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Occupational Pension Scheme Survey, 2006-2015: Secure Access

The <i>Occupational Pension Scheme Survey</i> (OPSS) provides a detailed view of the nature of occupational pension provision in the UK by organisations. Until 2000, the surveys were conducted every four to five years. Following a review in 2003, the surveys have been annual since 2004. Taken together, the surveys allow the changes in the nature of occupational pension provision to be studied across the UK as a whole.<br> <br> The OPSS has been run by...

National Child Development Study: Sweep 4, 1981: Geographical Identifiers: Secure Access

Institute Of Education University Of London
The <I>National Child Development Study: Sweep 4, 1981: Geographical Identifiers: Secure Access</I> study includes sweep 4 detailed geographical variables, based on the 1981 Census Boundaries, that can be linked to the NCDS End User Licence (EUL) and Special Licence (SL) access studies listed on the <a href="https://discover.ukdataservice.ac.uk/series/?sn=2000032" target="_blank">NCDS series page</A>. When applying for access to a Secure Access NCDS study, users should specify which EUL and/or SL studies they also require.<br> <br> Repair work to...

Effects of Taxes and Benefits on Household Income, 2014-2015

The <i>Living Costs and Food Survey, 2014</i> was used as the main source of data for this study, although some variables were created by combining data from the LCF with data from other sources. <br /><br /> For the second edition (October 2017), a new version of the data file was deposited. Minor revisions have been made to some variables, which affect values for VAT, Post-Tax and Final Income. The documentation has been updated accordingly....

Survey of healthcare usage of children in Mali

Mark Dean

Role of Community-Based Initiatives in Energy Saving, 2010-2014

G. Bardsley Smith

Testing alternate accounts of unconscious plagiarism: experimental data

Timothy Perfect

Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey, 2007

The <i>Adult Psychiatric Morbidity Survey, 2007</i> (APMS 2007) is the third survey of psychiatric morbidity in adults living in private households. The main aim of the survey was to collect data on poor mental health among adults aged 16 and over living in private households in England. <br /><br /> The specific objectives of the survey were:<ul><li>to estimate the prevalence of psychiatric morbidity according to diagnostic category in the adult household population of England. The...

Accessing HIV post-exposure prophylaxis: gay and bisexual men in the UK describe their experiences

Catherine A Dodds, Peter G Keogh & Peter Weatherburn

The customer experience of town centres

Cathryn Hart & Mohammed Rafiq

Print media coverage of public service corporations

Stephen Greasley

1981 Census Microdata Household File for Great Britain: 0.95% Sample

<p>The <em>1981 Census Microdata Household File for Great Britain: 0.95% Sample</em> dataset was created from existing digital records from the 1981 Census under a project known as Enhancing and Enriching Historic Census Microdata Samples (EEHCM), which was funded by the Economic and Social Research Council with input from the Office for National Statistics and National Records of Scotland. The project ran from 2012-2014 and was led from the UK Data Archive, University of Essex, in...

Death Registrations in England and Wales, 1993-2016: Secure Access

The <i>Death Registrations in England and Wales, 1993-2016: Secure Access</i> study includes annual data files for all deaths registered in England and Wales from 1993 to 2016. Death registration is a legal requirement under the Births and Deaths Registration Act 1836. The registration of deaths occurring in England and Wales is a service carried out by the Local Registration Service in partnership with the General Register Office (GRO). Information collected at death registration is recorded...

Multi-method study of the role of schools in supporting children affected by HIV in Zimbabwe

Catherine Campbell

Study of Early Education and Development: Wave 1, 2013-2014

& Department Of Education University Of Oxford

Annual Population Survey, 2004-2017: Secure Access

Labour Force Survey Five-Quarter Longitudinal Dataset, July 2010 - March 2017: Secure Access

Annual Business Survey, 2008-2015: Secure Access

Mood sampling on smartphones

Beryl Noƫ, Liam D Turner, David E J Linden, Stuart Allen, Gregory R Maio & Roger M Whitaker

Welsh Health Survey, 2015: Special Licence Access

The control of visual object selection by attentional templates -Experimental data

Martin Eimer

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