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Robust Gene Expression Measure using Databases of Microarrays

Yunxia Sui

Motor Cortical Control of Naturalistic Reaching and Grasping Actions

Carlos E Vargas Irwin

The Unquiet Americans: GI Dissent during the Vietnam War

Derek W Seidman

Effects of Beta-Glucan on Sepsis and Endotoxemia

Courtni Takiyah Newsome

Essays in Political Economy

Ruben Durante

Causal Models in Prediction and Diagnosis

Philip M Fernbach

Brazil under Construction: Literature, Public Works, and Progress

Sophia Beal

Strong Identities. Localism and Nationalism in Gorizia.

Chiara Sartori

An Organic Geochemical Perspective on Tropical East African Paleoclimate

Jessica Erin Tierney

Magnet-Directed Bioadhesive Nanoparticles for Localized Oral Delivery

Bryan Eric Laulicht

The Geometry of the Space of 2D Shapes and theWeil-Petersson Metric

Sergey Kushnarev

Localized Modes and the Vibrations of Nanostructures

Jing Ma

Natural Resources, Opportunity, and Global Justice

John L Phillips

Anger, Emotion, and Desire in the Gospel of Matthew

Erin Roberts

Essays in Applied Economics

Tiago Alexandre Miguel De Abreu Freire

Home Behind the Wall: the Living Spaces of Late Medieval German Convents

Caitlin Ruth Bass

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