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Farm Business Survey, 2012-2013: Special Licence Access

Rural Business School Duchy College
Users should note that data in Section A that record geographical grid references have been removed to protect the confidentiality of survey participants.<br> <br> For the second edition (February 2015), the database was updated with a new version derived from version 8 of the FBS2012 database with additional data. The 2012-2013 database now contains details on farmer and spouse independent incomes (Section K), household income (section N), tenanted land data (Section R). English data is...

Patients and Their Doctors, 1964; General Practitioners

A. Cartwright
The purpose of this study was: to collect data describing the main features of general practice - family, personal, domiciliary and front-line care; to obtain information about the role of the general practitioner as seen by both patients and doctors.<br> There are ten datasets making up this study:<br> &lt;i&gt;Main Patients&lt;/i&gt; SN:394<br> &lt;i&gt;General Practitioners&lt;/i&gt; SN:704<br> &lt;i&gt;Depression&lt;/i&gt; SN:705<br> &lt;i&gt;G.P. Consultation&lt;/i&gt; SN:706<br> &lt;i&gt;Out-Patients&lt;/i&gt; SN:707<br> &lt;i&gt;Children&lt;/i&gt; SN:708<br> &lt;i&gt;Mothers&lt;/i&gt; SN:709<br> &lt;i&gt;Old People&lt;/i&gt; SN:710<br> &lt;i&gt;Failure Schedules&lt;/i&gt; SN:835<br> &lt;i&gt;No National Health Service...

Understanding Society: Innovation Panel, Waves 1-11, 2008-2018: Special Licence Access, Census Area Statistics Wards

Institute For Social University Of Essex
The <i>Understanding Society: Innovation Panel: Special Licence Access, Census Area Statistics Wards</i> dataset contains Census Area Statistics Ward (CASWARD) geographic variables for each wave of <i>Understanding Society: Innovation Panel</i> to date, and a household identification serial number for file matching to the main <i>Understanding Society: Innovation Panel</i> data. These data have more restrictive access conditions than those available under the standard End User Licence (see 'Access' section below). Those users who wish to make an...

General Household Survey (Surrey Files), 1980

A. Dale, S. Arber, G. N. Gilbert & J. O'Byrne
The <i>General Lifestyle Survey</i> (GLF), formerly the <i>General Household Survey</i> (GHS), ran from 1972-2011. It was a continuous annual national survey of people living in private households, conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS). The main aim of the survey was to collect data on a range of core topics, covering household, family and individual information. This information was used by government departments and other organisations for planning, policy and monitoring purposes, and to...

Culture, education, skills, migration and consumption in Nepal 2013-2018

Krishna Adhikari & David Gellner

Contemporary Data on the Diffusion and Productivity of Coal Mechanisation in Britain to 1939

P. Scott
A common feature of Britain's staple industries during the sixty years to 1939 was a rejection of the new production technologies adopted by their main overseas competitors. This project investigated the extent to which 'path dependence' accounts for the failure of these industries to adopt the new production technologies, via a case study of the British coal industry. One of Britain's most important nineteenth century staple industries, coal mining experienced a particularly severe interwar decline....

Patents, Designs and Trade Marks, 2010: Secure Access

Intellectual Property Office

The democratic anchorage of governance networks in three European countries

Chris Skelcher & Helen Sullivan

British Household Panel Survey: Waves 1-13, 1991-2004: Teaching Dataset (Time Use, Leisure and Social Memberships)

University Of Essex. Institute For Social And Economic Research. ESDS Longitudinal And University Of Essex. UK Data Archive. ESDS Longitudinal

Humour Styles and Bullying in Schools

Claire Fox

Occupational Stress in Graduate Engineers, 1980-1982

T. J. Newton & A. Keenan
The research set out to study occupational stress and its consequences in newly qualified graduate engineers. The project was also concerned with a number of more general issues in the area of stress research. A longitudinal design was employed, with measures taken before subjects entered their first full-time job, then on two more occasions after they had started employment.

British Gambling Prevalence Survey, 2010

National Centre For Social Research
The <i>British Gambling Prevalence Survey, 2010</i> is the third survey in the series. The aims of the survey were to provide data on participation in all forms of gambling in Great Britain, the prevalence of problem gambling, attitudes to gambling and to explore a range of associations with gambling behaviour. The 2010 study is the first in the series to be conducted after the full implementation of the Gambling Act 2005. Therefore, a further objective...

