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Mathematics teaching and learning in secondary schools: the impact of pedagogical practices on important learning outcomes

Maria Pampaka & Lawrence Wo

BBC Great British Class Survey, 2011-2013

F. Devine & M. Savage
The aim of the <I>Great British Class Survey</I> project was to understand the landscape of class and stratification in contemporary Great Britain. It was a joint project between the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) Lab UK, BBC Current Affairs, and a team of academic researchers. The BBC initiated the research as part of an interest in exploring class dynamics in the UK in a new way, both theoretically and methodologically. Theoretically, the set of questions was...

Coal and Community: A Comparative Study of Three Mining Communities after the Strike, 1984-1988

P. King, D. Waddington & C. Critcher
This study is available via the UK Data Service <a href="http://discover.ukdataservice.ac.uk/QualiBank/">Qualibank</a>, an online tool for browsing, searching and citing the content of selected qualitative data collections held at the UK Data Service.<br> <br> This is a comparative study carried out by Critcher and colleagues of three mining communities in Yorkshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire following the miners' strike of 1984-1985. The three mining communities were selected for their comparability in terms of size, demographic structure and...

Cases Involving Challenges to EU Merger Decisions

Michael Harker, Morten Hviid & Kathryn Wright

Quality and capacity in inclusive research with people with learning disabilities

Melanie Nind

Living in Ambivalence: Punjabi Migrant Transnationalism in the U.K

Fillipo Osella & VJ Varghese

Quarterly Labour Force Survey, January - March, 2014: Special Licence Access

Within-Household Inequalities and Public Policy

Holly Sutherland, Fran Bennett & Susan Himmelweit

Annual Population Survey, October 2007 - September 2008

Social Survey Division Office For National Statistics
The Special Licence version of the APS October 2007 - September 2008 is held at the UK Data Archive under SN 6170.<br> <br> For the fourth edition (April 2015) an updated version of the data was deposited, weighted to 2014 population figures (based on Census 2011). The new weighting variable is PWTA14. An updated APS user guide is also available.<br> <br> The <i>Annual Population Survey</i> (APS) is a major survey series, which aims to provide...

Farm Business Survey, 2013-2014

Mounted police community patrols

Ben Bradford

The Impact of New Health Imperatives in Schools

Emma Rich & John Evans

European Commission mergers with buyer power

Matt Olczak & SW Davies

Communicating Copyright: An Exploration of Copyright Discourses in the Digital Age

Bethany Klein

Becoming a Channel swimmer: embodiment and identity in an extreme sporting culture

Karen Throsby

Effectiveness of international regulation of pollution controls: the case of the governance of ship emissions

Michael Bloor

Precarious lives: Asylum seekers and refugees' experiences of forced labour.

Louise Waite

SynergyNet: Supporting Collaborative Learning in an Immersive Environment

Liz Burd

Reasoning skills and reasoning strategies in developmental dyscalculia

Kinga Morsanyi

Elucidating Environmental links Between Socioeconomic Position and Heart Disease

Cathryn Tonne

Multiple environmental deprivation and physical activity

Niamh Shortt

Adaptations to Rural Communities through Living with Climate Change

Martin Phillips

Identifying barriers to TB diagnosis and treatment under a new rapid diagnostic scheme.

Sally Jane Theobald

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