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Rural Youth Employment Study, 1985

J. Turbin & E. D. Stern
The aim of this survey was to examine factors affecting the employment prospects of young people in four rural areas with particular reference to employers in these areas.

Directories Database, 1772-1787

P. J. Corfield & S. M. Kelly
This dataset is a study of urban occupations in Britain in the early Industrial Revolution, via analysis of entries in sixteen early urban directories.<br> Local town directories were produced in increasing numbers from the 1760s onwards. They were ad hoc works, generally providing listings of leading local inhabitants, with their names, addresses and occupations. <br> The sources used for this database were selected from all large urban centres with early listings. One directory (or relevant...

Canadian Business and Public Policy Attitudes Survey, 1979-1980

University Of Windsor (Ontario, Canada), International Business Studies Research Unit & Elliott Research Corporation (Toronto)
To collect data on attitudes toward economic policy, business conditions, consumer buying intention, and the general business and economic climate. This survey is one of an annual series conducted by Elliott Research Corp. Ltd. (Toronto, Canada) with assistance from the International Business Research Unit of the University of Windsor.

OPCS Survey of Psychiatric Morbidity among Homeless People, 1994

Office Of Population Censuses
The purpose of the Homeless People Survey was to provide good baseline information about mental illness among homeless people in Great Britain. The survey aims were:<br> 1. To estimate the prevalence of psychiatric morbidity among homeless people aged 16-64 years<br> 2. To examine the varying use of services and receipt of care in relation to mental illness and housing circumstances<br> 3. To look at comorbidity between mental illness and physical illness, and relationships with lifestyle...

Marital Breakdown in Scotland, 1684-1832

L. Leneman
The aim of the project was to transcribe and analyse the records of all cases of divorce, separation and annulment in the Edinburgh Commissary Court between 1684 and 1832 (the period for which registers of extracted decreets are available).

London Survey, June 1972

Opinion Research Centre
To ascertain public attitudes to the various authorities who provide services within London.

Family Expenditure Survey, 1971

Department Of Employment
The <i>Family Expenditure Survey</i> (FES), which closed in 2001, was a continuous survey with an annual sample of around 10,000 households. They provided information on household and personal incomes, certain payments that recurred regularly (e.g. rent, gas and electricity bills, telephone accounts, insurances, season tickets and hire purchase payments), and maintained a detailed expenditure record for 14 consecutive days.<br> <br> The original purpose of the FES was to provide information on spending patterns for the...

Internal Marketing and Performance Surveys of India Call Centres, 2007-2009

N. Malhotra & P. Budhwar
<i>Internal Marketing and Performance Surveys of India Call Centres, 2007-2009</i> examined the topics of human resource management and internal marketing in Indian call centres. The data available from the UK Data Archive are from the second phase of research which aimed to gain an in-depth understanding about the nature of internal marketing strategies of various types of call centres operating in India. A self-completion questionnaire was administrated to three major business process outsourcing companies in...

Maternity and Paternity Rights in Britain, 2002: Survey of Parents

Policy Studies Institute
<i>Maternity and Paternity Rights in Britain, 2002: Survey of Parents</i><br> <br> The 2002 data are in a similar format to those gathered in the 1996 survey, and so help provide a time-series to allow the examination of the impact of legislative changes enacted in 1999. Similarly, the 2002 study will also serve as a baseline against which changes in opinions and behaviours may be tracked in the future (for example in the 2005 survey), following...

Macro-Economic Role of Military Expenditure in OECD Countries, 1953-1973

R. P. Smith
A consistent set of economic time series for 12 variables and 14 OECD countries for the years 1953-1973 were assembled to test various hypotheses about the macroeconomic role of military expenditure.

Defamation in the Lothians and Argyll, 1750-1800

L. Leneman
The aim of the project was to transcribe and analyse the records of all cases of scandal (i.e. defamation) in the Edinburgh and Argyll Commissary Courts between 1750 and 1800.<br> <br> There has been a good deal of work done on this subject for early modern England (and some for early modern America), much of it stressing the gendered nature of insult. This material was gathered in order to investigate the extent to which the...

