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Dynamic Variability in Speech: a Forensic Phonetic Study of British English, 2006-2007

F. Nolan
This is a qualitative data collection.<br> <br> The aim of the DyViS database is to provide a database of 100 speakers of similar age and with the same accent, primarily with a view to studying variation in personal voice characteristics untrammelled by accent variation. Such a resource has applications in forensic phonetic research, but will also be useful for studying many linguistic aspects of speech. The speakers are all male, aged between 18 and 25...

Flood, Vulnerability and Resilience, 2007-2009

W. Medd
This is a qualitative data collection. The research used diaries, semi-structured interviews and focus group discussions of householders, floodworkers and other affected stakeholders and followed the recovery experiences of people across Hull after the floods of June 2007 which affected over 8,600 households across the city.<br> <br> The project undertook a real-time longitudinal study to document and understand the everyday experiences of individuals following the floods of June 2007 in interaction with<br> networks of actors...

Integrated Floodplain Management, 2006-2008

J. Morris & D. Gowing
<p>This is a mixed method data collection. The study is part of the Rural Economy and Land Use (RELU) programme. Data from previous research, carried out by the research team in the 1980s and revisited through the current research, have been included in this data collection. <br> <br>Agricultural Flood Defence Schemes in floodplain and coastal areas were once an important element of Government support for farmers in Britain. More recently, however, changing priorities in the...

Discourse of the School Dinners Debate, 2004-2008

G. Cook
This is a qualitative data collection, including audio recordings of the individual and focus group interviews.<br> <br> The Discourse of the School Dinners Debate project studied the role of language and communication strategies in the ongoing intense national discussion of school meals. It looked at views of parents, pupils and key players through semi-structured interviews and focus groups. The aim was to understand issues relating to school meals, contribute to policy, and facilitate communication between...

Urban Classroom Culture and Interaction, 2005-2007

B. Rampton
This is a qualitative data collection. <br> <br> Taking ethno-linguistic difference and popular culture as two of the most salient features in the urban landscape, this research aimed to produce a new view of contemporary schools and classrooms by:<br> i) charting the inter-animation of ethnic, popular-cultural and educational identities in school-based interaction; <br> ii) linking interactional processes of accommodation, conflict, fusion and refusal to wider processes of cultural and educational stratification.<br> <br> In the process,...

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