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Self-concept in adolescence

E.G Hards & J. Fisk

Employers' Response to the Introduction of the National Living Wage, 2016

Resolution Foundation Ipsos MORI

Next Steps: Sweeps 1-8, 2004-2016: Secure Access

UCL Institute Of Education University College London
<p></p>All serial numbers used to uniquely identify individuals, attached to data from the Next Steps cohort study, have been changed (third edition, June 2017). This change of serial numbers applies to all datasets from this cohort study (sweeps 1-8) that are deposited at the UK Data Archive. It also applies to the linked NPD data and all other Next Steps data available under Secure Access. The change has been made to improve the security of...

Young Lives: an International Study of Childhood Poverty: Round 5, 2016

Sanchez, A., Grupo De Analisis Para El Desarollo (GRADE) (Peru), Penny, M., Instituto De Investigacion Nutricional (IIN) (Peru), T. Woldehanna, Galab, S., Centre For Economic And Social Studies (CESS) (India), J. Boyden & Duc, L. Thuc, Vietnam Academy Of Social Sciences (CAF-VASS)
This study includes data and documentation for Round 5 only. Round 1 is available under SN 5307, Round 2 under SN 6852, Round 3 under SN 6853 and Round 4 under SN 7931.<br> <br> The Young Lives survey is an innovative long-term project investigating the changing nature of childhood poverty in four developing countries. The purpose of the project is to improve understanding of the causes and consequences of childhood poverty and examine how policies...

Images of the World in the Year 2000: Germany, 1970

T. Kutsch
The data have been transferred to SPSS using the original deposited ASCII .dat file and accompanying SPSS syntax. The conversion has been checked as far as possible, but there is no documentation available for this study. This inquiry into the views of the year 2000 held by the younger generation took place under the auspices of the European Coordination Centre for Research and Documentation in the Social Sciences, established at Vienna, which was founded by...

Liverpool Community, 1649-1750

M. Lewis Power

Durham Tithes Database, 1270-1536

B. Dodds

National Survey of Bereaved People, 2014

Office For National Statistics NHS England

Labour Force Survey Two-Quarter Longitudinal Dataset, July - December, 2017

Social Survey Division Office For National Statistics
<b>Background</b><br> The <i>Labour Force Survey</i> (LFS) is a unique source of information using international definitions of employment and unemployment and economic inactivity, together with a wide range of related topics such as occupation, training, hours of work and personal characteristics of household members aged 16 years and over. It is used to inform social, economic and employment policy. The LFS was first conducted biennially from 1973-1983. Between 1984 and 1991 the survey was carried out...

Annual Inquiry into Foreign Direct Investment, 1996-2016: Secure Access

Office For National Statistics
The <i>Annual Inquiry into Foreign Direct Investment</i> (AFDI) collects financial data concerning Foreign Direct Investment (FDI). The survey is conducted in two parts: the inward FDI relates to foreign investment into the UK from foreign parent or subsidiary companies, while the outward FDI relates to investment by UK-based companies to their overseas parents or subsidiary companies. In particular, the AFDI surveys UK companies about their relationship with oversees affiliates in terms of flows of investment,...

Growing Up in Scotland: Cohort 2, Sweeps 1-3, 2011-2015: Special Licence Access

ScotCen Social Research
<p><em>Removal of Geographical Variables and Spatial Unit Variable</em><br> As of February 2018, at the data owner's request, the variables recording the 15% most deprived data zones, the 8 fold urban-rural classification and the Health Boards have been removed from all sweeps (where included). The variables removed are:</p> <ul><li>Sweep 1: ALaLow15, ALaHBdBc;</li><li>Sweep 2: ALcLow15, ALcURin1, ALcHBdBc.</li></ul> <p><em>New edition information</em><br>For the fourth edition (May 2019), an error in the Sweep 3 data has been correct (the SIMD...

Growing Up in Scotland: Cohort 1, Primary 6 Teacher Survey, 2014-2015: Special Licence Access

ScotCen Social Research
This <span style="font-style: italic;">Growing Up in Scotland: Cohort 1, Primary 6 Teacher Survey, 2014-2015: Special Licence Access</span>&nbsp;includes data collected from the cohort child's Primary 6 teacher, covering the child's performance according to Curriculum for Excellence levels; teacher-child relationship (Pianta's scale); Strengths and Difficulties Questionnaire (SDQ); and Additional Support Needs. The main data for Cohort 1 is held under SN 5760.<br><br> Further information about the survey may be found on the <a href="https://growingupinscotland.org.uk/" title="Growing Up in...

Civil society data partnerships: open data, grants data and the funding base of the third sector 2004-2015

John Mohan, David Kane & Charles Rahal

Our Future: Waves 1-3, 2013-2015

Department For Education Kantar Public

Scottish and Welsh Referendum Studies, 1997

R. Heath Jowell

Higher Education in Northern Ireland : Participation and the Graduate Labour Market, 1991-1992

R.J. Gallagher Cormack

Understanding Society: Innovation Panel, Waves 1-10, 2008-2017: Special Licence Access, Census 2011 Lower Layer Super Output Areas

Kantar Public, NatCen Social Research & Institute For Social University Of Essex
The <i>Understanding Society: Innovation Panel: Special Licence Access, Census 2011 Lower Layer Super Output Areas</i> (LSOA) dataset contains Census 2011 LSOA geographic variables for <i>Understanding Society: Innovation Panel</i> and a household identification serial number for file matching to the main <i>Understanding Society: Innovation Panel</i> data. These data have more restrictive access conditions than those available under the standard End User Licence (see below). Those users who wish to make an application for these data should...

National Awareness and Early Diagnosis Initiative: Cancer Awareness Measure, 2008

J. Ramirez Wardle

Young Lives: Rounds 1 and 2, 2002-2006: Ethiopia: Teaching Dataset

University Of Essex. UK Data Archive. ESDS International

Acute Trusts: Outpatient Surveys, 2003-2004

Commission For Healthcare Audit And Inspection Picker Institute Europe

Health Survey Northern Ireland, 2014-2015

Department Of Health Northern Ireland
The <i>Health Survey Northern Ireland, 2014-2015</i> provides a source of information on a wide range of health issues relevant to Northern Ireland. The information collected is pursuing the development of policies aimed at improving the health and well-being of the Northern Ireland population.<br> <br> The <i>Health Survey Northern Ireland</i> was commissioned by the Department of Health in Northern Ireland and the Central Survey Unit (CSU) of the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) carried...

New Democracies Barometer I-V: Romania, 1991-1998

R. Rose

Irish Readership, May - June, 1968

Social Surveys (Gallup Poll) Limited

Annual Population Survey, July 2013 - June 2014

Social Survey Division Office For National Statistics

OECD Tax Statistics, 1955-2012

Organisation For Economic Co-Operation And Development
The OECD Tax Statistics provide detailed annual information on tax and other government revenues for the period 1955 onwards for all OECD countries (where data is available).<br> <br> The OECD Tax Statistics are presented in the following datasets (some tables will include missing data):<br> <br> Revenue Statistics<br> <br> Data on government sector receipts and on taxes in particular, are basic inputs to most structural economic descriptions and economic analyses and are increasingly used in international...

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