Vital Statistics for Wards in England and Wales, 1990; VS4

Office Of Population Censuses And Surveys
The data cover vital statistics at ward level for 1990.<br> <br> For the second edition (August 2006), work was carried out on the data by ESDS Government (see above), in order to produce a more user-friendly tab-delimited ASCII file. The data are also now available in Excel format.<br> <br> The purpose of the <i>Vital Statistics for England and Wales</i> data is to record the numbers of conceptions, live births, stillbirths, deaths and causes of death...

Sustainable Uplands: Learning to Manage Future Change, 2006-2009

K. Hubacek
<p>This is a mixed method data collection. The study is part of the Rural Economy and Land Use (RELU) programme.<br> <br>The aim of this project was to combine knowledge from local stakeholders, policy-makers and social and natural scientists to anticipate, monitor and sustainably manage rural change in UK uplands. The project combined experience and new ideas from local people with cutting-edge natural and social science. The result will be a choice of solutions to future...

Cohort Study of Incomes In and Out of Work, 1987-1988

Department Of Social Security
The study examines the incomes in and out of work and labour market experiences of newly unemployed men and women. The main objectives of the survey were to:<br> i) obtain information on the income replacement ratios of the unemployed.<br> ii) find out about the social and unemployment characteristics of people becoming unemployed<br> iii) look at the effects of benefits on unemployment durations<br> iv) explore factors people take into account when considering employment and benefit options<br>...

Anglo-Jewry Database, 1851

P. Laidlaw

Annual Population Survey, October 2008 - September 2009

Office For National Statistics. Social Survey Division

New Earnings Survey, 1979

Department Of Employment
The New Earnings Survey is almost certainly the most detailed and comprehensive earnings series anywhere in the world. It is a one in a hundred sample survey of employees in Britain, giving information on aspects of earnings and employment based on a week in April each year. The NES enquiry is conducted by the Department of Employment under the provisions of the Statistics of Trade Act (1947). Under the terms of this Act, data so...

Data for Undergraduate Political Science Courses: British Social Attitudes Survey, 2005

S. Carey & K. Adeney
The <i>Data for Undergraduate Political Science Courses</i> datasets have been derived from three major public opinion studies: <i>Eurobarometer 64.2: the European Constitution, Globalization, Energy Resources, and Agricultural Policy, October - November, 2005</i> (held at the UKDA under SN 5505); <i>British Election Study, 2005</i> (BES) (held under SNs 5494-5496); and the <i>British Social Attitudes Survey, 2005</i> (BSA) (held under SN 5618), for the purpose of teaching data analysis to undergraduates in political science. The datasets have...

Dyslexia and the impact of strategy preference on reasoning

Alison Bacon

Experimental data: compliance and the power of authority 2012

Daniel John Zizzo

Survey on Marriage, 1970

R. Chester
The purpose of this study was to assess the changes in behaviour and attitudes in married life.

Expenditure and Food Survey, 2002-2003

Food Department For Environment & Office For National Statistics
For the third edition (September 2007), the food database was replaced by a new version, updated to include estimates for free food and unspecified meals. <br> <i>Background</i>:<br /> A household food consumption and expenditure survey has been conducted each year in Great Britain (excluding Northern Ireland) since 1940. At that time the <I>National Food Survey</I> (NFS) covered a sample drawn solely from urban working-class households, but this was extended to a fully demographically representative sample...

Welsh Health Survey, 2012

NatCen Social Research
The <i>Welsh Health Survey</i> (WHS) collects information about the health of people living in Wales, the way they use health services, and the factors that can affect their health. The current WHS series was commissioned by the Welsh Government (formerly the Welsh Assembly Government), and was carried out in both 2003-2004 and 2004-2005 by a consortium comprising NatCen Social Research (NatCen) (formerly the National Centre for Social Research), Beaufort Research Limited, and the Department of...

British Household Panel Survey, Waves 1-18, 1991-2009: Secure Access, National Grid Reference (Easting, Northing, OSGRDIND)

Institute For Social University Of Essex

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