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Battery of intentional agency tasks

P. Haggard, L. De Boer, M.P. Stenner & R.J. Dolan

1851 England and Wales census parishes, townships and places

A.E.M Satchell, P.K Kitson, G.H Newton, L. Shaw-Taylor & E.A Wrigley

Agricultural Development in the Bulandshahr District of Uttar Pradesh, India, 1972

J. A. Allan
The purpose of this study was to examine the changes taking place in irrigated agriculture in a relatively `progressive' district of western Uttar Pradesh. To provide data which, after analysis, would indicate the scale of changes taking place, the interrelationships and relative importance of the different variables.<br>

Local Elections in England, 2015

E. Kolpinskaya

Scottish Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey Trend Data, 1990-2013

The <i>Scottish Schools Adolescent Lifestyle and Substance Use Survey</i> (SALSUS) is the primary source of data on substance using behaviour among young people in Scotland. SALSUS comprises a long running series of national surveys of young people's substance use. From 1982 to 2000 these surveys were carried out jointly in Scotland and England to provide national information on smoking behaviour (from 1982), drinking behaviour (from 1990) and drug use (from 1998). In 2002, Scotland introduced...

English Housing Survey, 2008: Housing Stock Data

What About YOUth? Survey, 2014

Young Lives: an International Study of Childhood Poverty: Round 4, 2013-2014

J. Woldehanna Boyden

National Travel Survey, 2002-2014: Special Licence Access

National Travel Survey, 2002-2014

Affluent Worker Study 1962-64: questionnaire files

Jon Lawrence

Taking Part: the National Survey of Culture, Leisure and Sport, 2014-2015; Adult and Child Data

Media Department For Culture
For <i>Taking Part, 2014-2015</i>, also known as Year 10 of the continuous survey, a child boost was included, which has increased the number of 11-15 year olds asked about sports participation. Adult and child longitudinal datasets and accompanying documentation are also available.<br> <br> The Taking Part survey collects data on many aspects of leisure, culture and sport in England, as well as an in-depth range of socio-demographic information on respondents. The survey is commissioned by...

UK Annual report narrative disclosure scores

Martin Walker, Steven Young, Paul Rayson, Mahmoud El-Haj, Vasiliki Athanasakou & Thomas Schleicher

Continuous Household Survey, 2013-2014

Northern Ireland Statistics
<p>The <i>Continuous Household Survey</i> (CHS) is one of the largest continuous surveys carried out in Northern Ireland. The survey is designed, conducted and analysed by the Central Survey Unit of the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA). It is based on a sample of the general population resident in private households and has been running since 1983. The Survey is designed to provide a regular source of information on a wide range of social...

Harm reduction and smoking: interviews and focus groups

Amanda Amos, Catriona Rooke & Sarah Cunningham-Burley

Assuming identities online: Experimental chatlogs

Timothy David Grant

Managing Minor Ailments: the Public's Preferences for Attributes of Community Pharmacies, 2013

V. Watson
This study aimed to: <ul><li>establish the public's preferences for pharmacy service attributes when managing minor ailments; </li><li>establish the trade-offs people are prepared to make to ensure access to their preferred pharmacy service, in terms of willingness to pay (WTP); and </li><li>predict the likelihood of uptake of pharmacy services with specified combinations of attributes.</li></ul>Data were collected by computer assisted personal interview (CAPI) using a questionnaire comprising a discrete choice experiment (DCE). Additional data collected using two...

Poverty and Social Exclusion Living Standards Survey, 2012

D. Gordon
The Poverty and Social Exclusion in the United Kingdom project is the largest research project of its kind ever carried out in the UK. It examines levels of deprivation in the UK today. The research aims to answer the following questions:<ul><li>What are the best methods for measuring poverty, deprivation, social exclusion and standard of living?</li><li>How are the different dimensions of poverty, deprivation and social exclusion related?</li><li>What is the current extent and nature of poverty and...

Education and social outcomes of young people: promoting success

Emma Salter & Rod Bond

A neuroimaging dataset of brain tumour patients

Cyril Pernet, Krzysztof Gorgolewski & Whittle Ian

DCAL Research Data Archive

Products of the European Community, 1997-2014: Secure Access

English House Condition Survey, 1996: Derived Data

Transport Department Of The Environment
<i>EHCS, 1996: Derived Data</i> contains just the derived data files but these can be used in conjunction with the continuous survey data for time series analysis (available from the UKDA under SNs 6102-6106).<br> <br> For the second edition (March 2016), a new variable, SAP12, was added to the physical file, to reflect updated methodology for calculating Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) energy performance assessments.<br> <br> The <i>English House Condition Survey</i> (EHCS) was a national survey of...

Origins and Characteristics of Scottish Business Leaders, 1850-1960s

M. Black & A. Slaven
The primary aim was to identify the economic and social characteristics of Scotland's business leaders circa 1850-1960, on the basis of the sample of men surveyed in the two volumes of the Dictionary of Scottish Business Biography. This aim guided the structure of the computer database which was designed to meet four main objectives: (1) to determine the origins of the business leaders by sector, time period, firm size, and by patterns appropriate to Founders,...

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