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Environmental Cleaning for the Prevention of Healthcare-Associated Infections

Brian F. Leas, Nancy Sullivan, Jennifer H. Han, David A. Pegues, Janice L. Kaczmarek & Craig A. Umscheid

Using GIS to track seasonal hypoxia in the Chesapeake

Julia Lanoue

The easiest route to Whale's Jaw

Elizabeth MacDougal

Phenotypes and body mass in women with PCOS identified in Referral vs. Unselected populations: systematic review and meta-analysis

Daria Lizneva, Richard Kirubakaran, Katerina Mykhalchenko, Larisa Suturina, Chernukha Galina, Michael P. Diamond & Ricardo Azziz

Data from "Echolocation behavior in big brown bats is not impaired after intense broadband noise exposures"

Meike Linnenschmidt Kelsey N. Homs

Veins and veils: resistance and public water at Pompei

Alex Marko

Management and Outcomes of Binge-Eating Disorder (BED)

Nancy D. Berkman, Kimberly A. Brownley, Christine M. Peat, Kathleen N. Lohr, Katherine E. Cullen, Laura C. Morgan, Carla M. Bann, Cynthia M. Bulik & Ina F. Wallace

Rheotaxis and Spatial Positioning in Bullfrog Tadpoles Are Affected By Flow Dynamics and Visual Cues

Andrea Megela Simmons Erika E. Alexander

Management of Insomnia Disorder

Michelle Brasure, Roderick MacDonald, Erika Fuchs, Carin M. Olson, Maureen Carlyle, Susan Diem, Erin Koffel, Imran S. Khawaja, Jeannine Ouellette Mary Butler, Robert L. Kane & Timothy J. Wilt

Bactrian Camel Brain Imaging

Scott Collins Edward Walsh

Schaulust: A Study in Light and Sound

Mark J Cetilia

If #BlackLivesMatter, so does Climate Change

Kyle McIntyre

Health Information Exchange [Entered Retrospectively]

William Hersh, Annette Totten, Karen Eden, Beth Devine, Paul Gorman, Steve Kassakian, Susan Woods, Monica Daeges, Miranda Pappas & Marian McDonagh

Best basecamp locations for search and rescue teams in Yosemite National Park

Katherine Aguiar

Data from Mitonuclear epistasis for development time and its modification by diet in drosophila

Jim A. Mossman, Leann M. Biancani, Chen-Tseh Zhu & David M. Rand

Am I a burden?

Nicola Aimua

Code library and video from article "Depinning as a coagulation process"

David C. Kaspar

Data from "Load Relaxation of Olivine Single Crystals"

Donald S. Stone Reid F. Cooper

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