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Commercial Victimisation Survey, 2012

Statistics Home Office
The <i>Commercial Victimisation Survey</i> (CVS) provides a source of information on crime and crime-related issues as they affect businesses in England and Wales. It provides additional detail on the extent of crime to be used alongside the other main sources of information on crime. These are the <a href="http://discover.ukdataservice.ac.uk/series/?sn=200009" title="Crime Survey for England and Wales" target="_blank">Crime Survey for England and Wales</a> (CSEW) (formerly the <i>British Crime Survey</i>), which covers crimes against private individuals and households,...

Survey of Diet among Children in Scotland, 2010

Food Standards Agency, ScotCen Social Research, University Of Hertfordshire & University Of Aberdeen
The <i>Survey of Diet Among Children in Scotland, 2010</i> survey continued the work of the <i>Survey of Sugar Intake among Children in Scotland, 2006</i> (held at the Archive under SN 6250), to monitor progress towards the Scottish Dietary Target for sugar intake in children. The 2010 survey also aimed to investigate the purchasing behaviours of children around the school day using a newly designed Food Purchasing Module (FPM). The survey was carried out by the...

English Housing Survey, 2008-2012: Secure Access

Department For Communities And Local Government

Health Survey for England, 2011: Teaching Dataset

Cathie Marsh Centre For Census University Of Manchester & NatCen Social Research
The <i>Health Survey for England 2011: Teaching Dataset</i> is based on the <i>Health Survey for England, 2011</i> (available from the UK Data Archive under SN 7260) and constitutes real data which are used by the government and are behind many headlines. The teaching dataset contains fewer variables and has been subjected to certain simplifications and additions for the purpose of learning and teaching. <br> <br> The main differences are: <ul><li>the number of variables has been...

National Survey for Wales, 2012-2013

Welsh Government
The <i> National Survey for Wales, 2012-2013</i> is the first year of this major study of adults across Wales. Although the main reporting year for the survey runs in line with financial years (April to the following March), an initial three months of fieldwork was carried out in January to March 2012: 'Quarter 0'. The purpose of this period was to provide national-level results from the survey as quickly as possible, as well as to...

Welfare Regimes under the Irish Poor Law, 1850-1921

G. Laragy, O. Purdue, S. Lucey & V. Crossman
This data was collected as a part of a project that set out to investigate the history of statutory poor relief in Ireland from the end of the Great Famine in 1850 to the establishment of an independent Irish state in 1922. Using qualitative and quantitative data, it explored the character, organisation and operation of the poor law in Ireland. The project combined macro and micro analysis to compile a picture of poor relief that...

Scottish Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey, 2008

Information Services Division NHS National Services Scotland
The main purpose of the 2008 SALSUS was to continue the series of data to monitor prevalence and trends in smoking, drinking and drug use among young people at Scotland level. The smaller sample size in 2008 means the survey cannot be used to monitor prevalence and trends at Alcohol and Drug Action Team (ADAT), Local Authority and NHS Board level. <br> The <i>Scottish Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey</i> (SALSUS) is the primary...

Quarterly Labour Force Survey Eurostat Dataset, Quarter Three, 2010

Northern Ireland Statistics & Social Survey Division Office For National Statistics
The <i>Quarterly Labour Force Survey Eurostat Datasets</i> form the UK component of the <i>European Union Labour Force Survey</i> (EU LFS), and consist of a subset of core variables from the UK Quarterly Labour Force Survey (held at the UK Data Archive under GN 33246), alongside primary and secondary derived variables computed by Eurostat from the core variables supplied. The data comprise seasonal or calendar quarters, depending on the date, and are not directly comparable with...

