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Immigration, Protest, and the Politics of Latino/a Identity

Heather Silber Mohamed

Diagonalizing Random Matrices with Integrable Systems

Christian Werner Pfrang

A Family Affair: Representations of the Family Through the French-Algerian War

Stefanie Alicia Sevcik

RNA Knockdown Model to Evaluate the Role of Biglycan in Fetal Membrane Cell Rupture

Sophia Collis, Lori Underhill & Beatrice Lechner

Emergency Department Smart Notifications Digital Library

Megan Ranney

Effects of Pressure on the Morphology of Semi-Crystalline Polymers

Christopher Michael Baker

Temporal Patterning of Bat Echolocation Sounds Adapts to the Surrounding Scene

Alyssa Rose Wheeler

Impacts of Sea Level Rise on Coastal Rhode Island Salt Marsh Migration

Grace Molino

Public Rights: Public Liberty and the First Amendment

Kevin J McGravey

Dose-dependent inhibition of gap junction & P-glycoprotein activity

Stephen McShane & Charlotte Kim

Pessoa Plural—A journal of Fernando Pessoa studies. Issue 5

Onésimo Almeida, Paulo De Medeiros & Jerónimo Pizarro

Multiscale Modeling of Blood Flow and Soft Matter

Dmitry A Fedosov

Meu corpo deitado na realidade : Caeiro et la phénoménologie

Anibal Frias

On the Edge of the Pacific Rim: Capitalism and Work on the Los Angeles Waterfront

William Carl Brucher

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