMR data (.fid), high resolution mass spectroscopy (pdf scans), Atomic Force Microscopy raw data, cyclic voltammetry raw data (.txt), DFT calculation output files (.txt/FCHK files), OFET raw data (excel ffiles), TGA data (excel files) and UV-Vis data (origin file). Data created under the following projects: (EP/I029141) (EP/L012200/1). high resolution mass spectrometry data from the EPSRC UK National Mass Spectrometry Facility at...

Electrogenerated chemiluminescence (ECL) Data for T4BT-B and DPA

Oleksandr Kanibolotskyy, Peter Skabara, Zahera Mohsan & Jesuraj Inigo
Electrogenerated chemiluminescence (ECL) data for truxene-benzothiadiazole(BT)- oligofluorene conjugated system (T4BT-B) and diphenylanthracene (DPA) as a MS Office Word file. which include: - the structure of DPA and the generic structure of truxene-quarterfluorenes (Tn) and T4BT series; x = 1, n = 1, m = 3 for T4BT-B, as an Chem Bio Draw object (Figure 1); - the Origin objects of ECL related data (Figures 2-5, S1-S4, S6-S7); - the graphic image of the ECL of...

Azimuthal asymmetry in collective electron dynamics in relativistically transparent laser–foil interactions

Ross Gray & Paul McKenna
Asymmetry in the collective dynamics of ponderomotively-driven electrons in the interaction of an ultraintense laser pulse with a relativistically transparent target is demonstrated experimentally. The 2D profile of the beam of accelerated electrons is shown to change from an ellipse aligned along the laser polarization direction in the case of limited transparency, to a double-lobe structure aligned perpendicular to it when a significant fraction of the laser pulse co-propagates with the electrons. The temporally-resolved dynamics...

Horizontal Beam Patterns - AURA (Automated Ultrasonic Robotic Array)

Adam Gillies
Dataset contains a Huygens principle MATLAB model. The model calculates the beam pattern of a 1D linear electronically phased ultrasonic array. The model can be used to steer the beam profile of the ultrasonic array between +/- 90 degrees, facilitating investigations into grating lobes at the maximum extremities of array capabilities. The model takes account of beam spread, directivity of the beam and the pitch of each of the array elements. The model is used...

Cathodoluminescence imaging and spectroscopy of non-polar InGaN quantum wells in core-shell nanostructures

Paul Edwards
Controlling the long-range homogeneity of core-shell InGaN/GaN layers is essential for their use in light-emitting devices. This dataset contains the results of using high-resolution cathodoluminescence (CL) hyperspectral imaging to measure the homogeneity of the optical emission from single quantum wells formed on the the m-plane facets of core-shell InGaN/GaN nanostructures. The layers were grown by our collaborators at the University of Bath (E. Le Boulbar, I. Girgel, P.-M. Coulon, C. R. Bowen, D. W. E....

HF wave propagation and induced ionospheric turbulence in the magnetic equatorial region

Bengt Eliasson
The dataset contains data from a simulation of turbulence induced by large amplitude electromagnetic waves injected into the Earth's ionosphere in the Earth's magnetic equatorial region. The data include the waveform of the electromagnetic field obtained in full-scale simulations, and data from local two-dimensional simulations of Langmuir turbulence resulting in large amplitude electrostatic fields. Finally the dataset also contains results of Fokker-Planck simulations of electrons accelerated by the turbulence forming high-energy tails in the distribution...

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