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IMF Direction of Trade Statistics, 1948-2019

The <i>International Monetary Fund (IMF) Direction of Trade Statistics (DOTS)</i> database contains data on the value of merchandise exports and imports between each country and all its trading partners. Total bilateral and multilateral exports and imports are aggregated at national or regional group level. For each reporting country or group, all the trading partners are listed. The corresponding monetary values of total imports and total exports are then provided as time series for each country/trading...

Motivating knowledge agents: Can incentive pay overcome social distance? 2010-2015

Erlend Berg, Maitreesh Ghatak, R R Manjula, D Rajasekhar & Sanchari Roy

Scottish Household Survey, 2018

The <i>Scottish Household Survey</i> (SHS) is a continuous survey based on a sample of the general population in private residences in Scotland. It is financed by the Scottish Government (previously the Scottish Executive). The survey started in 1999 and up to 2011 followed a fairly consistent survey design. From 2012 onwards, the survey was substantially redesigned to include elements of the <i>Scottish House Condition Survey</i> (SHCS) (available from the UK Data Service under GN 33296)...

Parish Register Aggregate Analysis 1538-1839 Restructured: Baptisms, Burials and Marriages from 404 English Parishes

G. Newton &
<p><span>This&nbsp;</span>collection&nbsp;<span>represents the data used to reconstruct the pre-Census population history of England by Wrigley and Schofield, in restructured form. It consists of counts of parish register events from 404 English sample parishes. These data were originally used to estimate national totals of births, deaths and marriages. From these population growth rates were derived and hence the overall English population in each year between 1539 and 1836, but these data are also relevant for local studies...

CCCEPII: Investigating flood insurance and other risk management strategies 2013-2018

Simon Dietz & Hernandez Montes De Oca Paola

Annual Population Survey, January - December, 2019

Social Survey Division Office For National Statistics
<br> The <i>Annual Population Survey</i> (APS) is a major survey series, which aims to provide data that can produce reliable estimates at local authority level. Key topics covered in the survey include education, employment, health and ethnicity. The APS comprises key variables from the <i>Labour Force Survey</i> (LFS) (held at the UK Data Archive under GN 33246), all its associated LFS boosts and the APS boost. Thus, the APS combines results from five different sources:...

European Working Conditions Survey Integrated Data File, 1991-2015

<p>Users of the <span style="font-style: italic;">European Working Conditions Survey Integrated Data File, 1991-2015</span>&nbsp;are advised to consult the documentation of individual year studies. These are listed on the <a href="http://discover.ukdataservice.ac.uk/series/?sn=200014" title="EWCS series" target="_blank"> EWCS series</a> webpage.<br> <br> <b>Latest Edition Information:</b></p> <p>For the eight edition (May 2020), a revised version of the data has been deposited with the following changes:</p> <ul><li><i><span lang="EN-IE">The variables y15_Q81b and y15_Q81c have been corrected; while the data for 2015 were correct in...

Farm Business Survey, 2012-2013: Special Licence Access

Rural Business School Duchy College
<p>Users should note that data in Section A that record geographical grid references have been removed to protect the confidentiality of survey participants.</p><p>The&nbsp;<span style="font-style: italic;">Farm Business Survey, 2012-2013: Special Licence Access </span>study contains data based on both the 2007 and 2010 Standard Output (SO) classifications.<font color="#000000"><span>&nbsp;</span></font><font color="#000000">This allows researchers to view the results based on either (or both) the 2007 or 2010 SO if they wish to understand and/or quantify the break in the time...

Quarterly Labour Force Survey, January - March, 2020

Social Survey Division Office For National Statistics & Northern Ireland Statistics
<p><br></p> <p><strong>Background</strong><br>The <em>Labour Force Survey</em> (LFS) is a unique source of information using international definitions of employment and unemployment and economic inactivity, together with a wide range of related topics such as occupation, training, hours of work and personal characteristics of household members aged 16 years and over. It is used to inform social, economic and employment policy. The Annual Population Survey, also held at the UK Data Archive, is derived from the LFS.</p> <p>The...

A collection of documents on United States relations with India 1993-2005

Francesca Silvestri

Computerised life assessment record: measuring stressful life events, 2015-2016

Antonia Bifulco

Party members in the United Kingdom 2015-2018

Timothy Bale

Unequal Voices accountability for health equity: Maputo city 2016-2018

Alex Shankland

What happens when a woman wins an election? Evidence from close races in Brazil 2010-2015

Ugo Troiano & Fernanda Brollo

Predictors of likelihood of sharing disinformation on social media 2019-2020

Tom Buchanan

Taking Part: the National Survey of Culture, Leisure and Sport, 2018-2019; Adult and Child Data: Special Licence Access

Media Department For Culture
<p><span>For Taking Part, 2018-2019, also known as Year 14 of the continuous survey, 8,161 adults and 645 children aged 11-15 were interviewed. Information was also collected from parents or guardians of 999 children aged 5-10. Interviews were conducted face-to-face in home by specially trained interviewers working on behalf of NatCen and Ipsos MORI using Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI). </span></p><p><span>This study is subject to restrictive Special Licence (SL) access conditions as it contains additional detailed...

Provenance of social media: survey data, 2016

Peter Edwards, David Corsar & Milan Markovic

Cite the data communications campaign toolkit 2020

UK Data Service

Narrative interviews with internally displaced people in four Somali cities 2017-2019

Jutta Bakonyi, Abdirahman Edle Ali, Peter Chonka & Kirsti Stuvoy

Immigrant work strategies and networks interviews, 2005

Ellie Vasta

Seshat: Global History dataset

Harvey Whitehouse, Peter Turchin, Pieter Francois, Thomas Currie & Kevin Feeney

Three-hundred-and-twenty-eight and 328: Cross-format number integration and its relationship to mathematics performance 2017-2020

Silke Goebel, Marta Wesierska & Karin Landerl

Urban transformation in South Africa through co-designing energy services provision pathways 2016-2019

Federico Caprotti & Phillips Jonathan

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