Labour Force Survey Two-Quarter Longitudinal Dataset, October 2005 - March 2006

Office For National Statistics. Social And Vital Statistics Division And Northern Ireland Statistics And Research Agency. Central Survey Unit

Quarterly Labour Force Survey, April - June, 2001

Social Survey Division Office For National Statistics & Northern Ireland Statistics
For the second edition (July 2008), a new version of the data file, reweighted to the latest (2007-2008) population estimates, was deposited. See documentation for further details of reweighting. The data file includes new weighting variables pwt07 and piwt07.<br> <br> <p><strong>Background</strong><br>The&nbsp;<em>Labour Force Survey</em>&nbsp;(LFS) is a unique source of information using international definitions of employment and unemployment and economic inactivity, together with a wide range of related topics such as occupation, training, hours of work and...

Allied Dunbar National Fitness Survey, 1990

Activity And Health Research Limited
This large scale survey focuses on the measurement of physical activity patterns and fitness levels of a random sample of the adult population of England. The information has provided a database from which the levels of physical activity and fitness amongst the population can be better understood. In particular, it shows the relationship between fitness, health and wellbeing.

Financial Expectations, November 1978

British Market Research Bureau
These are a series of surveys containing questions asked of a monthly representative sample of 1000 adults about their financial well-being and expectations by the British Market Research Bureau.

Cohort II: a Study of Learner and Novice Drivers, 2001-2005

Security Transport Research Laboratory. Safety

People in Place: Families, Households, and Housing in London, 1550-1720

P. Baker, M. Merry & G. Newton
This project examines the crucial role of family and household in the social and economic transformations that took place in London in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Population growth, immigration, urbanisation, and commercialisation produced new patterns of sociability, gender relations, employment, and domestic lifestyle. The family was central to all these developments, but has been little studied in detail. The project will reconstruct and analyse the dense matrix of families, households, properties, and buildings in...

Local Authority Housing Policy and Practice, 1973; Stafford Council House Analysis

P. Niner
A series of surveys were carried out to provide factual and detailed information on the performance of 6 local authorities in council house allocation, improvement grants, council mortgages and council house sales. The information was intended to support inter-authority comparisons, and to check on variability of policy and practice. The emphasis was on the extent to which housing need was being met and housing opportunities created.

Labour Force Survey Two-Quarter Longitudinal Dataset, June - November 1995

Office Of Population Censuses
For the second edition (June 2004), the depositor supplied a re-weighted version of the data file. The re-weighting has been done to bring LFS data in line with the population estimates from the 2001 Census. Some variables have been removed, some added and others renamed - please see READ file for details. <b>Background</b><br> The <i>Labour Force Survey</i> (LFS) is a unique source of information using international definitions of employment and unemployment and economic inactivity, together...

Essex Members of Friends of the Earth, 1979

M. J. A. Greenway
The purpose of this study was to collect data about the social backgrounds of the members of an envvironmental pressure group, for use in a B.A. (Sociology) dissertation.<br>

Measures of Innovatory Activity : UK and Other Countries, 1945-1988

C. A. Greenhalgh & R. A. Wilson
An assessment of the innovatory performance of UK industries in order to establish whether there was hard evidence of a link between this and UK trade performance.

Congregational and Parochial Data for Economic Analysis of Denominational Behaviour in Nineteenth-century Scotland, 1843-1874

J. Sawkins, R. Mochrie & A. Naumov
This research project has collated information on the behaviour of congregations of the three nationally organised Presbyterian denominations active in Scotland between 1843 and 1874. Data covers attendance, building size, congregational giving, and stipend levels. It has been collated to permit inter-denominational comparisons of activity during this period of intense competition in local religious markets.

Irish Poor Law Union and Barony Boundaries, 1841-1871

I. Gregory & P. Ell
The project from which this dataset is derived aimed to explore methods of analysing historical census data over time and space using the demographic impacts of the Irish famine of the late 1840s as a case study. It covered the period from 1841 – 1871 using a variety of demographic data from the Database of Irish Historic Statistics. The GIS data that comprises this study represent the administrative boundaries that the demographic data refer to.<br>...

East India Company: Trade and Domestic Financial Statistics, 1755-1838

H. Bowen
The dataset was created as part of an ESRC-sponsored study, ‘British economic, social, and cultural interactions with Asia, 1760-1833’. It contains statistics relating to the trade and domestic finances of the monopolistic English East India Company primarily between 1755 and 1834, the year in which the Company ceased to function as a commercial organization. Until now quantitative data derived from original sources has only been available in time series for the Company’s trade and some...

Super Profile Group National Classification of 1981 Census Enumeration Districts; LI.INDEX

S. Openshaw
Classification of small area 1981 census enumeration district data into clusters for purposes of data description and analysis.

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