Understanding Society: Waves 1-2, 2009-2011

University Of Essex. Institute For Social And Economic Research NatCen Social Research

National Survey of Charities and Social Enterprises, 2010

Cabinet Office. Office For Civil Society

Audit of Political Engagement 1-10, 2003-2012: Combined Data

Hansard Society
The <i>Audit of Political Engagement 1-10, 2003-2012: Combined Data</i> includes data from 10 years of Audit surveys in one data file.<br> <br> The <i>Audit of Political Engagement</i> is a time-series study providing an annual benchmark to measure political engagement in Great Britain, gauging public opinion about politics and the political system, and more broadly the general health of our democracy. Each Audit report presents the findings from a public opinion survey, providing detailed commentary on...

Family Practices during Life-Threatening Illness: Exploring the Everyday, 2007-2008

Ellis, J., University Of Sheffield, School Of Health And Related Research (SCHARR)
This is a qualitative data collection. These data were collected as part of a PhD project which explored the experiences of individuals living in a family where a member was dying or had a life-threatening illness. This was an ethnographic study which combined informal, in-depth interviews with nine families and participant observation on a hospice ward. Participant observations and the interviews from one family have not been archived due to consent restrictions; therefore the collection...

Crime Survey for England and Wales, 2011-2012: Secure Access

Office For National Statistics

Accident and Emergency Department Survey, 2012

Picker Institute Europe & Care Quality Commission
The <i>Accident and Emergency Department Survey, 2012</i> is the fourth national survey of patients who attended an Accident and Emergency Department. The sample consisted of patients who attended an Accident and Emergency Department in January, February or March 2012. Almost 46,000 patients aged 16 or older from 147 NHS Trusts in England completed questionnaires, yielding a response rate of 38 per cent. Further information is available on the CQC <a class="external" href="http://www.cqc.org.uk/public/reports-surveys-and-reviews/surveys/accident-and-emergency-2012" title="Accident and Emergency...

Wealth and Assets Survey, Waves 1-2, 2006-2010: Special Licence Access

Office For National Statistics. Social Survey Division

Living Costs and Food Survey, 2011

Food Office For National Statistics Department For Environment

Quarterly Labour Force Survey, July - September, 2012: Special Licence Access

Office For National Statistics. Social Survey Division Northern Ireland Statistics And Research Agency. Central Survey Unit

Understanding Society: Innovation Panel, Waves 1-5, 2008-2012: Special Licence Access, Strategic Health Authorities

University Of Essex. Institute For Social And Economic Research NatCen Social Research

Quarterly Labour Force Survey, July - September, 2012

Office For National Statistics. Social Survey Division Northern Ireland Statistics And Research Agency. Central Survey Unit

Effects of Taxes and Benefits on Household Income, 2010-2011

Office For National Statistics

Households Below Average Income, 1994/95-2011/12

Department For Work And Pensions

Reducing Escherichia Coli O157 Risk in Rural Communities, 2007-2011

C. Hunter, P. Cross, C. Jones & N. Strachan
<p><p>This is a mixed method data collection. The study is part of the Rural Economy and Land Use (RELU) programme.<br> <br>Escherichia coli (E. coli) infection is a very serious threat to human health. It can be devastating and sometimes fatal, and children and elderly people are at particular risk. Little is known about how it is spread in rural environments. This RELU project brought together an interdisciplinary group of researchers from a wide range of...

Taking Part: the National Survey of Culture, Leisure and Sport, 2008-2009; Adult and Child Data: Special Licence Access

Media Department For Culture
<i>Taking Part, 2008-2009</i>, also known as Year 4 of the continuous survey, includes 14,452 interviews conducted with adults (aged 16 or over) and 2,622 child interviews (1,146 of these were conducted with children aged 11-15 and 1,476 of these were conducted with a relevant adult who provided information on a child aged 5-10).<br> <br> The survey used face-to-face computer assisted personal interviews, which took 45 minutes, on average, to complete. The sample for this survey...

Quarterly Labour Force Survey, January - March, 2012

Office For National Statistics. Social Survey Division Northern Ireland Statistics And Research Agency. Central Survey Unit

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